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Long Narrow Women Shoes That Are Comfortable and Elegant

Finding shoes that fit long narrow feet perfectly is not easy, and they’re certainly not available in most main stream shoe stores. Those with narrow, long feet generally have to settle for a larger size than they need, and this, of course, leads to a lot of discomfort, and they are unable to wear slip-ons. However, there is an excellent source of long narrow women shoes that fit perfectly, are comfortable and high quality.

 Avaron Kiley From New Balance Review

Avaron Kiley produces elegant, sleek ladies’ shoes that are especially designed for women with long, narrow feet. They incorporate a dual-density polyurethane wedge heel in order to absorb shock, and, along with the N-ERGY pods, increase the overall comfort and stability experience in wearing this shoe.

Aravon Women's Kiley


The leather used in making Avaron Kiley shoes is not only high quality and durable, but also looks good with its elegant sheen and embroidered design. In addition, the leather feels as good as it looks, adding to the comfort of a size and shape that fits the long narrow foot perfectly. They are orthotic-friendly with full arch support, and the fact that they are perfectly true to size makes it easy to select the perfect fit.


These shoes are particularly good for those who spend a lot of time on their feet. The combination of the design and the soft but supportive leather make for extreme comfort even when they have been worn for a full work day followed by an event in the evening. With their versatile appearance they can easily be worn for business and leisure as well as social events.


For those with a high instep, finding dressy shoes that look attractive for work can be very difficult. However, Avaron Kiley’s shoes are a perfect fit, and with the embroidered pattern and the slight heel, they are dressier than normal slip-ons, but still comfortable for both standing in and walking.


In addition to long narrow women shoes, Avaron Kiley also caters for wide feet. A problem that many women who have wide feet encounter is needing to buy extra wide shoes that fit their toes, but are too wide for the heel, which results in the heel slipping out as they walk. When ordering your shoes from Avaron Kiley, you simply select your size and width for the perfect fitting shoe.


To add to the comfort to the shoe, the insoles are cushioned and designed for extreme comfort as well as excellent support. In addition to this, the perfect fit without any slipping is facilitated by the gussets on each side of the shoe. This means that even though these are slip-ons, they remain in place, with a perfect fit, even on narrow or wide feet.

Aravon Women’s Kiley Shoes Red

Aravon Women's Kiley red


It is no longer necessary to sacrifice comfort for appearance, or vice versa. With Avaron Kiley’s long narrow women shoes you can have both beauty and comfort in a perfect fit for long, narrow feet. Whether you are walking a lot or standing for long periods of time, these shoes will remain comfortable and looking great.

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