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Nurse Mates Dove Nursing Shoes Review

Being on feet all day as a nurse is difficult. It places a lot of stress on one’s feet and that is never a good thing. Instead of going with the “tried and tested” options that have minimal value, it is better to go with something that is of the highest quality. Let’s take a look at the Nurse Mates Dove Nursing Shoes and see what they are all about. This review will take a look at the pros and cons of the shoes for nurses.

Nurse Mates Dove



This is the number one factor to ponder over when looking at nursing shoes. Since, nurses are always on their feet, it is important to find something that is wonderful when one is constantly standing and walking around. The last thing one wants is for there to be minimal “give” in the shoe as there is no protection from the constant motion of walking.

Nurses see a lot of stress and pressure on a regular basis, but with these shoes, the pressure will not be on their feet. This is one of the major pluses of them as they are wonderfully designed and padded from the inside.

The design has been put together to make sure the sole is of the finest material and will not pose a lot of problems on one’s feet. The rubber sole is comfortable and is uniquely shaped to fit the curves of one’s feet. This is critical as nurses do not get a lot of rest in between their shifts and this ensures they do not walk away with immense pain.


Slip resistant

Worried about the type of grip on the bottom of these shoes? There are many nursing shoes out there that are not slip resistant. This added grip makes these nursing shoes an excellent purchase.

Nurses are always on the move and being able to be worried free as they walk around is of utmost importance. Since, nurses are often handling some of the most important medications and patients on a regular basis, it is critical to have shoes that will be able to support the demand of such pressures.

They have been made with specifically chosen materials that are able to handle slippery floors as the nurse moves around.

How are these shoes able to avoid slipping around? The answer comes in the form of the rubber outsole that has been neatly designed to ensure one does not fall around as they walk. They have been tested and prove to be incredible regardless of the surface.


Easy to Slip On

This is a factor that is of utmost importance as a nurse. They want to be able to easily change in and out of the shoes as required at the medical facility. They can often be asked to remove their shoes and do not have the time to put on shoelaces and other related fasteners that might take time.

This “slip on” nature of the Nurse Mates Dove is an added bonus that cannot be overlooked.



The beauty of the shoe is unique and it will certainly garner attention. While, the focus of these is solely on the comfort and usability, its aesthetics have not taken a hit.

They look great and that is wonderful for those nurses who do not want to compromise on their look at the medical facility. Everyone wants to look sleek, professional, and ready to go as they start working. They get the job done when it comes to looking beautiful under all conditions.



Thinking about the cons when it comes to this pair of shoes? There is one disadvantage, but it is a minor one. One’s size might be a little “tight” on the feet and this can be an issue down the road. It is better to take a larger size in order to reap the benefits of this incredible pair.

The Nurse Mates – Ladies Dove Loafer Shoe are definitely worth purchasing for nurses who are looking to get something that will be useful both in the short and long-term. This is as good as it gets.

I hope you found this Nurse Mates Dove Nursing Shoes Review helpful.

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