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Birkenstock Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis causes pain at the bottom and sides of the heel and is most painful when standing for long periods of time.  Pain is often also experienced upon standing up after sitting down for a period of time, which is caused when the plantar fascia is stretched after it has tightened up during a rest period.


Appropriate footwear with proper support, cushioning and balance can relieve pain and discomfort.  Birkenstock design their shoes with a cork foot bed that provides dramatic improvement and significant relief from painful symptoms caused by fallen arches and plantar fasciitis, with the same benefits as orthoses or inserts. Orthoses, also known as orthotics, are inserts that mechanically correct fallen arches and support the heel to reduce the pain of plantar fasciitis.


In the same proud tradition of German craftsmanship that goes into the design and manufacture of Birkenstock sandals, Birkenstock insoles for plantar fasciitis features a traditional cork heel cup that cushions impact and promotes proper balance and alignment.


If you have ever worn Birkenstock sandals you will have experienced the exceptional comfort and support that the contoured arches and deep heel cups provide.  However, some people just can’t bring themselves to wear them in public, or employee work codes prevent them from wearing Birkenstock sandals to work, even if they are the only thing they can wear in order to walk without pain.  Birkenstock Insoles for plantar fasciitis can replace the insoles of any of your shoes and provide the same level of comfort as wearing the sandals, including running shoes and other sports shoes.

blue foot bed


The famous blue foot bed of the insole will provide the same arch support and comfort to your everyday footwear as the sandals.


The deep heel cup will help relieve the pain associated with plantar fasciitis and the silk lining is designed to absorb moisture.

They are easy to remove and insert from one pair of shoes to another and they are hand washable.  Sizes come in different widths of narrow, medium and wide.


Product Details


The foot bed is based on the original cork Birkenstock foot bed and features a pronounced arch support, with a deep heel cup, that is suitable for use with flat as well as heeled footwear up to 1  inche high.


The flexible and shock absorbing sole is made of natural cork material and EVA.


Product Features


The two part arch support system has specifically been designed for use with sports shoes and features memory foam padding for a cushioning effect and customized comfort and natural cork for the heel cup.


Now you can add extra comfort and support to your favorite brand of athletic footwear by slipping Birkenstock insoles for plantar fasciitis into your sports shoes.


Customer Reviews


Ardent Birkenstock fans are happy with these sports insoles which provide similar support to that of wearing a traditional Birkenstock sandal, with the convenience of using them in sports shoes.  The hardness of the insoles are designed to train the feet to walk properly and correct pronation, flat feet and fallen arches, as well as relieve the pain suffered from plantar fasciitis.


As with any Birkenstock sandal, the proven benefits of arch support and deep heel cups are paramount to many people who suffer from foot problems to help prevent further harm and injury.


Birkenstock insoles have been instrumental in literally saving the lives of many people who have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, as they are able to walk again and exercise without pain, something they were unable to do before.  Keep a couple of pairs on hand for use with dress shoes as well as sports shoes to revolutionize your footwear comfort.

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