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Alegria Boots for Women Walking All day

If you are looking for a great set of boots that are comfortable for both walking and standing all day, then consider Alegria boots for women. These attractive boots provide you with excellent arch support and do not leave you with sore feet at the end of the day. One important feature of Alegria Boots is that they are all the same width so if you need a more narrow fit you will add an insert and if you want a wider fit, you can remove the insert. You can basically customize this boot to fit your foot perfectly, and who would not want that? This is a review of four of the top boots offered by Alegria:

 Alegria Caiti Boots for Women Winter Boot

This Alegria Caiti Boots for Women is an imported leather boot with a synthetic sole. The heel is about 1.25” and the shaft is 3.75” from the arch. There is removable memory foam and the footbed is comprised of both cork and latex with a suede overlay. These boots are comfortable enough to be worn all day and are extremely soft inside with a very nice arch support. When you try this boot on, it feels very true to size. It is a very warm winter boot and is not what you would call a “sexy” boot because it is more practical than a thin-heeled boot which is designed for indoor use.

There is plenty of room in the toebox as well as between the top of the foot and inside the shoe. The footbed is supportive with a cushioned interior. A substantial amount of leather gives the boot a solid build which makes it rub onto the front of the calf which can be a little bit uncomfortable, but this is only a single drawback. As the boot is worn in, this rubbing will subside because the leather will soften up a little. The stone color of the boot is neutral and gives the boot a weathered look without appearing “beat up”. There is a buckle over a Velcro closure which allows you to easily remove the boot and put it back on. You will love these boots; they are dressy enough for you to wear to work instead of utilitarian winter boots. They are comfortable, classy and feel great on your feet.

One reviewer stated that she found these boots so comfortable that she kept them on long after she got home from work. She said that the boots were a little bit wider than what she had expected but she did not return them because she thought the next size down would be too small. She also remarked that they looked like elf boots (which she loves) and that the soft leather conforms to her feet and legs. She said that the ankle area was rubbing a little, but that she would try wearing socks and bending the tops to loosen the area.

 Alegria Stormy Boots for Women

These  imported leather boots for women feature a synthetic sole. There is a shaft that is about 6 inches from the arch. The arch support with these boots is incredible and the interior of the boot has memory foam that can be removed. Your feet will be cozy in the footbed which has latex and cork construction with a suede overlay. The outsole is non-marking and the boots are extremely well-made with extremely sturdy ankle support. The outsole is non-marking so you do not have to worry about leaving marks everywhere you go.

These supportive boots meet a wide variety of standards without being too clunky. They are very nice looking with a soft interior and no seams that can irritate the feet or the legs. The thick soles offer a secure grip to the pavement and are weather proof so your feet will stay dry.

One reviewer stated that she found the boot to be extremely comfortable and that it had excellent arch support and a lot of toe room. She said that it was not as comfortable for long walks as her hiking boots but that she would wear them all day long. She loved the side detailing which she said provided some interest and some color.

 Alegria Cami Boots for Women for Plantar Fasciitis

This Alegria women boot is crafted from leather and is imported with a manmade sole. The platform is about 0.75” with a heel about 1.5” across. The shaft is 10.5” from the arch and the interior of the boot contains a footbed which is constructed with cork and latex and overlaid with suede. The interior of the footbed contains memory foam for an ultra-comfortable fit. The outsole is non-marking and there is incredible arch support allowing you to wear the boot for long periods without foot pain. This is a boot that provides support and a great fit to high arches and has a cushioned insole. It is perfect for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis.

One reviewer said that the boot was not the most stylish-looking but that the comfort and support it provided was unsurpassed by any other boot. The toe box of the boot provides ample room, so if you have wide feet then these boots are ideal for you. These boots are ideal for people who suffer with foot problems because of their very high quality and the comfort that they provide. She also stated if a person had narrow feet that this boot would be far too wide and that she would not recommend these for a narrow-footed person.

 Alegria Raina for women Rain Boot

This is a waterproof rain boot which is crafted from leather and polyurethane upper. The outsole features a mild rocker shape which promotes a natural walking motion and encourages the wearer to have better posture. The shape also reduces the amount of stress that is placed on the joints and the muscles of the back so that you have energy all day long.

The interlocking footbed is engineered using latex memory foam and cork which provides the perfect fit that conforms to the foot’s natural contours. This gives each wearer a customized fit and arch support. The footbed can be removed if you have custom orthotics that you would prefer to use.

A variety of fabulous color choices and patterns are available from metallic prints to patent finishes and funky artwork or regular soft natural leather. The price of this boot is also very reasonable.

One reviewer said that there is ample room for toes and that the boots have the support as expected but that she found them tight near the middle of her foot causing some rubbing. She said that was easily solved with long socks. She went on to say that the boots could be worn in spring, fall, and winter and that the look of these boots was very unique. She said that the top of the boots became a problem because of the unforgiving material that rubbed a sore into her legs above the ankle which makes it difficult for an average leg to be comfortable in the boot.

Alegria boots for women provide a large fit for those who have wide feet and have a hard time finding a wide enough boot. These days many boots are designed for tiny, narrow feet, but these boots are not like that. With a wide toe box and a comfortable interior, your feet will feel refreshed at the end of the day rather than crushed, strained and sore.



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