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Best Shoes for CrossFit Training

Crossfit training can refer to an intense full body workout where an athlete takes part in different exercises featuring rope climbing, jumps, and weight lifting to improve his or her skills. It can also mean a type of high-intensity interval training with varied workouts done at a rapid pace. No matter what sport or exercise you participate in, finding a pair of best shoes for cross fit training presents the same challenge. You need shoes that can deal with the amount of stress from not just one workout, but also from other activities.  The constant high-intensity movements can injure your feet and joints. Therefore, finding a right pair of shoes for your cross fit training may prevent foot and joint pain.

What to look for in a Crossfit Shoe?

A shoe with minimal cushioning flat sole provides stability by contacting entirely with the ground during CrossFit activities such as jumping, weight lifting, and cardio exercises. The shoe should be durable and breathable with good structure.

Mant companies such asNike, New Balance, Inov-8, and Reebok are manufacturing CrossFit training shoes for men and women.

If indoor CrossFit training with limited running but more rope climbing, Nano and XF-210 would be best options. Nanos offer stiff soles and are not suitable for long distance running. Therefore for frequent outdoor running and less rope climbing Inov-8 F-lite shoes are the best choice. For weight lifting, Nike Metcon offers the best support and cushioning.

Nike Metcon 1


Nike Metcon 1

Newly released and can be used for weight lifting, short running,  box jumping, sprints, and double under. It is one of the best CrossFit shoes.  They come with rigid soles but cushioned footbed.

suitable for short running but not suitable for long running.

heel to toe drop of 4 mm helps in weightlifting

breathable during workouts

good arch support for all day on feet

good for rope climbs

Durable shoe



Inov-8 light, 230 and 195

The Inov-8 F-lite 230 has designed for trail running. Comfortable, lightweight, stable and flat, they are widely used CrossFit training shoes for outdoor activities.

Inov-8 has three models which are Bare XP, 230s, and 195s.

Inov-8 light

  • Flat, stable and low profile shoe
  • Very lightweight
  • Good traction
  • 230 offers 6mm from heel to toe drop and will give you more heel height
  • 195 offers only 3 mm drop will give you less heel height
  • The performance last does not allow to move feet a lot

Inov-8 Bare-XF 210

Inov-8 Bare-XF 210This Inov-8 Bare- XF 210 is a rope climbing CrossFit shoe. Built on 0 drops, anatomical last and TPU support on the sides for rope climbing, they are very flat allowing full ground contact. They are minimalist CrossFit Training Shoes. They do not offer midsole cushioning.


Reebok CrossFit Nano

Reebok CrossFit NanoFlat sole with wide toe box with Zero drop similar to Inov-8 XF, but it is firmer and thicker. The U -Form feature helps to mold the footbed by applying heat with the hair dryer and will provide an option to wear for rope climbing. The shoe provides good cushioning on the ball of the foot area. These cross fit shoes are best for weight lifting even Olympic style. The material is a smooth mesh of Nano 5. Therefore, they are not suitable for rope climbing.

A few points to consider makes the search for good CrossFit trainers easier.

In With the New

How often should you look for a new pair of good cross training shoes for women? It depends on some factors. You have to consider the type and frequency of the workouts you have already applied yourself to or plan to do. If, for example, you focus more on cardio exercises such as running or spinning, you need to find appropriate shoes for each.

Running shoes are different from CrossFit trainers. They have a design built for certain types of surfaces while staying true to its stated features. If you plan to use CrossFit training shoes for both running and dancing workouts daily, then expect it to wear out soon enough. If you do not work out that frequently, in one hand, cross training shoes is an excellent choice. You will not find yourself buying a new pair, at least, every six months.

If you are determined to own just one pair of all-purpose shoes, however, there is another way. You can choose cross trainers that can withstand the impact of different sports or exercises on a daily basis. Models like the New Balance 711 Women Everyday Cross Training Shoe can help you save on expenses for footwear.

Lightweight Material

Cross trainers have grown quite familiar. A trendier style is minimalist shoes that simulate a barefoot experience. These shoes are lightweight, which is why you can quickly switch to the next set of exercises during interval training.

Interval training allows you very little time to rest. Some programs allow you a maximum of a minute and a minimum of a few seconds to catch your breath. Quickly shifting into another form of exercise can become exhausting. Good cross training shoes for women do not have to drag you down any more than necessary.

Cushioning Features

Walking alone delivers a set number of impacts on the foot. Imagine if you are on your feet all day and have to work out in the gym or train daily. That is why you need cushioning and enough support in your cross training shoes.

Cushioning is a feature that helps prevent any injury you do not need. A shoe midsole made of EVA will provide reliable protection from impact. This material is lightweight but still provides excellent cushioning for various fitness activities.

All Day Comfort

It is quite common for many people to use cross trainers for work or just for going to the mall. The comfort that cross-training shoes provide all day is to blame. Not only are cross training shoes stylish, but also flexible in function and fashion.

Using cross trainers, however, for both small tasks and challenging athletic activities is a sure way of wearing it out. If you need to find good cross training shoes for women, you have to realize that this type of footwear is mostly for training. You also need to look for good cushioning, lightweight material, and all day comfort if you plan to own a reliable pair of cross training shoes.


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