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Best Shoes for Overweight Nurses

Some people have jobs that keep them in a chair for 8 hours a day. Others can’t sit for a minute. Nurses belong to this last category, their job being extremely soliciting for the feet. When you are a nurse, chances are you are going to stand or walk for many hours a day, every day. When you are overweight, putting such pressure on your feel may increase the chances of developing plantar fasciitis or bunions. Generally speaking, overweight people have a tendency to overpronation and falling arches. When they have jobs that require them to stand to walk for a long time, the risk of developing these conditions increases even more. It is very important that these individuals choose their shoes properly; otherwise they may end up with severe backaches.


The best shoes for overweight nurses should have wide toe box. You can find such wide toe box shoes in many stability shoes. Moreover, generous cushioning is more than welcome, as well as a good arch support. The best shoes for overweight nurses shouldn’t have pointed heels, because their most important attributes should be stability and comfort, therefore they need to have a large contact area with the floor.


One of the footwear brands that make some of the best shoes for overweight nurses is New Balance. They have so many models of shoes that feature awesome arch support, good cushioning and slip-resistant properties, that the best way to see which ones you feel the most comfortable with is to visit a New Balance store or outlet and ask the shop assistants explain you the features and benefits of all particular models you may be interested in. If you can’t find a good pair of New Balance shoes, you can take a look at the shoes describes in this article, below.


Brooks Addiction Walker – Motion Control Shoe for Severe Overpronation and flat Feet

Brooks Addiction Walker


These shoes are made on linear platform which is perfect for overweight people. They are made from water resistant leather and they have slip-resistant soles. The Brooks Addiction Walker shoes are recommended for persons with severe overpronation or with flat arches.


Birkenstock Professional Profi Birki Work Shoe

Birkenstock Professional Profi Birki Work Shoe


These shoes feature a special sole with excellent anti-slipping properties. The heel measures approximately 1.5″, height which recommends them for persons who have to stand or walk a lot at their jobs. Nurses are very happy with this brand of shoes because of their great comfort and cushioning. The Birki’s Profi-Birki Clogs are shoes to fall in love with, thus being appreciated by nurses in all clinics and hospitals. These work clogs feature a removable footbed that follows the natural curves of the feet, especially designed to absorb shocks and keep you comfortable throughout your day. Their shock-absorbent properties recommend them for overweight people who have to walk a lot, because they offer protection to the feet and to the knees and ankles at the same time. The Alpro foam outsole can be repaired, thus allowing you to enjoy your comfortable shoes for a very long time. These shoes feature a raised toe bar which encourages toes to grip. You can wash them in your dishwasher; you can replace their outsole, so we can safely say these shoes are definitely worth paying a bit more money. On long term, they will prove to be a smart purchase, as few other shoes can last this long in a perfect shape.


Over weight nurses need to take care of their feet in order to avoid serious problems that may appear in time at the level of their heels, toes or knees, therefore they must pay attention to the work shoes they buy.

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