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Best Lightweight Walking Shoes for Men

Having the right pair of walking shoes can make all the difference in the health of your feet and the comfort of your walks. A good pair of shoes provides protection, comfort and support, ergonomically cushioning the foot in a manner carefully supporting the natural anatomy of walking in a beneficial manner. Selecting the perfect pair of lightweight walking shoes for men can improve the comfort of your walks, reduce your risk of developing long term health problems and even be a great boost to self-esteem.

The modern shoe is paid a great deal of attention to by fashion designers and engineers alike. Using a combination of modern technologies such as synthetic materials and modern production techniques, it has become possible to produce high performance, durable shoes which also remain lightweight. This light weight allows you to wear shoes which place little to no encumbrance on the foot, letting your shoe become a natural extension of your foot, improving the efficiency of each step without weighing down your stride.

Let’s take a look at five pairs of lightweight walking shoes for men.



Rockport Men's Rocsports Lite Mudguard Lace-Up



Designed as a shoe for casual or everyday wear, the RocSports Lite 2 Mudguard was designed by the clever folks at RocSports with an innovative approach. Working backwards from the drawing board of high performance athletic shoes, RocSports carefully designed and produced a shoe which captures much of the incredible advances which have made such impact on the world of athletic shoes.


The result was the Lite 2 Mudguard – a fantastically stylish shoe truly made for walking. Extremely lightweight, the Mudguard’s compromise nothing in support or comfort, featuring innovations such as ADIPRENE shock absorption technology, Stitch-to-Sole construction to provide a flexible sole and added comfort, an ETC lining for some degree of water proofing and anti-moisture, and an EVA footbed to conform to your individual foot anatomy.

Mudguard’s proved to be a favorite among our reviewers, being exceptionally lightweight and comfortable. After many days of hard walking, they had very little wear and only became more and more comfortable as the shoes molded to the wearer’s feet.


2. Skechers Men’s Go 2 Stance Walking Shoe

Skechers Men's Go 2 Stance Walking Shoe

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Skechers is a well-known name in footwear, with some excellent offerings in shoes for everyday wear. The Skechers Men’s Go 2 Stance Walking Shoe pair is definitely a notable selection in lightweight walking shoes for men. Truly lightweight, these Skechers are a mere 6 oz, lighter than just about any other shoe on this list. Combining smooth leather-tex fabric with synthetic materials, the Skechers achieve their lightweight but are also of formidable and durable construction, providing adequate protection and able to stand up to the abuses of everyday walking.

Offering some unique features, such as Skechers initiative go “go sockless,” with an anti-microbial sock liner called Ortholite, which acts to inhibit the growth of stench-causing bacteria in order to reduce odor. The liner also helps prevent the shoe from slipping. Trying this out, we found that these shoes are indeed quite comfortable when worn without socks, but we haven’t really worn them long enough to find out if the anti-odor device works long term.

Overall, they provide excellent traction and support, acting as a fantastic shock absorber while improving natural gait and complimenting your stride.




The Asics Men’s Gel-Quickwalk 2 SL Walking Shoe features Asics GEL technology for exceptional shock absorption and great support when walking or even running. The Rearfoot Gel innovation provides fantastic shock absorption and allows the foot to transition in a highly efficient manner during its stride.

This is definitely a pair of shoes designed for everyday use. AHAR, another innovation from Asics, is an acronym for Asics High Abrasion Rubber – specifically designed to stand up to long term wear and abuse, the high abrasion rubber is placed in key areas along the sole prone to wear from normal use. It acts to reinforce the sole to keep the Quickwalks highly functional and ready to perform at any time.

Composed of a mixture of synthetic materials, fabrics and leather for the upper body of the shoe, the Quickwalks are rounded off with a rubber sole reinforced with AHAR, a rubber outsole and compression molded EVA footbed for mid-sole cushioning which conforms to the shape of the wearer’s foot. Overall, these shoes are quite comfortable, providing fantastic support and stability and, to our eyes, doing it all with style. They also remain quite light, weighing in at just 10 ounces per shoe.




The Ghost 7’s are quite eye-catching, available in some really dazzling colors and – no matter the configuration – being a rather colorful beast with a 3-tone palette. As it turns out, this is a pair as impressive in its feature set as it is visually. Coming in at 12 oz, these might be a little heavier than some of the other options on our list, but we think the difference is worthy for the support and comfort these provide. If there was a piece of footwear to make you more surefooted, it would probably be the Ghost 7’s – yet, despite its high performance, it is a fantastic choice for every day wear, casual walks, or even competitive running.

Featuring full-ground contact, these provide optimal support and seriously enhance the capacity for running. The clever design has placed “omega-grooves” in the forefoot which assist the heel-to-toe transition ideal for running. The midsole is composed of Brooks BioMoGo cushioning – technology to form-fit the shoe to your foot after regular wear, providing ideal support and cushioning for your unique needs.

Wonderful for everyday wear, equipped with a good pair of Brooks Ghost 7’s, you will be comfortable walking all day and always enjoy the knowledge that you are prepared to hit the gas and go for a run at a moment’s notice. A great choice for anyone looking for lightweight walking shoes for men which offer a bit of versatility in their feature set.





The New Balance 890 line has a variety of shoes on offer, many marketed as “running shoes.” While quite suitable at this task, they also make for fantastic every day wear, for long walks, runs, and much more. What they all have in common is New Balance’s excellent use of modern synthetic and mesh materials to create super lightweight, breathable shoes which offer excellent cushioning and support.

New Balance’s 890 line is not short on different options to choose from, featuring a huge array of options among the different models. We have had the chance to sample several of the different “versions” of 890 and all have proven quite superb as a fantastic lightweight solution for every day wear, jogging, or even serious running.


This wraps up our run down of lightweight walking shoes for men. Selecting the proper pair can save you time, energy, and potential injury. The right pair of lightweights can act as a natural extension of your foot – a constant companion for walking, running, and day to day use. Hopefully this guide assists you on your quest to find the perfect pair!

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