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5 Different Types of Dress Shoes for Women with Small Feet

Finding dress shoes for women with small feet is no small feat. You will not have that much luck stumbling on that ideal pair of footwear in physical stores. The more convenient way to find dress shoes you can truly be satisfied with is through online shops. To make your shopping experience even easier, narrow down your search by learning about different types of dress shoes available in your foot size.


High Heels


Heels are the preferred choice of footwear when it comes to smart casual work settings and formal events. Dress shoes are not the right kind when they do not have high heels, wedges, or any kind of elevation. Dressier shoes have heels that range from 2 inches and up.


The pain in wearing heels does not favor any feet width. That notorious discomfort associated with high heels is universal. It does not matter whether you have wide or small feet. Wearing heels can be painful for everyone while wearing them for extended periods. Because of this common concern, shoe manufacturers have made it easy to find heels that are not only fashionable but also comfortable.




Do not rule out wearing sandals yet, since they make high fashion dress shoes for women with small feet. Both men and women wear sandals when at the beach. That is why sandals are not what you would exactly consider as dress shoes. Sandals with heels, however, are an exception.


Unlike shoes with high heels that have a leather or wool vamp, sandals have straps to cover the feet. The heels found in sandals can take the form of wedges, stilettos, or platforms. These heels make sandals stand out among other types of dress shoes. Even flat sandals fall into the dress shoe category if they have sparkly embellishments.




High-heeled loafers are arguably the most comfortable dress shoes for women with small feet. Not only do they look great with slacks, dresses, and other formal wear, but are also comfortable to wear. If you still cannot decide on what type of footwear looks great with dresses or smart casual attires, then different types of loafers might suit your personal style.


The difference between shoes with high heels and loafers is that the latter has a square toe box. However, newer loafers have a pointy toe box as well. If you have not seen any of those loafers yet, you do not have to worry about what brand to look for. Clarks Sugar Spice shoes are available in sizes 5-12.




Dress shoes do not classify as pumps if they have low to medium heel height. They have to be 3 inches or more. This makes pumps more uncomfortable to wear.


Despite how they look intimidating, pumps are a popular choice of footwear for many occasions. For women with smaller feet, pumps with 3-inch heels can be the limit for some and a challenge for many. Many believe that as long as the shoes look great with your whole outfit, it is sometimes worth the discomfort.


Ballet Flats


Some would agree that ballet flats do not fall under dress shoes for women with small feet. However, many women choose flats over heels for practical reasons. Ballet flats are classy and appropriate for several work settings. More importantly, they are comfortable dress shoes that do not give you any dull aches compared to heels.


On one hand, flats are not always the better choice. Although they are certainly comfortable, you need shoes that provide excellent cushioning and traction. Just because flats do not have heels, it does not mean that they benefit the health of your feet. You will find more dress shoes that are available in small feet sizes, but it is not always about cost or design. Learning how that footwear provides support and comfort can help you find great bargains.



Women with small feet expect comfort, style and durability from wearing a pair of shoes, But the only problem with dress shoes for women small feet is that these kind of shoes are extremely limited than the normal sizes. This is why; you will need to perform extensive research before purchasing dress shoes to match your petite feet. This article will offer some valuable information in this regard by providing comprehensive dress shoes for women small feet reviews.


Franco Sarto Bocca

Franco Sarto Bocca


The Bocca Loafer from Franco Sarto will allow you to climb the corporate ladder with sophistication and style. It has a semi finished leather upper with tonal stitching. The stacked and lifted heel and the round apron toe are the other salient features of the shoe. The cushioned insole and the smooth linings will help to keep you light on your feet, so that you can attend meetings with total comfort. The textured rubber outsole will help to keep your body grounded with total confidence and grace. The heel measures only 1.25 inches while platform is only 0.50 inches. The shoe comes in sizes of 5 to 13 and available for narrow, medium and wide feet.


Clarks Sugar Spice

Clarks Sugar Spice


The shoe is one of the best for women with petite feet. It is available in sizes from 5 to 12. The shoe is great for narrow, medium and wide feet. The full grain leather upper is great for adding breathability to your feet. It will make the shoe flexible for your feet, and guarantee total comfort to your feet. The DRILEX interior lining will add a soft buffer for total comfort of your small feet. This will help to keep away excess moisture and help your feet stay cool and dry at all times. The footbed is made using the latest Air technology called Ortholite, which will help to cushion the foot and add shock absorbing effects to wear the foot for long periods of time. The heel wedge is light weight with a stacked veneer to decrease the weight of the shoe. This will also help to reduce leg fatigue. The height of the heel is 2 inches while the shoe will only weigh 11 oz.


Durango RD3520

Durango RD3520


The Durango RD3520 is available from sizes 6 to 11. The shoe is really a ladies black shoe boot which is available for medium and small size feet. The salient features include a black leather upper, cushion insole, breathable and soft lining for moisture control and comfort of your feet. The rubber sole and western fashioned heel adds extra elegance to the shoe. The heel of the shoe is only 1.5 inches while it weighs only 13 oz. This is another good shoe for women with small feet.


David Tate Martina

David Tate Martina



These shoes are available for feet sizes of 4.5 to 13. They are a great choice of women with petite feet. The sleek lines make this shoe the best choice for pants. The cushioned insole will guarantee total comfort. The steel shank construction will guarantee strength and stability. There is a stacked heel which will add a touch of fashion to the wearer of the shoe. The heel would measure as 1.5 inches while the shoes would weigh 8 oz. All in all, this is another great shoe for women with small feet.


Frye Carson Oxford

Frye Carson Oxford


This shoe is available for women with small feet starting from size 5.5 to size 11. The Frye Carson Oxford will give you a traditional look with a bit of a modern flair. The full grain leather upper with an antique look is great a luxurious feels and looks. Other salient features include cushioned leather insoles for total comfort, smooth leather lining and a leather stacked heel. The leather outsole is much more durable than most of the other shoes on the market. The heel measurements are 1.25 inches while the weight is approximately 13 oz. The branded logo detail is available at the heel.


Naot Women’s Trendy Dress Pump

Naot Women's Trendy Dress Pump


The Naot Dress Pump is available from sizes 5 up to 10. This is another great pair of dress shoes for women with small feet. It runs from narrow to medium width. This pair of shoe is in vogue currently and most corporate ladies are counting on it to enhance their corporate outlook. It is great for the lady who plans to climb the corporate ladder with style. The fashionable patent leather upper has a nubuck collar for additional looks. The hook and loop strap comes with a faux button to create a sophisticated look. The other salient features include soft leather lining which will guarantee breathability and help to keep your feet warm and dry always. The footbed is coated with suede and made of cork & natural latex. This footbed is contoured to the shape of your feet for additional comfort.


This footbed will help to keep away moisture and help to maintain the required coolness and dryness of your feet. The quality outsole made of TPR will help to decrease step-shock and guarantee a more healthy walking experience. There is a metal shank which will help to add stability and support during your walking experience. The heel measures at 1.75 inches while the weight of the pair is around 11 ounces. This is another great pair of women’s shoes for ladies who are having small feet. This pair of shoes will help to secure your grip of a variety of surfaces. It is great for women who are working at a job that requires being on foot for a longer period of time.


The aforementioned are some of the most popular footwear brands that offer sturdy dress shoes for women. The above dress shoes for women small feet reviews will help you to make an informed decision when purchasing such shoes.

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