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Five Cute Walking Sandals for Women Perfect for Travel


If you love to get around places on foot, these cute walking sandals for women must find their way into your collection.  Generally, you should look for comfortable footwear that will help you from pain and injuries, so you can cover extensive distances when traveling in and out of the country.  A great pair of sandals can make a difference in your traveling experiences.  You would not want to remember an exquisite tourist site for the severe blisters you got on your feet, would you?  If you have no idea what to add next to your footwear repertoire, here are excellent sandals to buy on your next shopping trip.


ECCO Women’s Flash Huarache Sandal

ECCO Women's Flash Hurache Dress Sandal


These are made with fine and soft, buttery leather that is exclusively made for ECCO and are available in four different colors.  The perforated and well padded footbed with heal cup provides ample comfort for the wearer and you can be guaranteed that you will not feel sore after a long day outdoors.  This is ideal for women who like sandals with buckle closures and ousole offers good traction and they are perfect choice for travelers.


Teva Women’s Tirra Leather Sandal

Teva Women’s Tirra Leather Sanda


These hook-and-loop sandals are great for even for intense outdoor activities as they are made with nylon, rubber and EVA materials that dry easily.  They are perfect for those who are looking for footwear that offer excellent grip and superb arch support.  Made for hiking, water sports, and other fun activities, these Teva sandals offer extreme comfort for those who move around vigorously.  And they are perfect for hot weather too as they can easily be adjusted and are made with light materials.  The only possible downside to these is that some women would possibly be turned down by the design as they are not as dressy or laid-back as other comfort footwear.


Merrell Jacardia Ladies Sandals – Q Form Technology for Back Pain and Arthritis

Merrell Women's Jacardia Sandals


Merrell is popular for creating all-terrain footwear that provide maximum comfort using their patented memory footbed and Q form technology for proper alignment of walking stride. Jacardia sandals are another excellent pair of cute walking sandals for women to use on cement, asphalt, gravel, you name it.  They are made with breathable materials and the strappy design is decidedly feminine.  The only downside to this style of Merrell sandals is the buckle enclosure because it is made of plastic and is unfortunately, not adjustable.


CROC’S Women’s Cleo III

CROC’S Women’s Cleo III


CROC’s are very light and comfortable and are the perfect sandals for those who have wide feet.  The classic T-strap design makes this slip-on very stylish and appealing to most women.  It is made with synthetic and exclusive Croslite lining, so keep away if you are allergic to non-natural materials.  Otherwise, these are very affordable and comfortable at the same time.  CROC’S Cleo III sandals provide great support on the heels and are made for getting wet.  So if you are looking for very light sandals that need very little maintenance, these are just the thing for you.


 Finn Comfort Women’s Mumbai Sandals

Finn Comfort Women's Mumbai Sandals



Finn Comforts have been around for years and if not for the price, as they tend to be more expensive than usual comfortable footwear, these sandals would be on top of everyone’s list.  Many women swear by the therapeutic effect of these particular sandals as they naturally follow the contour of the wearer’s foot bed.  Another advantage of buying Mumbai Sandals by Finn Comforts is that they come in tons of glossy and muted colors, so you will have plenty to choose from.  If you like slides that add a bit of height and can accommodate wide feet, then you must definitely try these.


These cute walking sandals for women all provide maximum comfort and help you reach a great deal of distance on foot.  Wearing the perfect walking shoes is important not only for your posture, but also for your back and general balance as well.  Whether you are outdoorsy or if you prefer to walk on cobblestones and asphalt better than dirt trails, there will surely be a style to fit your needs.  Price should not be an issue especially if the sandals improve your general disposition and help you experience traveling better.  These designs can be easily had by browsing through online shops or your nearest brick-and-mortar outlet.

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