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Dansko Shoes for Fall and Winter

When the cool weather kicks in, be sure to keep your feet warm and comfortable by wearing the right pair of shoes this chilly season. Dansko new shoes for fall and winter are among your best options, thanks to their optimum support, durability and classic elegance. Whether you are traveling, standing all day at work, or just looking for great footwear that’s comfortable and stylish at the same time, you can find just what you need from the latest Dansko line.


Each season, this brand of footwear aims to bring people the latest and finest shoe designs to meet their standards. In fact, the company takes note of every feedback from customers along with the fashion trend details, and the design team uses these pieces of information in developing new styles. Moreover, every collection features a custom “last”, which is a 3D form used in determining how each Dansko shoe is designed and made. Then, blueprints for the newest line are made through a series of drawings for every shoe style developed by the design team.


New Shoes by Dansko: What to Expect

What’s great about these latest styles of Dansko shoes for fall and winter is their superior comfort. This is one non-negotiable feature, and you would not want to be walking around on a pair of shoes that is only good for a couple of hours. Otherwise, you should just leave those shoes at home since you could not even last a day on such type of footwear.

Another thing to love about these new shoes by Dansko is their classic and flattering style. These make great travel shoes because they are versatile enough to match any outfits you wear, look flattering on your legs and ankles, and you will like how these shoes are made only of high quality materials. There is no need to keep following the latest trends in shoes because Dansko offers timeless designs that will work for a number of years.


Some Facts about the Company

The company was established by Peter Kjellerup, along with his wife Mandy Cabot. Their main goal was to create good pairs of clogs that would meet the needs and expectations of their customers. Since 2012, Dansko has become a 100 percent employee-owned company that is situated in Pennsylvania. The brand offers a line of footwear styles including flats, wedges, boots, heels, sandals and clogs. No matter what the style or design, you can expect each pair to provide total support and comfort to your feet for hours.

Aside from starting a reputable shoe company, Peter was focused on staying committed to his mission for sustainability. Thus, the company uses vegetated roof, copper rain chains instead of regular gutters, solar panels on the roofs, eco-resin panels, and low VOC paints on the ceiling and walls. With the company’s effort to care for the environment, the U.S. Green Building Council has awarded Dansko the LEED certification. Indeed, the company has proven its sincere concern for the environment while providing quality products to its customers from various parts of the world.


Latest Fall and Winter Shoes by Dansko

During fall and winter season, you need a reliable pair of shoes that can withstand harsh weather conditions while providing warmth and support to your feet. Since you are most likely to be walking around during your travels, having a nice pair of comfortable shoes is a must to help you last a day without suffering from cramps or blisters.

For instance, the Dansko Bonita is a good option for women who like to look stylish without sacrificing their comfort. It has a chic ankle cutout and heel zipper that take the stress out in putting on or removing these shoes. Perfect for fall, you will like how these ankle boots have 2 inches heels and stylish appeal that will flatter any outfit you may wear this season. It is also made of burnished nappa, which is a very soft and luxurious leather material that is burnished to reveal stunning appeal. This footwear will look amazing when worn with a dress or denim jeans.

Just because the weather’s cooler than usual, that does not mean you have limited options when it comes to footwear styles. If you are living an active lifestyle that helps requires you to be on the move at all times, then Sabrina sneakers by Dansko is a fine choice. These casual sneakers are lightweight, trendy, and offers amazing arch support. To make it even better, the uppers are made of suede with waterproof features. Skip, jump or walk for hours without experiencing a hint of pain or discomfort with these sneakers.

If you want a pair of shoes that’s girly enough to match your ultra-feminine vibe, then Bess shoes by Dansko are perfect. The footwear exudes a modern Mary Jane style, so you can wear these shoes with your skirt or casual dress. Made of kidskin leathers, expect these shoes to be soft and comfortable on your feet. It also comes with an adjustable strap to keep your feet in place. The footbed is made with high quality memory foam for added support.

Celeste is another comfy pair of shoes that you can wear this fall, particularly if you are traveling or always on the move. It has a removable footbed for excellent arch support, made of waterproof materials, and has a slip-on style for all-day comfort. What’s more, the exterior comes with an attractive stictch detailing that adds to the simple elegance of this footwear.


Bottom Line

These Dansko new shoes for fall and winter are just what you need for ultimate comfort during your travels this season. With plenty of designs and styles to choose from, you can surely find the best pair that will suit your needs perfectly. You can even opt for girly or casual designs that will flatter your outfits and match your personal style. To make it even better, these versatile shoes are made of high quality and superior materials, so you can expect them to last for a number of years, making every Dansko footwear a great value for your money!


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