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Best Nike Running Shoes for Supinators

If you are someone who enjoys running, then you no doubt know the importance of a good pair of running shoes. But did you know that many runners are running with undiagnosed foot problems such as flat feet, Overpronation, and Underpronation? Fortunately, there are running shoes available for different kind of feet problems. Then you can go about choosing the best Nike running shoes for supinators if that is what you need.

So what is pronation and supination? Both of these terms mean that your foot is not landing flat and distributing your weight as you walk or run. People who suffer from pronation tend to roll their foot outward as they step. A natural step features some pronation as the foot moves through its gait. However, excessive pronation can flatten out and over stretch the muscles, ligaments, and tendons of the foot. Supination is the opposite of pronation. It refers to a foot that rolls outward during motion. While anyone can suffer from supination or pronation, those with flat feet are predisposed to these types of conditions.

While only a doctor or podiatrist can diagnose supination, there are a few warning signs that you can watch out. The easiest way is to examine your footwear, especially older pairs of shoes that are well worn. Shoes should wear fairly evenly across the sole although it is okay to see a little more wear on the heel and ball of the shoe as this is where the majority of your weight is dispersed. If your shoe is more worn on the inside edge, there is a good chance you are an overpronator. Conversely, if your shoe is worn along the outer edge, you may suffer from under pronation, also known as supination.

If your feet are prone to these conditions, it is crucial that you select footwear that will help ensure you have the proper support. Nike is a good brand to choose, as their shoe is designed for runners, even those with foot conditions. The best Nike running shoes for supinators are ones that will cushion and support your foot and attempt to minimize the amount of roll that is occurring. Here are two styles that are great for this purpose.

Nike Vomero 10

Nike Vomero 10


The Nike “Zoom” Vomero is a lightweight shoe that is designed for running in warm weather. Made with a breathable sandwiched mesh upper, this shoe has incredible air flow and will keep your feet dry and cool. A reflective layer beneath the mesh is not only stylish; it will help make sure you stay visible, even in low light conditions. This shoe was engineered to support a foot that is neutral to supinated, and will give you a smoother gait. A cushioned midsole runs the full length of the shoe providing cushioning that is responsive to your step. This shoe also features “Dynamic Fit” technology, ensuring that it will fit you like a glove. Deep and flexible grooves will help make sure that your foot can flex naturally and comfortably. Available in men’s and women’s sizes and a multitude of colors, the Nike Vomero is an excellent choice.



Nike Free 5.0+


The Nike Free Run is another quality shoe for supinators. This shoe has a fit like a second skin, making it ideal for runners looking for a shoe that feels like you are running barefoot. Like the Vomero, this shoe has a breathable mesh upper to keep your feet cool and dry. With off-center lacing and an inner sleeve that is plush, this shoe was designed with your comfort in mind. With Nike’s trademark sculpted Phylite midsole and outsole, the Free Run can supply cushioning while still being lightweight and supportive. Available in many colors as well as men’s, women’s, and even children’s sizes, the Nike Free Run has shoes runner in the family.


Running in the wrong shoes can lead to foot, leg, and even back and neck pain. This means that finding the best Nike running shoes for supinators is crucial if you want to be able to keep running without causing pain and discomfort. Try the shoes you read about here if you wish to run for miles while keeping your feet cool and comfortable.




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