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Alegria Shoes for Nurses

When nurses looking to invest in a pair of working shoes that can offer support, reliability and comfort, they will be able to find the perfect Alegria shoes for nurses for standing all day. They are available in boots, sandals and sneakers as well.

Nurses have specific demands when it comes to their footwear due to on feet all day. If this is not as they want it to be, it can be quite frustrating and often times, they are not able to work as they want to. To get this kind of freedom, it is important to have the right kind of footwear in place. With the right footwear, you able to walk and work without having to worry about getting bruises, foot pain or coming in contact with bodily fluids that could harm you.


How are Alegria Shoes Different from other Nursing Shoes?

Alegria shoes for nurses are one of the most comfortable shoes for women. Many styles of these shoes include lab tested slip resistant outsoles along with footbeds that are removable and shoe boxes that are wide to suit any foot type. The cork footbed features a memory foam technology that will ensure your shoes feel comfortable during the long hours shift of standing. Rocker outsole will help walking naturally and reducing the stress on joints including the back. They are available in many different fun colors and prints.

Alegria Shoes common Features:

Nurses need shoes that are both comfortable, easy to slip on and light. This is because their work entails walking up and down to check on patients, as well as stay on their feet all day long. Alegria shoes are specifically designed to serve this purpose, hence, the reason why most nurses love them. Some of the features and reasons that make these shoes an excellent choice for nurses are:

  1. Perfectly Fitting Cork Footbed: This is Algeria’s main strongholds. These shoes come with an interlocking footbed System that provides an excellent arch support, as well as enabling one’s foot to fit in perfectly. The cork base used on this shoe takes on one’s foot form for a perfect fit as well. The footbed system can also be removed to fit in either, square wide-width or medium-thin ones for improved comfort. These shoes are also fitted with memory foam that allows it to take individual foot shape.
  1. Rubberized Alegria Rocker Bottom: All Alegria outsoles are made of a flexible tread rubber material. The main reason for using rubber for its out-soles is to enable feet to roll naturally while walking, hence prevent over pronation. The rubber material also acts as a shock absorber while walking on the hard floor while tread on the same makes the shoe slip-resistant as well.
  1. Light and leather-made: Most of the Alegria shoes are made of rubber and pure grained leather material. This not only helps improve the shoe’s durability but also makes them lighter. The featherweight feature on these shoes is one of the reasons why nurses love them. Nurses are also required to wear leather made shoes to protect their feet from accidental falling sharp things on feet.

Other features that make Alegria shoes a perfect choice for nurses is that, they come in different designs and colors. This means you can choose between many models and in various colors to compliment your attire and mood as well.

Alegria Debra

Alegria Debra Nursing Shoe

These professional nursing shoes feature elastic in the area of the instep for a more secure and comfortable fit. The outsole is engineered to provide mild rocking that promotes the correct posture. The shoes are ideal for nurses as well as casual wear providing superior support and comfort for standing and walking all day. The outsole is slip resistant  which is durable. The removable footbed is composed of memory foam, cork, and latex which molds over time to provide added support and cushioning. The wide toe box accommodates any forefoot deformities like bunions.


  1. Alegria Seville

These Algeria nursing shoes are clogs that feature black nappa genuine leather. The shoes come with an adjustable buckle strap that can either be worn on your ankle or across the area of the instep for a customized fit. The height of the heel is 1 ¾ inches.


3.Alegria Dayna


This make in the Alegria range is a style known as Mary Jane offering genuine leather and a professional style. The insoles are covered in leather allowing your feet to breathe, making sure the feet are always dry and fresh. The Velcro strap on these shoes is adjustable providing custom fits for any type of foot.


4.Alegria Kaitlyn


This professional shoe designed for nursing work applications features black genuine leather along with a button that is silver. The leather lining of the shoes are hand sewn along with the best arch support that provides comfort for those long hours on your feet. These shoes also offer Velcro straps that can be adjusted to fit your foot perfectly.


5.Alegria Kayla


These Alegria nursing shoes are made from black nappa genuine leather and offer an easy slip on option. The coating of the leather is resistant to spills and stains making the shoes an excellent choice for working environments. The slip resistant soles of the Alegria shoes have undergone strict lab testings resulting in a durable and safer option in working shoes. The ultimate benefits in comfort will make you feel like your Alegria shoes have been made specifically to suit your feet.


6.Alegria Kyra


The Alegria Kyra range comes in a few available options relating to the exterior patterns or designs on the nappa leather. The shoes can accommodate you in supporting your posture, back and the arches of your feet. The memory foam of the shoes feature a footbed that is latex loaded which results in the footbeds contouring to the natural shape of your foot. In addition the footbeds can be removed if you would like to use orthotics in the shoes.


