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Do your feet hurt due to standing all day at work? Do you want to wear the comfortable shoes for standing, but do not want to sacrifice fashion and style? This guide will help you in finding the most comfortable, supportive and cushioned shoes for you. Wearing best shoes for standing all day will reduce risk of injury to your joints, increase your productivity, give you better mood, make you less tired at work, and preserve your health.

Best-Shoes-for-standing-300x199Everyone who stands long hours all day, needs to recognize the factors that can lead to foot injury. One of the most common cause of achy feet is wearing pointed high heals. Other factors are tight and narrow fitted shoes without support and cushioning. You should wear shoes that give ample arch support and cushioning. Those being on hard floor all day, a pair of good padded tennis shoes will be the best choice. New balance 626 Cross Training work shoes are designed for standing all day.

How to Find Best shoes for standing all day?

If you have to stand or walk on your feet most of the day as a retail worker, nurse, doctor, pharmacist, cashier or any other profession, you might find yourself with a variety of foot problems due to the wrong shoes that go far behind tired and achy feet and they are bunions and plantar fasciitis. Here are few things for you to consider for buying shoes for standing all day:

  • Find your foot type (high arches, flat feet or normal arches) by doing wet test. Then visit your local New balance store for evaluation of your gait such as overpronation, supination or normal pronation and they will recommend the shoes according to your foot problem. Weight is another factor that needs to be considered for buying shoes. Brooks offers shoes with linear platform for overweight people. Wide toe Box and stretchable shoes are recommended for bunions.
  • Buy a high-quality pair of supportive, well fitted, comfortable shoes with flexible sole and look for APMA seal of acceptance. One of the most affordable high quality shoes with APMA approval are Crocs. You will find that your feet don’t hurt as much, and you should also have more energy by the end of the day.
  • Buy shoes with heals less than 2 inches. Make sure they are not pointed. Rotate the shoes.
  • Buy Anti Fatigue Mat for standing area for cushioning
  • Find some time to sit and move around frequently
  • Try these patterns for Shoe laces with different kind of foot problems.

Top 6 Best Shoes for Standing All Day Men

Arch Support
APMA Approved
Slip Resistant
Recommended For

Dansko Men's Mens Pro XP ClogExcellentYesYesWalking, Standing

New Balance Men's MX626 Slip Resistant Cross-Training ShoeGoodNoYesStanding
Work Shoe
Crocs Bistro Mario Batali Edition ClogGoodYesYesWalking, Standing
Timberland PRO Men's Five Star Meurice ShoeModerateNoYesWalking, Standing

Skechers for Work Men's Rockland Systemic Lace-UpGoodNoYesWalking, Standing Work shoe
Rockport Men's World Tour Classic Walking ShoemoderateNoYesWalking, Standing

Top 6 Best Shoes for Standing All Day Women

Arch Support
APMA Approved
Slip Resistant
Recommened For
Dansko Women's Pro XP ClogExcellentYesYesWAlking, Standing
Memory Foam Cushioning
New Balance Women's WX626 Slip Resistant Cross-Training ShoeGoodNoYesStanding
Cross training Work Shoe
Timberland PRO Women's Renova Slip-OnModerateNOYesWAlking, Standing
Alegria Women's Debra Slip-OnExcellentNoYesWalking, Standing
Memory foam cushiong
Crocs Women's Mercy Clog
GoodYesYesWalking, Standing
Skechers Women's Loving Life Fashion SneakerModerateNoYesWalking, Standing
Memory Foam Cushioning

Top Five Shoes Brands Reviews


1. DANSKO Shoes:

First off, many Dansko shoes styles are APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) approved. That is a good sign, because you know that they are included in the dress code in most of the Hospitals. Dansko is a well-known brand that produces quality shoes for people who have to be on their feet a lot all day and for that reason they are popular among Hospital workers. Dansko have an extensive range of colors and styles, so you should be able to find the ideal pair to suit your needs, whether you have casual use or work use in mind. Individual specifications will vary depending on the style.

All Dansko styles incorporate the following features:

  • Arch Support: The arch support is superior and prominent. They are good for high arches.
  • Rocker Bottom: Rocker soles (ball of the foot pain and pain in the joint of big toe) help in reducing stress and movements at ankle , mid feet and big toe joints.  They are therefore recommended for ankle arthritis and foot arthritis.  Rocker bottom also helps in propelling the foot forward.
  • Roomy Toe Box: An extra wide toe box minimizes the risk of damage from impact. This not only makes prolonged wear more comfortable, it makes the shoes more suitable for people who are diabetic or suffering from foot conditions such as bunions.
  • Shock Absorption:  TSR-Outsole offers shock absorption and flexibility
  • Cushioning: Eva midsole foam provides cushioning.
  • Socklining keeps your feet dry
  • Upper leather  or synthetic which is of highest quality

Dansko XP Pro Men Amazon Button

Diffrence Between Dansko XP Pro and Dansko Stapled Clogs

Here are the main differences:

  • Dansko Pro XP are lighter in weight than Dansko Stapled Clogs
  • Dansko Pro XP are more cushioned and have memory foam while Dansko stapled are less cushioned and have no memory
  • Dansko XP Pro have removeable footbed and Stapled clogs do not have removeable footbed
  • Dansko Pro XP are tested for oil and water slip resistant. However stapled are considered slip resistant clogs but they are not tested.

