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Best Diabetic Boots for Flat Feet for Women

Millions of women around the world are currently living with diabetes. While treatment has come a long way to make the life of a diabetic much easier, there are still some precautions and limitations that need to be followed. One of the most important things for a diabetic to remember is to care for their feet. Common problems such as flat feet and fallen arches can make taking even a few steps very painful. Fortunately many of the foot problems diabetics face can be made easier with the selection of the proper footwear. Here are a few things to look for when searching for the best  diabetic boots for flat feet.


First you need to look at how the shoe fits. Because diabetics often have reduced sensitivity in their feet, known as peripheral neuropathy. This can make it difficult to feel blisters or other foot injuries, so it is imperative to prevent them in the first place. Shoes should fit your foot well, but not too tightly. Diabetics often suffer from foot swelling, and a little extra room can accommodate this. However don’t choose a shoe that is too loose, or your foot may slide around, creating blisters and bruises. A wide toe area is also desirable as it prevents toes from rubbing against each other.


Flat feet are another common problem in diabetics. The best women diabetic boots for flat feet are ones that feature good arch support. If your doctor or podiatrist has recommended that you wear an orthotic device, shoes with a footbed that can be removed and replaced are a good choice. The soles of the shoe should have thick cushions to cradle your heel and adequate shock absorption to protect your joints.

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If it is boots you are searching for, then diabetics should consider how they will be used, especially if you also have flat feet. Are the boots going to be used on a long hike or simply to keep your feet warm and dry on a snowy day? Will you be roughing it on dirt trails or sticking to pavement? Ask the store clerk or read the description on the boot to ensure they are suited to your desired purpose. Look for boots that are weatherproof and durable. If you will be wearing them for long periods, try to find a boot that is also lightweight, as heavy shoes can put unnecessary strain on your feet when worn for prolonged periods of time.


The best women diabetic boots for flat feet are ones that are comfortable, durable, and contain adequate support. While diabetics need to take extra caution with their footwear choices, it is still possible to find a shoe that fits well, looks great, and will help make your feet feel better than they ever have before. If you have any questions about footwear choices for diabetics, ask your doctor or make an appointment with a podiatrist. They will be able evaluate your feet and point you in the right direction.



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