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Best Orthopedic Shoes for Walking

Orthopedic shoes are specially designed footwear which seeks to help alleviate issues from various forms of foot, leg or generally helping issues which impact patient’s ability to walk, stand or wear normal shoes. Orthopedics act to provide more support for the feet and ankles than is provided by typical shoes. Typically orthopedic shoes are recommended in any case where health or anatomy issues make it painful or difficult to walk, or when more traditional commercial shoes are uncomfortable or exacerbate health issues. In this article, we’ll take a look at a selection of some of the best orthopedic shoes for women.

There are many different types of orthopedic shoes which seek to alleviate a range of problems, so finding the proper pair to help with a particular issue is essential. There are a few common elements which are present in most examples of orthopedic footwear. These include an extra firm heel, which is generally lower compared to non-orthopedic shoes, as well as a shank to improve heel and ankle support. Orthopedic shoes often include removable insoles, letting you switch out soles and customize at will to find the best option to suit your unique needs. Also common to this type of shoe is an extra wide toe box to eliminate any cramping or pinching of the toes.


1. Orthofeet Women’s Marcy Oxford Shoes

Orthofeet Women's Marcy Oxford Shoes

Taking an approach to footwear which emphasizes the comfort and health of the feet above all, the Orthofeet Women’s Marcy Oxford shoes play host to an array of delightful features which combine in a brilliant synergy of comfort and support. Offering fantastic support and exceptional cushioning, these shoes keep even problem feet comfortable and manage to substantially reduce fatigue with their orthopedic design. The toe-box is very wide, making the shoe able to accommodate bunions, or swollen or irregularly sized feet. The wide toe box also helps to prevent the shoe from pinching or rubbing the toes, keeping it comfortable for long wear and helping to prevent skin issues or damage.

Everywhere on these Orthofeet Women’s Marcy Oxford shoes we find padding. Padded tongue, padded collar, immensely cushioned plush padded interior. The padding on the tongue helps keep the shoe comfortable even if it is laced up tightly. This versatility of comfort and stability makes this a winning pair for all-day usage, even if the extra padding does make the shoe slightly heavier. It’s worth the weight!

Lastly, the Orthofeet Women’s Marcy Oxford shoes are approved Diabetic Shoes by Medicare. This means they have been tested and certified to help alleviate issues encountered with diabetics and normal shoes, such as skin damage.


2. Drew Fiesta Lace-Up Oxford

Drew Fiesta Lace-Up Oxford


Designed to mimic the natural anatomy of the foot for optimal comfort, the Drew Fiesta Lace Up Oxford’s are jam packed with features to ensure comfort, stability and a pain-free wearing experience. Extra wide toe box allows the toes plenty of room to move, free from crimping or cramping and able to adjust themselves naturally into a comfortable posture. Equipped with a dual density EVA insole, the Fiesta Lace Up’s conform to the shape of the foot by gradually evolving into its shape from repeated wear, thanks to the amazing heat- and pressure-sensitive EVA materials which also act as shock absorbers. The EVA insole is completely removable, allowing the shoe to accommodate your favorite or prescription orthotic insert.

Inside the shoe we find Dri-Lex lining technology to reduce moisture and keep things dry. Combined with the AEGIS Microbe Shield which helps to keep down bacteria which cause odors and stains, the interior of the Fiesta Lace Up’s always manage to remain remarkably clean and comfortable.


3. Hush Puppies Women’s Upbeat Sneaker

Hush Puppies Women's Upbeat Sneaker


Designed for a simplicity and comfort, the Upbeat Sneaker is an offering from Hush Puppies which is perfectly suited to the needs of orthotics. Incorporating Hush Puppies own Bounce technology, the Upbeat’s manage to reduce foot stress and enhance natural gait by transferring the motion of the stride away from shocks and back into useful momentum as you move, giving you that little extra Bounce in your step. The result of this is not only an enhance efficiency, but improved comfort and a reduction in fatigue. Allowing the foot to move naturally is Hush Puppies patented Comfort Curve technology which allows the shoe to flex into the natural motion of the foot’s gait.

Like most orthotics, the Upbeat’s feature a removable insole allowing you to use your custom or prescription orthotics. The outside of the shoe is composed of a breathable leather material for excellent ventilation.


4. Propet Preferred Mary Jane Walker Shoes

Propet Preferred Mary Jane Shoes


Proving that orthotics can be equally about form as they are function; the Propet Preferred Mary Jane Walker Shoes are a stylish and classy option for anyone looking for that synergy of style, comfort, and practicality. Leather uppers provide a striking look on the outside while also making for an exceptionally durable shoe. Inside we find a leather lining to improve ventilation and a removable cushioned insole. On the outsole we find a highly durable and lightweight polyurethane design which acts to absorb shock extremely well.

Designed to provide comfort and minimize fatigue even during long periods of standing or walking, the Propet Preferred Mary Jane Walker Shoes incorporate arch support in combination with a heel stabilizer to provide a comfortable base of support. Combined with the comfortably cushioned interior, or personalized orthotics, the result is an exceptionally comfortable shoe for walking or standing alike, which also has a bit of appealing aesthetic flair.



For anyone who has issues with regular shoes, or experiences chronic pain from standing or walking, investigating orthotics is likely to be a worthwhile investment. Selecting the right pair can open up wide avenues of possibility, freeing your feet from pains and strains of regular shoes. Depending on what type of issue effects your feet, selecting the right type of shoe and the right orthotic insert is essential. For severe cases, doctors may provide prescription or completely customized orthotic inserts to help treat or correct certain foot issues. For more minor cases a range of commercial orthotics are widely available.


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