7.Alegria Donna


This stylish choice in the Alegria nursing shoes range are made from white leather and the clogs offer incredible benefits that you can benefit from every day. The shoes feature buckle straps that you can adjust into any position to provide a secure and comfortable customized fit. The best part of investing in shoes of high standards and quality is the fact that you know your shoes will last for many years. In addition your feet will always stay dry promoting a much healthier and happy environment.

8.Alegria Sayde Sneakers


This nursing shoe comes in black and teal. The entire shoe is made from leather along with heel made from suede leather featuring a blue lining. The elastic located on the instep of the shoes means you will never have to worry about your shoes slipping off your feet for a much safer work environment. The outsoles of these shoes offer a career fashion option; this offers slim silhouettes which are incredibly lightweight.  The wider toe boxes of the Alegria designs will mean you will never suffer from squashed toes that can become very painful when standing on your feet for hours on end.


  1. Alegria Cindi sneakers


These may look like casual shoes but are classified as a professional type of nursing shoe made from black leather. The shoes offer a lace up system compared to tennis shoes that provide you with the perfect fit every time.


Let’s take a look at the benefits of the Alegria shoes for nurses.

Nursing Friendly

Let’s begin with the number one reason for going with these shoes. They are designed to be ‘nursing friendly’ and that means they are closed from the front. This is essential when it comes to bodily fluids that might come in contact with your body.

Another reason for this being nursing friendly has to do with the support that is provided when you put them on. Most nurses are going to be moving from place to place on a regular basis and this requires protection. This is exactly what you get when you put these shoes on. They are slip resistant work shoes.


Continuing on with the idea of comfort, Alegria shoes for nurses are designed with the right amount of padding to help your feet rest nicely. Nursing is a very hard working profession which requires them to walk and stand 10-12 hours in a single shift. Nurses therefore need comfortable pair of shoes to protect their feet from developing foot problems. These shoes are well cushioned with memory foam and they offer excellent arch support.

The shoes are specifically designed for the workplace that nurses work in and that is important. In a sense, you are getting a customized solution that is just made for you when you go with these shoes and that is a big part of making the decision. Don’t go with something that is not made for nurses. They are one of the most comfortable work shoes for nurses.


What is another factor that comes into play when you are looking for the right options? You want to make sure that the shoes you get are durable. You don’t want them to fall apart at the first sign of trouble as that can be quite troublesome at the best of times.

You want the shoes to last for a long time, and that is what these shoes can offer all nurses. The shoes are going to be able to handle the rigors of the workplace.


When durable Alegria shoes protects your feet, you can additionally benefit from the way your feet are able to naturally breathe. Nursing environments mean long hours of running up and down and attending to medical emergencies. The last thing you may want to think or worry about is if your feet are in pain or the shoes you wear allow your feet to become sweaty and uncomfortably wet. These types of shoes cannot only contribute to pain that may progress but can cause an unsanitary and unhealthy environment for your feet.

Aesthetically Pleasing

This is something that all nurses should be considering because you want to look your best at all times especially in the workplace. Why not go with something that has been designed to look great to the naked eye?

There are many shoes that might work well, but they just don’t look nice and feel bulky. This is not good enough in the modern age where aesthetics play a big role. You want to come across as a professional and that is what these shoes are able to offer you right away. The aesthetics are a significant component of the designs with these shoes.

 Arch Support

What is one of the biggest sources of comfort when it comes to shoes? The comfort comes from the arch and the support that is being provided to the foot. If the support is not provided, your feet are going to slide and that can cause injury. No one should have to deal with these concerns any more.

Always make sure that you are going with a solution that has the requisite arch support that is coveted. If you don’t do this, you are never going to be happy with the nursing shoes that have been purchased.

Multiple Options

The final factor that comes into play is the multiple options that are on offer for those who are looking to see results. You might have a particular color that is required for the uniform or even for your personal taste.

If this is the case, you will want to have a few choices to go with in order to be happy with the final purchase. This is why Alegria shoes for nurses are regarded as the best, they have a range of options for you to immediately select from. It simply does not get better than this.

Alegria is proud of their professional nurse shoes that are made out of the finest materials, designed to offer all the requirements needed out of a comfortable nurse shoe. Other advantages of the shoes are that you can choose the option of wearing these shoes casually. Durability and support are key elements when selecting a type of make or brand in shoes. Be sure that you choose the right options and buy yourself Alegeria’s today. Your shoes should be something you look forward to placing on your feet daily. When you choose the right nurses shoes you soon see why so many nurses and other healthcare people trust and continue to wear and purchase Alegria shoes.

These are just some of the reasons why most nurses are decided to go with these shoes. The Alegria shoes for nurses are some of the best options on the market at the moment and the quality can simply not be beat. This is what matters most in the end when you want results at the workplace. You will never want to go with something that is going to hurt your feet and/or cause you to come in contact with bodily fluids within the hospital setting. This can be tremendously frightening and you have to protect yourself. This is why going with the Alegria shoes for nurses is important.



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