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Lightweight Composite Toe Safety Shoes

Do you work in electrical hazard environment in addition to the heavy lifting objects where heavy stuff can fall on your feet? Do your job requires you to wear lightweight composite toe safety shoes to protect your feet?  There are many varieties of shoes, engineered with special features to suit the environment of many sorts of work environment, to provide features which allow work to be completed more safely and efficiently. Of particular interest is the class of composite toe safety shoes. Definitely an excellent investment for anyone with a job with long hours standing or walking in electrical hazard area, airport security terminals and heat and cold weather.

What are Composite Toe Safety Shoes?

Composite toe safety shoes are made of non metal composite material instead of steel. The offer the same function as steel toe, but steel toe shoes are heavier than the composite toe shoes.

Composite toe safety shoes are expensive than steel toe shoes. They are lightweight, flexible and comfortable. They help you to protect your feet in different kind of environments such as slippery floors.


Common features of work shoes include measures to prevent slippage by providing excellent traction even on the slipperiest of surfaces, excellent support which cushions and cradles the anatomy of the foot in a careful manner to keep you on your feet for extended periods without too much fatigue, and doing all this while maintaining a stylish appeal suitable for a professional environment.

Let’s take a look at a specific pair of shoes from this category in our rundown of the Skechers for Work D’Lite Shoes for Women.



Skechers is a leading brand in footwear of all sorts. Just as in their athletically-geared offerings, their work shoes display a commitment to excellence in manufacturing an engineering which has built and maintained their reputation as a world leader. With the D’Lites, we find an extremely lightweight pair of shoes which still manages to pack in all the features necessary and expected from a reliable work shoe.


Despite being so light you could forget you’re wearing it, the D’Lites provide a huge amount of traction, perfect for gripping slick floors often encountered in various environments. The Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) compliant slip-resistant rubber outsole is excellent at keeping balance and traction even in slippery conditions. Additional protection is afforded along the whole length of the shoe. At the toe box, we find Skechers Aluminum Alloy Safety Toe design which prevents stubbing the toe and provides a bit of much-needed armor to this area of the foot.

Skechers for Work D'Lite Shoes for Women


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The midsole is designed with D’Lites signature lightweight, high shock absorbing blend of materials which act to reduce shock transmitted to the leg, returning the energy instead into the natural gait of the foot. Equipped with a removable cushion comfort insole which provided quite a plush ride, but can easily be changed out if it gets too worn or you’re looking for a bit of customization.


On the outside of the shoe we find beautiful leather upper. The shoe features extremely durable toe and heel bumpers, a bit of extra padding to keep you from stubbing your toes or banging your shins around while focused on other tasks.


Work shoes are an essential part of modern industry. They are so vital that in many places their use is regulated by law and employees are required to wear them at all times. Getting the right pair of lightweight composite toe safety shoes can spell the difference between a productive day of work and a disastrous injury. Be sure to find the right pair!

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