All in all these high-quality shoes contain memory foam cushioning, a removable footbed if you have your own inserts, and slip resistant soles. They also provide extra protection for your feet because they are oil resistant and water resistant. They have nice upper leather and are very attractive.

New Balance 626 Women

Amazon Button New Balance is a brand that is popular with people who have foot problems. New Balance is also famous for making great work shoes such as New Balance 626 which are designed for standing all day. Of course, these shoes can also help people from developing problems because of the way that they are constructed. They are made to provide lateral movements as well as forward movements. These shoes look more like athletic walking shoes, so they can only be worn on jobs where more casual clothes are allowed. New Balance’s 926 shoes are recommended for food industry, but also make a great choice for anyone who is looking for the best shoes for walking and standing all day at work. Here are a few of the features, which make them so good.

  • Slip resistant: ASTM tested and rated for oil and water.
  • X-001 Last: Standard last used in cross trainers
  • Upper leather which is durable and breathable
  • Light weight only 12 OZ
  • Internal shank for stability
  • Phantam liner
  • Cushioned with EVA footbed



Timberland PRO Women's Renova Slip-On Amazon Button Timberland have created a range of shoes which are aimed at people in specific lines of work. Timberland five star styles including Renova are some of the best shoes for walking on concrete all day, as they have excellent cushioning and incorporated support for diminishing strain on the foot. Other features include:

  •  Slip resistance. A secure tread is essential for those people who may encounter spills during their working day.
  •  Leather upper. A high quality, water resistant leather finish makes Timberland shoes very durable.
  • Extra arch support. This reduces the aches and pains experienced by many workers who are on their feet all day.Timberlkand five Star shoes are stylish, and they could be worn with business or business-casual clothes, so they will probably pass your company’s dress code.Most of the people who purchase these shoes are happy because they provide them with all-day comfort. Some people reported that these shoes are squeaky and noisy when they walk. It probably depends upon the surface because this is not a universal complaint. You can always try the shoes out and return them if you are not satisfied.  They offer 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

4. CROCS Bistro

Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog Amazon Button These shoes are designed with the hospitality, catering and hospital profession in mind. They are slip resistant, incorporate extra ventilation and are easy to clean, but the thickened metatarsal area should also make these shoes a consideration for those with bunions or plantar fasciitis. They are recognized by the APMA, and were also awarded gold for “most comfortable work shoe” by the Chefs in America organization. Extra room added arch support and Croslite technology makes this one of Crocs’ most comfortable shoes. The Mercy were created with Hospital women workers in mind. Similar to the Bistro, but with the added convenience of being quick and easy to wash and dry. When you mention shoes, most people think of those colored clogs that were popular a few years ago. These shoes do have a bit of that look. The good news is that they were designed with the needs of food industry and medical professionals in mind. There were made to have slip-resistant soles and cushioned support. They are also durable and strong enough to help protect feet against spills in the kitchen. If you need to stick to a budget, the good thing about these Crocs is that they are more affordable than many other supportive and protective shoes that you can buy.  

5. Birkenstock Birki

These are called Birki’s clogs from Birkenstock, but they are much dressier than the Crocs I mentioned above. They are also considerably more expensive. They also come in European sizes, but sites like Amazon provide handy sizing charts. The shoe’s foot bed is either made of polyurethane or removable cork footbed. They provides a good arch support, a deep heel, and a roomy toe area. Women who have foot problems seem to really love this shoe, but they do caution others to make sure you get them sized correctly. Due to the excellent arch support and slip resistant outsole, they are favorite shoes of many chefs,  gardeners and hospital staff including doctors and nurses.

How Birki’s differ from Birkenstock shoes?

Birkenstocks provide prominent arch support. Birki’s clogs does not have that prominent arch support, but arch support is still better than many other brands. Another difference is that Birki’s renew its shoes in every season. Therefore you can enjoy many colorful fashionable clogs. on the other hand Birkenstock shoe line is neutral in color and they do not offer new shoes in every season.

Birki’s Profi- Birki Clog

Birki's Profi- Birki Clog

Amazon Button

 They are durable and made of polyurethane footbed. Popular among doctors, nurses and chefs, they provide excellent cushion with good arch support for standing all day. They offer wide toe box and are excellent choice for people who have bunions. These shoes are washable and provide slip resistant to oily floors.    


