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Finding the Most Comfortable Shoes for Standing All Day

If you have to stand for most of the day for your job, you are going to be interested in locating the most comfortable shoes for standing. There is no reason to stand all day in shoes that ultimately damage your feet, so consider some of these tips when picking out your next pair of shoes.


If you are looking for the right shoes to give you support for being on your feet all day, then you have come to the right article. Use these tips to start the selection process!

Many people have professions that require them to stand for many hours a day. This means they must carefully consider the Best Shoes For Working On Feet All Day Long that arespecifically designed for working environment. Even if a person doesn’t have too many problems with their feet, they should still invest in best shoes for working on feet all day. Doing so will keep your feet healthy and happy.

Waiters, nurses, chefs, and hairdressers are some of the professions that require a lot of standing. These types of jobs demand that a person stand for many hours in a row without rest. This means that looking for the right shoes for standing on feet for hours is a must. Standing for long periods of time can affect your spine and back muscles; this is especially true if you’re not wearing the right type of footwear. You want to find shoes that are specially designed to reduce strain. Believe it or not, back pain is a common complaint of nurses and others stand all day.

The good shoes for working around all day will provide great support and cushion for the arch of the foot. You want to obtain a shoe that has a low heel. Most experts advise that wearing completely flat shoes isn’t the best idea. This is because flat shoes don’t offer much in the way of arch support. You want to choose a shoe with a heel height somewhere between 1-quarter of an inch to 2-inches. You may also want to consider buying inserts for additional comfort. Cushioned insoles are wonderful, as they can really help reduce the pressure put on your feet.

Since work shoes are worn for many hours at a time, it’s best to choose ones that are lightweight and aerated. You may notice that nurses usually wear white leather shoes that have tiny little holes all over the top. This is because those types of shoes help feet to breathe and adjust to variations in temperature. This not only makes your feet more comfortable but it also prevents excessive sweating, overheating, and possible fungus issues.

Good shoes for work should be formed for comfort. Avoid buying shoes that are too pointy or have very high heels, as these don’t allow your feet to properly relax. When you’re shopping for your work shoes, it’s also advisable to do so later in the day. During this time your feet are already a little tired. So when you’re trying on shoes, you’ll know how they’ll fit by the end of a hard-working day.

If your workplace has concrete, tile, hardwood, or marble flooring, then you want to look for shoes that have anti-slip soles. This will help prevent accidents that could cause you to slip and fall. Injuries from falling in the workplace are common for those who work on their feet all day. Also don’t buy shoes that tie up with laces. Instead look for shoes that lace up with Velcro, this provides more support and reduces the chance of tripping over your laces.

In terms of the shoes for work, there is a great deal of choices. For people that stand or walk a lot at work, these types of shoes can be expensive. While work shoes are more expensive than ordinary ones, the quality is usually much better. Keep in mind that you’ll probably be wearing the shoes for more than 10 to 12 hours a day, five days a week, so you want top quality.

Here is the list of most comfortable shoes for both men and women:

 Dansko Pro XP for Men and Women



If you are shopping for shoes with high heels, the most comfortable shoes for standing offer heels that are wider and shorter than the prototypical heels. No higher than two inches, these heels also give you stability when you feel side-to-side stress.  Many Dansko and Sanita clogs such as Dansko XP Pro come with 2 inches of heal and they will make you little taller.  However some of these Danskos come in sneaker style for women such as Dansko Elise if you prefer lower heals.


Another item to remember is the thickness of the tongue in the shoe. If the shoe is tongueless, this does not apply to you, but many shoes come with one. If yours does, make sure that the tongue is thick and holds your foot in place.

This popular shoe from Dansko, has fans around the world. They feature shiny leather uppers with a custom-made soles and inserts.  It’s a popular shoe for nurses and other professionals in the healthcare field.


 New Balance Shoes



New Balance has been making quality shoes for every one.  You can find shoes for all kind of foot problems.  The most popular being 928 model, but you can find many other good styles for men and women for all kind of activities from walking sneakers to running sneakers.

Having a wide toe box in the front might seem like a no-brainer, but that is a design element that many shoes lack. If you want the most comfortable shoes for standing all day, you need some width in the toe box to give your feet some maneuvering room. Some New Balance such as New Balance 626 are made specially for standing all day.

New Balance 626 is incredibly comfortable shoe is both affordable and slip resistant. It’s perfect for those who stand all day and features a comfortable absorbing insert. Consumers regularly rate it as extremely comfortable, long lasting, and great to wear in almost any working environment.




