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Oil Slip Resistant Work Shoes

There are ever present risks in almost every area of our lives and especially in the work environment. As a person working in areas that pose potential risks like slipping and sliding or if you handle heavy things and machinery, it is important that you consider finding gear that will suite your specific environment to ensure that you stay safe no matter what happens. As such, oil slip resistant work shoes become essential to avoid such risks as these.


Today, more than ever, more and more workplace gear makers have dedicated their time to research on and invest in creating reliable workplace safety equipment. With plenty of oil slip resistant work shoes in the market to choose from, finding the perfect shoe for the job may be the only thing that limits you from getting a shoe that will suite not only your need for safety, but also one that will complement your style.  To ease your search, here is a list of reliable slip resistant, steel-toe and safety shoes that top manufacturers have to offer for your consideration.


Kingston McKnight Unisex 1500 Slip Resistant Restaurant Chefs Clogs – APMA Accepted

Kingston McKnight Mens 1500 Slip Resistant Resturant Chefs Clogs


Accepted by APMA, these are one of the most comfortable clogs for standing all day for chefs and other restaurant workers. They are slip resistant to wet and oily surfaces. They are easy to slip in and out and are made of soft and waterproof upper leather. They have a cushioned insole which is removable.


Keen Utility PTC Dress Oxford Work Shoe for Men

Keen Utility PTC Dress Oxford


Another great pair of oil slip resistant work shoes is the Keen Utility Oxford Work Shoe. This pair of workplace shoes offers prolonged comfort for any busy person. These utility shoes are made of a breathable, stain/water resistant leather upper with six lace eyes which ensure a snugger fit once you have laced up. It is easy to clean and the memory foam innersoles provide the perfect cradle for the foot- making a great shoe for people who stand or walk about for extended periods of times.


Keen Utility PTC Oxford shoes slip resistant outer sole is non-marking and provides a secure foundation that helps you stay safe in the workplace. Not only is this shoe convenient and reliable, but it also is stylish; making it a great work shoe that can also double as a casual shoe when out and about.

Reebok Dayod RB1735 Safety Shoe for Men

Reebok Dayod RB1735 Safety Shoe


For any hard working man with style, the Reebok Dayod Safety shoe is one of the best workplace sneaker-style shoe to go for. The Dayod RB 1735 by Reebok combines a resilient, yet stylish look that features a slip resistant sole and a composite toe. This way, you can rest-assured that you are safe in the workplace.


The slip resistant outer sole ensures that no matter what, slipping or sliding should not worry you that much. The composite toe design also offers you assurance that your toes are safe from getting crashed when things go wrong.


Reebok Dayod safety shoes are lightweight making them comfortable to wear, and thus are a good option to go for if you are on your feet for long periods of time. The stylish sneaker style design also make it a great shoe to wear both inside and outside the workplace. The Dayod RB1735 is 100% non-metallic and is considerably affordable.


Nautilus 1600 Steel Toe Slip-on for Men

Nautilus 1600 Steel Toe


The Nautilus 1600 Steel Toe Slip-on is nothing like the average oil slip resistant work shoes. If you are looking for style and safety, this is the shoe to go for. The 1600 steel toe is designed for the modern man. Unlike the conventional steel toe shoes, which are usually laced, the Nautilus 1600 work shoes are designed as slip-ons; making it easier to wear and take them off. The upper of these shoes is made from water-resistant, full grain leather and feature Cambrelle lining, removable insoles, EVA midsoles and a fiberglass shank to provide more stability.


The Nautilus 1600 steel toe slip-on also features a slip and oil resistant outer sole that is non-marking and durable. It is also features a wide steel toe cap that can withstand high levels of pressure and compression to provide the toe with maximum room for improved comfort.


As the Nautilus 1600 steel toe beautiful  blends style with safety. With these oil slip resistant work shoes, you now have an option that will offer you both comfort and safety without the need of having to wear big clunky work boots.

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