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Best Brand of Shoes for kids

Every child must have shoes, as they help to protect their young, soft feet from the dangers that lay all around them. It goes without saying that shoes help to protect feet against sharp objects on the ground, stepping on insects or crawling animals, heat from the street etc. While everyone should wear shoes, it is even more important for children to wear them. The main reason for this is because their young feet are softer and more prone to damage. Plus, no parent wants to put their child in danger for no reason! So, since we know that shoes are necessary, the next factor is the fit and comfort of the shoe. Adults often wear uncomfortable footwear but it is essential that children wear the most comfortable ones. In this article we will be reviewing four of the best brand of shoes for kids.


New Balance KV624 Uniform Sneaker

New Balance KV624 Uniform Sneaker


The most comfortable shoes for kids are sneakers by New Balance. This is the runaway winner in comparison to all other kid’s shoes and they are well recommended for both girls and boys. These sneakers scored excellent points in performance testing, shoe flexing and cushion measurement. Many podiatrists especially love the heel and toe support in most of these sneakers. These sneakers are extremely durable and easy to clean while also being attractive to children. They are also very affordable.


Sukihoshi CHILD01 Euro Sneaker 

Tsukihoshi CHILD01 Euro Sneaker


Another excellent brand that offers comfortable shoes for kids is Tsukihoshi. This is a long standing company that started in 1873 and is the largest manufacturer and distributor of kids shoes in Japan. This company is completely dedicated to creating footwear that are extremely comfortable, healthy and offer top of the line protection for children’s feet. They have been collaborating with top rate orthopedic specialists since 1985 to create the best possible footwear for children. These shoes and sneakers are antibacterial, machine washable, extremely lightweight and help to support good foot development which is exactly what kids need. They come in a variety of designs and styles and you will surely find one that your kid will simply love!


Another excellent baby shoe that is quite popular is from the brand, Mothercare. It is true that there is nothing better than a mother’s love and care, and this is what this brand tries to achieve. Mothercare shoes are super comfortable canvas type shoes that offer easy fastening and opening. These are great for kids that are too young to tie their laces or those who have a hard time doing so. There are many shoes with Velcro strips that make it a breeze for children to put on and take off. The material is very soft and come in a variety of prints and patterns for even the most discerning kid.

Stride Rite Kids Shoes

Stride Rite Baby Petra Sandal


Stride Rite is another Brand that is very popular to be worn by for first walkers and toddlers. They are durable, flexible, cushioned and supportive and are one of the most comfortable shoes for toddlers and infants.


There we have it, the top four best brand of shoes for kids.  All of these brands are highly recommended and you will surely be well pleased with their fit, comfort, aesthetics and of course, price.

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