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Best Shoes for Hammertoes

There are several factors that can affect your decision in buying shoes for your specific needs. For instance, there are individuals who tend to struggle with hammertoe, or a condition where the middle joint of their toe creates a bend responsible for the curling of the affected toe. When this happens, not only do your toes look somewhat unappealing, but you can experience discomfort each time you wear the wrong type of footwear for your condition. Thus, you should look for the best shoes for hammertoes that would help you stay comfortable even if you have to stand or walk for hours.


Facts about Hammertoes

According to specialists, hammertoe can result from wearing poor-fitting shoes that cause muscle imbalance. Since your muscles function in pairs when strengthening and bending your toes, you need to make sure that there is ample room in your shoes to encourage the natural condition of your toes. Unfortunately, whenever your toe is bent for a long period, the muscles in this area tend to become tighter and fail to stretch out comfortable. Hammertoe results from this situation and it can also be caused by certain medical conditions such as polio, arthritis, diabetes and neuromuscular diseases.

When people wear shoes that are too narrow, the smaller toes are forced into a bent position, which can be too painful and uncomfortable. Moreover, your toes frequently rub against the inner part of the shoe, and you may notice calluses and corns forming. The same holds true when you wear high heels as the pressure increases in your toes.


Ways to Alleviate Discomfort with Mild Hammertoe

If you suffer from mild hammertoe problems, you can address this issue by putting orthotic inserts inside your shoes. You should also buy footwear that is not too narrow or too tight on you. Orthotic inserts help in repositioning your toes and alleviating the condition. On the other hand, those who experience a more severe case of hammertoes see the podiatrist and may obtain relief with custom orthotics or by undergoing surgery.

Naturally, the best thing to do is to prevent this condition from occurring to avoid any inconveniences later on. You can prevent hammertoes by wearing shoes that do not restrict your toes or cause any discomfort on your foot as a whole. You may also consider wearing shoe inserts and avoiding footwear with pointed styles that cause your toes to curl.


Great Choices of Shoes for Hammertoes

To help you resolve any concerns with hammertoes, you should consider checking out these excellent brands of shoes that are perfect for this condition. These shoes are not only comfortable, but they can address symptoms linked with mild cases of hammertoe.


1. Arcopedico LS 1151 Women’s Oxford Shoes

 Arcopedico LS 1151 Women's Oxford Shoes

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Bring out the fashionista in you by wearing these lovely Oxford shoes by Arcopedico. This classy footwear is not only about great looks, but it also comes with remarkable features that are just what you need for your condition. It comes with a sophisticated knit upper, which is smooth and soft to the touch. You can also make sure that your feet stay fresh and dry all the time, thanks to the anti-microbial deodorizing system incorporated in the shoes’ interior. As for the outsole, you can experience a great amount of comfort because of the twin arch that supports and equally distributes your weight over the entire foot surface. Because of this design, you can prevent soreness on the heel and ball of your foot.


2. Dr Comfort Lucie-X Therapeutic Diabetic Double-Depth Women’s Shoe (with Leather-and-Mesh Velcro)

Dr Comfort Lucie-X Therapeutic


Bask in the comfort of wearing the right pair of shoes for you. This Dr. Comfort X shoes are ideal for individuals who suffer from hammertoes and edema. The secret behind the superb comfort of these shoes lies in the leather and mesh uppers, which provide your feet with ample support while preventing any tightness in the toe muscles. Moreover, you can adjust the width of these shoes with the Velcro found on each side, and that is all you need to obtain the amount of volume you need for your feet. Lastly, these shoes are lightweight and flexible, so there are no issues when it comes to walking around on this pair of footwear for hours.


3. Drew Shoe Bloom II Mary Janes for Women

Drew Shoe Bloom II Mary Janes


Exude your feminine side with these adorable Mary Janes. What you will like most about this footwear, other than its spectacular style, is the superb comfort that you can experience – as though you are walking on clouds! It comes with removable insoles, so you can conveniently place your orthotic inserts that will add to your comfort whenever you put on these shoes. As for the exterior, you will instantly fall in love with its detailed styles and adjustable buckle closure that ensures the snug fit of the footwear. So, if you prefer a great pair of shoes that offers a combination of support, comfort, style and functionality, this product is just the right one for you.


4. Munro American

Over the years, this brand has been known for manufacturing comfortable footwear that depicts style and professionalism. The main objective of these shoes is to provide individuals with footwear that comes with the right size and superb fit, and you can expect these great qualities from every model of Munro American shoes you can find. In particular, people with hammertoe issues can find great relief from these shoes by Munro American for a number of reasons. For instance, the footwear features a contoured and comfortable PU insole with breathable leather material, which helps maintain the dry and cool quality of your feet. It also has a durable latex rubber outsole, which provides impact absorption, and maximum traction that will keep you balanced and stable. To help keep your feet in place while ensuring motion control, these shoes have a hook-and-loop closure strap that you can adjust conveniently. With all these superb features, you can still walk comfortably in a stylish pair of shoes all the time.


These are only a few of what you need to know when you suffer from hammertoes. Just be sure to buy a pair of best shoes for hammertoes that suits your condition, so you can experience comfort and obtain total support all day.


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