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Nike Neutral Running Shoes for Men

Nike is a leading brand in sports equipment and especially footwear. One of the world’s foremost brands, the logo and Nike name are immediately recognizable the whole world over. With origins stretching back to 1964, the Nike name has grown and improved over the years, transforming a small company into a massive international force employing thousands of people and producing a vast catalog of products. There is no doubt the size of Nike’s catalog is quite impressive. Today, we will take a look at a subsection of their offerings as we explore Nike neutral running shoes for men.


“Neutral” running shoes are those designed for feet with no over or underpronation. The pronation of the foot is an anatomical consideration based on the foot’s natural gait. Depending on what area of the foot each step lands on, and which area of the foot is used to actually generate the force of each step in contact with the group, specific cushioning and design considerations are taken. This attention to detail allows the modern running shoe to be the perfect implement for feet of all types, enhancing the natural performance of runner’s abilities while simultaneously protecting the foot from damage and fatigue.


1. Nike Free 5.0 ’14

Nike Free 5.0 '14


The Nike Free’s are a line of shoes designed to allow for a natural, “free” movement of the foot. Providing far more flexibility and promoting the use of muscles more than other pairs of shoes which rely on huge amounts of cushioning and shock absorbers, the Nike Free’s offer a running experience quite unique among the typical offerings available for running shoes.

Equipped with highly flexible and highly breathable materials, the combination of synthetic materials and mesh which makes up the shoe is reinforced with special features such as hexagonal flex grooves located on the outsole which provide additional flexibility, thereby encouraging the natural motion of the foot. The molded foam insole is sure to make the Free’s a comfortable pair with a snug fit.


2. Nike Air Max Run Lite 5

Nike Air Max Run Lite 5


From Nike’s Air line we find the Max Run Lite 5’s – a pair of shoes quite suitable for running, but also a popular pair for general fitness activities. A great pair of gym shoes, whether you’re lifting or getting some miles in on the treadmill. The Max Run Lite 5’s are composed of an extremely well ventilated combination of synthetic and mesh materials. Nike’s Air-Sole technology is combined with a Phylon midsole to provide excellent support and stability. These two technologies, Air-Sole and Phylon, act together to reduce shock, provide cushioning and act to transfer energy into the motion of your stride, instead of absorbing it as shock. This effect makes for a comfortable run with a bit of spring in your step.

The rubber outsole is reinforced with a BRS 1000 crash pad and “ramp Air” heel system to provide a comfortable, smooth ride even when the intensity is running high. The cleverly designed “Deep Flex Groove” system helps the shoe to remain highly flexible and supportive of the natural gait.


3. Nike Revolution 2

Nike Revolution 2


The Revolution 2’s are a pair of running shoes as stylish as they are functional. Designed from the ground up with the runner in mind, the Revolution 2’s act to provide support and stability, excellent ventilation, and an uncompromising durability sure to carry you to the finish of whatever challenge they are put up to. Composed of a breathable synthetic mesh upper, the Revolution 2 features strategically placed leather reinforcement strips which act to bind the shoe together into an altogether more stable and durable package.

Equipped with an articulated, full-length Phlyon midsole, the Revolution 2’s provide a comfortable, snug fit which acts to cushion the natural anatomy of the foot, providing support and protection throughout the whole gait cycle. The flex grooves in forefront area provide flexibility and support to help the foot move naturally, transforming the foot and a good pair of Revolution’s into a single device.


4. Nike Flex Experience Run 2

Nike Flex Experience Run 2


Another great selection for general purpose wear, the Experience Run 2’s are a pair suitable for running or gym work. Combining the mid and outsole into a single element, the Run 2’s incorporate Phylite to get the job done – lighter than rubber, but heavier than Nike’s Phylon material popular in some of the soles reviews above – Phylite provides a fantastically flexible, durable and shock resistant base of support.

The act of combining the mid and outsoles into a single, solid piece which spans the length of the shoe makes the Run 2’s an altogether tougher beast. This innovation also dramatically reduces the weight of the shoe, making the Run 2’s a pair which can seamlessly blend into the foot – a featherweight you might not even realize was there after some extended wear.


5. Nike Air Max Tailwind 6

Nike Air Max Tailwind 6


Designed to provide all of the support needed for a serious run and a neutral pronation, the Tailwind’s are a fantastic selection for anyone looking for a go-to, all around running shoe. With a ultra comfortable molded foam insole, backed up by the sturdy “Rubber Waffle” outsole which acts to provide reliable grip and excellent traction, the Tailwind’s both protect the foot and add a bounce to your step.

Nike’s Air-Sole technology makes an appearance in both the forefoot and the rearfoot on the outsole, providing excellent cushioning and shock absorption while simultaneously acting to transfer energy back into the natural motion of the gait cycle.


Nike is a vast brand, utilized by professional, hobbyists, amateurs and even non-runners the world over. Their products have become a defining element of popular culture, emblazoned in the public consciousness and renown for their quality products and continued innovation. In this article, we have only scratched the surface of the many offerings available from Nike’s huge catalog of running shoes. Selecting the proper pair of running shoes can be the difference between an enriching hobby and a punishing injury. Take some time to browse the catalog of Nike neutral running shoes for men to ensure you have selected the optimal pair to protect and serve your feet through all the long miles to come.

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