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Best Walking Sandals for Travel

Are you planning a trip abroad or a vacation with your family or friends? Are you looking for the best walking sandals for travel? There are many people who tend to pack the wrong type of shoes when travelling or pack more than the required. It’s important to find the needed balance between fashion and comfort when looking for travelling sandals. Here are some of the qualities to look for when choosing walking sandals for your next trip.


  1. Comfort


Typically, when most people travel, they choose to pack sneakers because you can’t go wrong with this footwear. However, it can be quite disappointing if you’re travelling to a very hot place and your feet keep getting roasted inside the sneakers. Well, that’s why walking sandals will definitely come in handy. If you’re thinking about packing stilettos, you should definitely think again.


Of course, you might have some crazy nights where you need to go out with your friends but if you’re forced to walk long distances, those heels will not do you any justice. That’s why walking sandals are the perfect shoes for traveling. If you’re walking around the city, you can enjoy comfort without worrying about your feet.


Therefore, to guarantee maximum comfort from your walking sandals, make sure the straps are not too tight. If so, your feet will get blistered on the area with the straps and become very uncomfortable. Also, you should choose walking sandals with flat heels rather than those with a small raised heel. With time, they tend to become uncomfortable regardless of the size of the heel. That’s why you need a completely flat walking sandal.


  1. Flexibility and Support


When looking for walking sandals, make sure they offer ultimate support and flexibility. There are many different pairs of sandals currently in the market that might make it hard for you to find the right one for your next trip. However, you can count of a few features such as the following.


Choose sandals that have support for the toes as well as the back part of your feet. Most sandals usually have a holder for the big toe and straps that go around the ankles. Well, you can choose those and enjoy a perfectly flexible and supportive sandal. In most cases, sandals without any straps for the back are likely to tear off when you’re walking.


  1. Durability


There is nothing more important than shoes walking sandals that are very durable. The sandals you choose should be made out of the best material to allow you to walk around the whole day without any worries of tearing off. Secondly, make sure the straps are firmly fixed since those are usually the first to come off.


If you’re walking a lot during your trip, make sure you choose sandals that can withstand different types of terrains without any issues. That way, you can rest assured that your feet are comfortable all through. With these few tips, you should be able to find the best walking sandals for travel.


Dansko Jameson

Dansko Jameson


The Dansko Jameson is a very attractive casual sandal that is perfect for strolling during warm weather. The footbed is made of cork and is contoured to mold to your feet. The footbed contains a cushion made from memory foam. This provides your feet with support every time you take a step. The outer sole is long lasting that will provide your feet with comfort all day long. The upper is made of stylish leather straps. There are three straps with buckles that are adjustable, which allows you to customize the fit to your feet perfectly. The sock lining is made from a suede fabric that is breathable. The leather straps come in nine different colors, ranging from neutral to a more colorful red, violet or turquoise. Customers who purchased this sandal gave it a very good review. One woman reported that the sandal was even comfortable for her foot that has a small bunion.

Alegria Carina

Alegria Carina


The Alegria Carina Women’s Wedge Sandal is a thong sandal that has really stylish and contemporary look. The upper is constructed in rich leather. Straps are adjustable with velcro at the vamp so that you can adjust it for the perfect custom fit. The detailing with a rose adds just the right amount of femininity to the sandal. The footbed is made from cork and memory foam for extra comfort. The outsole has a mild rocker that will give you exceptional support for your arches. Your feet will walk in comfort all day long in these sandals. The sandal has a rubber sole. The heel measures about one and three-quarters inches. The platform measures about one inch. The comfort insole is patented and has memory foam, cork and a suede top. The insole is removable. It is slip resistant. It comes in 16 colors that can match any outfit.


Aetrex Women’s Catalina Sandal

Aetrex Women's Catalina Sandal


Aetrex Catalina Sandalista – Lynco Footbed Sandal[/easyazon_image]The Sandalistas Customized Comfort Adjustable Sandal from Aetrex is another sandal that offers superior comfort for woman who is on her feet all day long. The Comfort collection has five styles. It has built-in Lynco support and a memory foam top cover to ensure you of customized support and all day comfort when you are on your feet. The midsole is very light and provides you with natural shock absorbing capabilities. There are anti-microbial properties embedded into the footbed to prevent the development of fungus and bacteria. The cork footbed with memory foam really adds to the plush feeling that you get when you are standing up. This sandal promotes healthy feet and is very stylish at the same time.


Promotes Sandal

Promotes Sandal


Other wonderful memory foam sandals for women come from Skechers. The Promotes sandal features an upper with faux leather. This thong sandal offers the best in casual comfort with a strap lining in a soft fabric. The footbed is topped in smooth faux leather that comes in three different colors. The sandal has detailing that is woven and stitched. The footbed has memory foam throughout its entire length that offers you cushioned comfort. The footbed has an edging that is stitched with perforation accents. The midsole is lightweight, flexible and shock absorbing. The heel is built in and is about one and one-half inches. The outsole has flexible rubber traction. Skechers is a well-respected brand in footwear and is known for providing a high quality and affordable product for consumers for any type of lifestyle.


Wolky Liana Sandal

Wolky Liana Sandal


The Wolky Women’s Liana Sandal is perfect for those days when the weather is warm. It has a wedge sole that provides the best in comfort and functionality when you need it. The upper is constructed with rich patent leather. There are three straps that has velcro closures that offer you the best in adjustability. The footbed is designed to cradle and cushion your feet in comfort. It has a soft suede material, cork that is contoured, latex and a layer of memory foam that will mold to your feet, giving you an exceptional fit. The Liana sandal has a sole made from super light polyurethane that provides a non-slip grip and good shock absorbing properties. This sandal from Wolky is sure to pamper your feet with every step you take.



You can’t go wrong with any one of the choices above. Any of the above Best Walking Sandals for Travel sandals for women will give your feet the comfort that they deserve.

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