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Narrow Shoes for Girls

Every pair of feet is different. Sometimes, especially for kids, getting the perfect fit can be a difficult challenge. Many find themselves trying to accommodate a foot which is too narrow to fit within a regular sized shoe, leaving large gaps which make it easy for the shoe to slip off. For kids (especially those who may not yet know how to properly fasten their shoes) this can be a large issue – leading to exposed feet, lost shoes, and general inconvenience. Fortunately, there are plenty of footwear solutions for those with narrow feet. In this article, we’ll examine a few great options in the world of narrow shoes for girls.


The difference between narrow and regular shoes is not more than a few inches in dimensions, typically. However, the difference these few carefully trimmed inches make in the overall fit of the shoe can be quite remarkable. A better fit allows the shoe to perform all of its functions at optimal capacity, providing your children’s feet with all the support, cushioning and protection expected from a quality pair of shoes – especially important for any rambunctious little ones!


1. Jumping Jacks Kids Abby

Jumping Jacks Kids Abby This is a stylish little pair of shoes which will keep your little girls feet well protected as well as imbuing them with an air of elegance, class and style. Available in a wide selection of different colors and variations, the Kids Abby is a highly modern looking dress shoe, scaled down for a child to wear and beefed up to be a suitable candidate for everyday wear. Perfect for the school uniform, or as part of a dress outfit for a formal occasion.


The Kids Abby features a superbly cushioned footbed. Combined with the extra padding at the collar, this makes the Abby’s a remarkably well-cushioned pair, designed for a super comfortable wearing experience. Despite all the cushioning, the Abby’s are quite light at just 6 ounces. These shoes also feature a genuine leather lining, which is highly breathable for excellent ventilation. The footbed features antibacterial leather lining as well, to combat odor and keep the shoes fresh even after long wear. As functional as they are comfortable, the Abby’s also feature a flexible outsole. This allows the shoe to conform more natural to the anatomy of foot and the biomechanics of the gait while walking.


2. Keds Kids School Days II

Keds Kids School Days II The Keds Kids School Days II are a pair which, as the name implies, are absolutely perfect for part of the regular school wear. Simple enough to match a school uniform, but stylish enough to be a desirable shoe, the School Days II manage to strike the perfect balance between style, modesty and functionality.


The versatile design makes the School Days II work fantastically with just about any outfit: jeans, uniforms, or even casual dresses. A simple and minimalist design, the School Days II are likely to be an appealing pair for everyday use for lots of girls. In school or out, the design is enduring and highly functional.


3. Nina Kids Bonnett

Nina Kids Bonnett The Bonnett shoe is a classic look which never goes out of style. For kids and adults alike, the simple appeal of the bonnett is easy to understand. With this pair, Nina has made an excellent selection for girls dress shoes – for anyone looking for something elegant in its simplicity and true to formal dress codes, the Kids Bonnett is almost a no brainer.


Made from either patent leather or synthetic alternatives, the upper part of the shoe is beautifully shined to give a glossy finish. Designed with a buckle closure, they are easy to fasten and keep a quality grip on the foot. The textured rubber outsole provides excellent traction and support, in addition to acting as a shock absorber. Inside the shoe we find a smooth lining composed of synthetic materials, and a footbed richly cushioned with a similar synthetic material.


4. Capezio Kids Jr. Tyette N625C

 Capezio Kids Jr. Tyette N625C Looking for the perfect pair of tap shoes for a little girl with narrow feet? Capezio to the rescue! The Jr. Tyette N625C responds fluidly and beautifully with the classic sounds of tap dancing. With PVC or other synthetic upper, the Tyette’s provide a glossy sheen which is very eye-catching and works well to compliment the overall elegance of the shoe as it catches the light.


For those especially narrow feet, the Tyette’s feature a light toe box for that perfect fit. The Tyette’s feature a brushed micropoly lining to keep feet as comfortable as possible. An Achilles notch and foam-padded sheep skin collar act to further enhance the comfort and wear ability of the shoe.

5. Birkenstock Kids Aruba

Birkenstock Kids Aruba These Aruba sandals are a fun piece of footwear. Great for casual wear, the beach, or anywhere you might need to slip your shoes on and off rapidly, the sandal provides a fantastic alternative to traditional laced or buckled shoes.


The Aruba’s are completely waterproof, composed of a synthetic polyurethane footbed which is impervious to water and sticks to practically nothing. Even if they get drenched in filth, the Aruba’s are a hosing down away from being as good as new. The same materials which give the Aruba’s their incredible ability to stay clean also provides excellent shock absorption, traction and a firm base of support. Perfect for an adventure, the Aruba’s keep the foot cool by virtue of their open air and protected by their excellent materials all while being virtually indestructible.



Hopefully this brief rundown of some of the options available when browsing narrow shoes for girls is of some assistance in sorting out the process of finding the perfect pair. Ensuring your children have the right pair of footwear is an important manner which should be handled with care and due diligence. An ill-fitting pair of shoes can cause lots of frustration, stress, discomfort and even potential injury. For those with narrow feet, these issues can be further compounded since normal footwear may not be able to accommodate the specific challenges brought on by their anatomy, making it even more essential due diligence is taken to select the right pair.

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