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Non Slip kitchen shoes for women

Are you a women and do you work in a restaurant or just need a pair of shoes to work in kitchen at your home? In this article you will find the most commonly used Non Slip kitchen shoes for women for working environment.

Hospitals require non slip working shoes as a dress code in order to prevent injuries due to spillage of body fluids.  The same is true if you work in a resturant as a chef or waiter or waitress where spillage of water and oil happen frequently.  We have done reaserch and compiled a list of kitchen shoes for women.


kitchen shoes for women


In this list some brands are APMA approved such as Dansko and Crocs and many are OSHA compliant such as Skecher Shoes.


1. Dansko Shoes

These are the most popular brand used whose job require them to stand all day at work.  Many of Dansko styles offer slip resistant outsoles such as Dansko Professional Stapled clogs, Dansko XP pro, Dansko Wayne Dansko Elise and many more.  You can choose one that fits you well.

Dansko Pro XP

Dansko Pro XP

I personally like to wear Dansko Xp pro because they are lightweight and offer memory foam footbed in addition to the rubber outsole, which is certified for slip resistant. They are available for men too in various styles and colors. They also offer removable footbed in case if you have foot problem and you need to insert orthotics.  Available in various styles and colors, they also are available for wide feet.

According to Amazon reviews many people feel Dansko are harder and heavy.  If that is the case with you, then try the other brands here in this list.


2. Timberland Pro Revova

Timberland Renova


This is the 2nd most commonly used shoe among nurses and chefs.  It is lighter in weight, softer upper leather than Dansko.  It has anti fatigue technology that offers comfort for standing all day.  Safe Grip slip resistant outsole makes you confidently moving around without slipping. Thermal plastic outsole is made of urethane is oil resistant which makes it a perfect shoe for use in kitchens.
These shoes offer comfort 30 days guarantee.


3. Crocs Bistro



Crocs Bistro Clogs are one of the most affordable brands in this list.  They are approved by APMA and outsole offers crocs lock tread for slip resistant.  They are designed specially for nurses in mind.  Being made of synthetic material, they can be sterilized and washed with soap.


4. Alpro 500 G by Birkenstock


Do you want non-slip women clog for standing on your feet all day? If yes, then try Alpro G500 by Birkenstock.  They have cork footbed, upper leather and super grip outsole. The super grip is made of EVA rubber outsole, which provides great traction on wet floors.  Toe box is wide and is perfect for wide feet and bunions.  They also provide great arch support.



If you are looking for Non Slip kitchen shoes for women for standing all day, then you should definitely try Dansko Xp Pro because they offer water and oil resistant outsole.  They provide prominent arch support and memory foam cushioned footbed. However many women feel Dansko shoes too hard  and heavy as compared to the other brands.  Then Timberland Renova can be an alternative shoes to use.  If you are looking for budget friendly shoes, then try Crocs Mercy work.  They are most inexpensive in this list.  Also every body’s feet are different.  Try the one which fits you the best.

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