These are areas that you need to check in choosing the comfy shoes, sneakers, clogs or sandals:

  • Heel: a two-inch heel or lower is recommended. The higher the heel, the greater pressure there will be on your toes and the front of your foot. Make sure that the heel is broad to give firm support on your weight. For women: wedge sandals bring more support because they distribute pressure more evenly.
  • Sole and heel materials: they have to be well-cushioned to absorb shock from steeping on hard surfaces such as concrete. You can check how well they are cushioned by pressing your finger on the ball area. They should mold well with the natural contours of your foot.  The sole should be flexible.
  • Toe box: look for ones that have deeper toe shape and a roomier space for you to wiggle your toes especially if you have wide feet.
  • In-soles: Look for arch support and brands that have “antimicrobial” and “breathable” insoles to help prevent chaffing and blistering.
  • Sole: the sole should have a nice grip to avoid slipping and falling on wet and oily surfaces.
  • Back: If you are wearing closed pumps, check the back to make sure that they fit snuggly. Remember: If your pumps do not fit well on the first try, look for another brand. Don’t wait for them to expand after constant use.
  • Foot Measurement: Always get your foot size measured at the end of the day when foot size gets large due to standing.
  • Rotate Shoes:  You should have several pair of shoes to rotate them during the week or during the shifts.

There are many conditions in which comfortable footwear can help you:

  • Job- those who are standing on feet all day such as doctors and other healthcare professionals. security guards, factory workers, mechanics, pharmacists, teachers and retail workers can avoid back aches and foot pains by wearing the right shoe.
  • Protection- this is especially true for people who are working in the electrical and construction field. There are comfortable safety shoes that are available on the market for this.
  • Foot conditions- these conditions can sometimes be hereditary while others are acquired due to wearing the wrong shoes. Nonetheless, comfortable sandals with adequate arch support and cushioning can bring relief to injury due to foot problem.
  • Diabetes- those suffering from diabetes need comfortable clogs or sneakers that help prevent ulcers and foot injury. Brands approved by Medicare such New Balance are recommended.  Many New Balance shoes are approved for Medicare code.
  • Overweight- people who have heavy weights are more prone to spraining and foot injury, so sneakers that are well-cushioned and have added stability or impact-reducing features are recommended.
  • Weather- there are comfortable snow boots, waterproof shoes and other footwear that are great for specific weather conditions.

Children especially need to wear good footwear because they are active and are always walking, running or playing. Their still-developing muscles and bones make them more prone to foot ailments if the wrong sandals or clogs are worn.  They also have more risks of slipping and falling because of their “adventurous” nature. Good thing, top comfortable shoe brands also have their own line for toddlers and babies who are learning to walk    

Which Pair Should You Select Best Shoes For Being On Your Feet All day?

There really is not one perfect pair of shoes for every man or woman. People mostly come with five toes on each foot, but the similarity might end there. Some people have high arches, but other people have very flat feet. It is best to try out different pairs of shoes to find the one that fits so well you almost don’t want to take them off. Again, proper inserts can also help a lot. You can find inserts that provide extra cushioning or extra arch support. Also be aware that your feet might change as you age, so the size or brand you liked at one age might not be the best shoes when you get older. Good brands such as New Balance, Clarks, Ecco, Merril are good, but nursing shoes are best because they are made for walking and standing all day.

Rotate the Shoes

It is very important that you buy several pairs of comfortable shoes and rotate them daily or during the shift if possible rather than to wear continuously every day. The shoes get compressed with walking and standing for many hours.

How often Should You Replace the Shoes?

The shoes loose cushioning and it is recommended that you replace shoes every 500 miles of walking or replace them after 3-6 months.

Where to Purchase Best Shoes For on feet all day?

The good shoes for standing all day and brands I mentioned may not be readily available at your local stores, but online stores such as Amazon may have them. If you want to purchase online, I recommend that you first check the return policy of the store. Stores may give free shipping on products that do not fit. You can also read reviews on the footwear that you want to buy.   Web Directory

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  1. Paul says:

    You are right. Your shoes are very important. My wife works in a hospital and I am looking at a pair of Dansko’s right now by the front door. I don’t think alot of people realize that they can get rid of some of their back and/or joint pain by getting fitted for a good shoe. Many people are wearing shoes that are to small or that just do not fit them right at all.

    • Rehana says:

      I agree. Danskos are the best shoes for standing all day. The best Dansko Shoes that I would Recommend for her are Dansko XP Pro. They are newer version of Dansko Professional, but they are lighter in weight and offer extra padding with memory foam cushioning. I hope she will love Dansko XP pro.

  2. Gil says:

    As a former chef I used to wear the Crocs Bistro,they were very light and comfortable.
    When you stands all day you must have orthopedic shoes otherwise you will hurt your back.

  3. Rehana says:

    Yes. They are the most inexpensive but quality shoes which are approved by APMA.