This is one of my favorite brand.  They have cork footbed and they offer shoes for high arch and for flat foot as well.  The cork footbed moulds according to your shape of foot.  They are vet comfortable shoes and come various styles. They are the most popular brand used by chefs.


Birkenstock Profi Birki



While you don’t want rubber-bottomed shoes to wear to that special wedding, if this is a pair of shoes that you wear to work each day, consider shoes that do better on slippery surfaces. A rubbery sole gives your feet an extra way to grip the floor. That way, if water spills down onto the floor, your shoes are still gripping the surface beneath, while your co-workers might be slipping and sliding. Take advantage of this sole material to boost your own workplace safety.


Insist on cushioning and support in your shoes, no matter what the brand is and no matter what the source of the shoes may be. You have work to do, and there is no reason why you should suffer from poor support all day. Instead, insist on support, and proudly show off what your shoes do for you.




The Timberland Pro series has been specially designed for working professionals. The series comes in both workboot and caregiver varieties. The workboots series features a protective steel toe and slip resistant bottoms. The caregiver series is designed with next or arch support for nurses and others who work standing all day.

 Crocs Bistro Clogs



Approved by APMA, they are commonly used in hospitals and food industry.  Crocs Bisto are the slip resistant version and many people find them comfortable for standing all day at jobs. They are also recommened for plantar fasciitis to wear in and around the house.  Crocs Mecry are specifically designed for nurse women.


Crocs Mercy Clog



Look for the seal of the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association), which most people either use to bring acceptability to a meeting group or look to make sure that they are there. Knowing that this group has approved the footwear that you plan to put on each day gives you peace of mind.

Whether you work in healthcare, the airline industry, food service, or hospitality the crocs@work series is designed to provide comfort and support. This series of shoes comes in a wide array of designs. They are designed to be both stylish and practical.


Sketchers have a wide range of shoes designed for safety and comfort. The soft stride series has been highly rated by consumers for providing great support for those who work hard on their feet. The sketchers shoes are made of leather so they are both breathable and flexible.

Clarks Clarks Wave.Trek



If you stand on your feet all day you might want to consider Clark’s wave walk line. While a little more expensive than other brands, they come endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association.


Therafit is a brand of shoes that provide good cushioning, arch support and provide a shock absorbing experience under the feet.  These qualities provide an excellent foot support. The increased impact resistant in these shoes makes it possible for one to work for long hours without noticing it. They are also ideal for the hard concrete floors that one has to stand on while working.


Nike is a brand of shoes that manufactures shoes for athletes and persons who stand for long hours. Healthcare professionals can take advantage of these shoes based on the level of comfort and arc support provided by these shoes. Free space between toes is a necessity for increased comfort and toe movement.  Almost all Nike shoe brands have a flat base, which facilitates a balanced distribution of weight on the feet. In addition to this, these shoes have a great arch support and cushioning, which helps prevent acquired flatfeet.  Nike’s soles have a bouncing effect, which is a great shock absorber while walking or responding to emergencies. It is thus due to these reasons why they are considered to be among the best shoes for walking and standing all day.


Reducing pressure is another solid idea when it comes to managing responses to stimuli. If you can remove the negative energy from the shopping trip, then you are ready to find the right shoes. By cutting down on the stress you bring to yourself, you end up happier with your choices.


Consider gel insoles as a possible remedy in your fight to have comfortable shoes. You can get them at uniform stores, where they are sold to people with prolonged standing as a part of their contract. Careers like police officers, nurses, security guards and many restaurant workers all involve a lot of time on your feet. Luckily, though, you can get them no matter what your job is. They are cheaper than fashion footwear, and many models breathe well, provide comfort and are lightweight.


Here are some other things to consider when buying someone a sock: Remember that slides and flats are all right. However, if your friend has arches of steel, you don’t have anything to worry about. The problem is that most people do NOT give their workers that year.


No matter which shoe you pick it’s important you look for comfort and find the best shoes for working on feet all day. For those in professions where they stand on your feet 10 to 12 hours a day find the right shoe is important. So take your time to find the shoe that’s right for your feet. Be sure to try a variety of brand so that you pick the best shoe possible. Don’t be afraid to ask the shoe-store staff for help. You may also want to ask your co-workers, what sort of shoes they like. Sometimes the best possible recommendations can come from the people you know.


Standing on your feet all day at work can be a challenge. So there’s no reason for you to be uncomfortable if it isn’t necessary. Today’s modern shoes can be both stylish and comfortable.

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