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New Balance Nursing Shoes

New Balance nursing shoes are one of the best sneakers designed for those who are on feet all day.  New Balance work shoes are popular among workers in the food industry, retail and hospitals. They offer slip-resistant outsoles. You can pick work shoes according to your work need.

They have New Balance 626 work sneakers for people who stand all day because they are cross training shoes. They are designed to provide you lateral stability while you stand. On the other hand, they offer New Balance work shoes for walking all day. New Balance also, offers 627 cross trainers for safety in hazardous conditions. All of these New Balance work shoes are slip resistant.

1. New Balance 626 Shoes for Men and Women Nurses

New Balance 626 Women

Amazon-ButtonThese are also designed for work standing all day and provide excellent cushioning and arch support.  They have nonslip resistant outsole, which prevents slippage on wet surfaces.  Therefore,  can be used in hospitals where chances of injuries are common due to the spilling of body fluids.  They have cushioned footbed with EVA foam, which makes them firm and flexible.  They are available in the wide width as well.  They lined with Phantom Liner, which makes them comfortable and diabetic friendly.

2. New Balance 526 Shoes for Men and Women Nurses

New Balance 526 Slip Resistant Work shoe These are for people who walk all day at work.  They offer slip resistant and oil resistant outsole, which make them perfect for hospital environment where spillage happens more frequently.  The slip resistant outsole is ASTM tested for oil, wet and dry floors. They are durable, comfortable, supportive and well cushioned with EVA sole.  The footbed is removable for orthotic insertion if somebody needs them due to foot problems.  The toes box is not very roomy according to reviewers. .


New Balance 626 is one of the best shoes for standing all day because it is a cross trainer and will provide lateral stability as well as forward motion. Due to its EVA cushioning footbed and from support, it may be used for flat feet.


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