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Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

Basketball can be a demanding sport on the feet – potentially placing a lot of stress on the feet, exposing it to the shocks of running, jumping and quick dexterous movements. The quick motions and constant physical demands of basketball require a shoe which provides excellent support, grips the floor of the court well to provide the necessary tractions, is lightweight and breathable enough not to encumber or overheat the foot during exertion, and a host of other features. Fortunately for sports fans, modern engineering has designed shoes which are optimally configured especially for the specific demands of the basketball court. Below, we’ll break down the features on some of the best basketball shoes for kids.

Having the right pair of shoes on the court can be the difference between winning the championship and sustaining and injury. The physical exertion of basketball is great for exercise, building a healthy and athletic body while stimulating the mind with the fun, competition and camaraderie of sport. For children entering the world of basketball, encourage them with the right pair of shoes to enhance their performance and protect their anatomy!


1. New Balance 907 Basketball Sneaker


New Balance is a footwear company dedicated to providing the high performance equipment which allows athletes to be all they can be – and more. For kids who are getting serious about basketball, this is definitely a pair of shoes worthy of the high performance reputation behind New Balance. The 907’s are designed with a lace-up front and high top design, combined with ergonomic footbed and excellent ankle support. The sole is cushioned and designed for high performance but also comfort over long wear, making sure you won’ find your feet fatigued as the game wears on.

A pair of 907’s is made with a combination of synthetic and leather materials for the main body of the shoe, combined with an injection molded vinyl midsole and a Herringbone outsole. These are sure to provide the support needed to comfortably and efficiently run, jump, shoot and score on the court – be it wood or asphalt!

2. Youth Boys Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro (GS) Basketball Shoes

These Nike Air Jordan’s are made from synthetic and mesh, with a translucent rubber sole. Associated with basketball super star Michael Jordan (who famously wore many pairs identical or closely related to current Air Jordan products during many of his most renown games,) these are a high performance geared pair of shoes, designed from the ground up to meet the demands of the court.

Innovative features such as air in the heel (visible via the translucent sole which adds some stylish appeal to the space aged design) provide these Air Jordan’s with enhanced performance on the court and better response, comfortable shock absorption and excellent no-slip traction to always keep balance and a sure base of support.

3. Air Jordan 6 Retro (BT) Baby Toddlers Basketball Shoes

This is a tiny pair of Air Jordans – perfect for introducing your toddler to a miniaturized game of basketball, or just a great pair of all around toddler footwear. While obviously no one expects your toddler to be dunking like LeBron yet, these shoes do maintain some of the high performance features inherit to the design of basketball shoes, such as quality shock absorption, excellent traction and comfortable, ergonomic soles.

Made from leather and synthetic materials, with a two-holed rubber tongue and a clear outsole and of course featuring the classic Max Air Heel essential to the Air Jordan line.

4. Reebok Zig Pro Future Basketball Shoe

Reebok is a world-renown, award-winning name in the world of footwear, with offerings from their catalog spanning a staggering array of different shoe types. Their innovations in performance footwear, combined with their interesting approach to aesthetic designs have made available a body of excellent shoes for kids and adults alike, for everyday wear or specific applications such as basketball. These Reebok Pro Future’s are designed entirely for the basketball court, with innovations such as Reebok’s ZigTech which utilizes a zig-zag shaped outsole to efficiently return energy back to the foots muscles during movement, improving dexterity and allowing for nimble movements in the heat of the game.

The upper part of the shoe is composed of a super lightweight synthetic material, providing excellent ventilation and not weighing down the foot. Inside, there is a textile lining and padded tongue to ensure long lasting comfort. On the bottom of the shoe we find Reebok’s multi-surface outsole, designed to provide optimal traction and stability even during fast maneuvers.

5. Under Armour Big Boys UA Torch 2 Basketball Shoes

The Torch 2 Basketball Shoes are based on Under Armour’s original Torch basketball shoes, a high performance design worn by professional players in the NBA and other leagues around the world. The Torch 2’s are based on the uncompromising, high performance design which made the original Torch shoes a players favorite, but scaled down into an affordable option suitable for kids.

Made from a lightweight synthetic material, the upper body of the shoe is laser-etched to provide incredible ventilation and breathability. The dual-layer wing lacing system lets you fasten the Torch 2’s securely in whatever configuration you prefer. Inside the shoe, we find injection-molded EVA footbed, designed to ergonomically conform to the shape of the wearer’s foot, providing excellent shock absorption, a high degree of comfort, and anatomical support for the natural geometry of the foot.

6. Fila Jump Flex 2 Basketball Sneaker

Made from a combination of leather and modern synthetic materials, the Flex 2’s are a pair of sneakers which are fantastic for wearing on the court or off. Comfortable and stylish enough to be an option for everyday wear, the Flex 2’s also provide the high performance and clever engineering expected from a performance basketball shoe.

Lightweight, breathable, and featuring an EVA midsole for optimal cushioning and shock absorption, these Fila’s can remain comfortable and supporting even for long games. Perfect for someone’s first game, or a reliable pair for a more seasoned player!


Basketball is by far one of the most demanding activities on the feet. Ensuring players are properly equipped not only helps to prevent injury, but also can yield noticeable advantages on the court. The large number of options can make it tricky to figure out the best basketball shoes for kids, but hopefully this summary of available options will assist in the quest for the ideal pair.


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