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Propet Washable Shoes for Women

Propet Washable Shoes for WomenPropet Washable Shoes for Women are extremely popular among today’s consumers with problem feet. They are one of the most comfortable shoes. These shoes can be washed as soon as they get discolored or dirty. The choice one makes in purchasing various kinds of shoes will mostly depend on his or her lifestyle. Washable shoes are popular because it has numerous benefits. The footwear is usually made with a strong fabric so that it could handle the actions of a washing machine. There are some models of these shoes which can be washed by using a washing machine while the others should be washed only by hand.


Washable shoes are made using Vinyl, Velcro and leather. Each of this material will have its own advantage over the other. Some of these shoes allow for machine drying as well. But they should be dried by using air drying techniques in order to prevent heat damage to the footwear. Suede and canvas washable shoes are less common but they have a distinct advantage over other materials which is the ability of super drying. The women who prefer washable shoes come from different age types, and they prefer different styles of such shoes.


Why Women Should Choose Propet Washable Shoes?

Propet Washable Shoes for Women have been on the market since 1985. Driven to offer quality footwear and serve those with hard to fit sizes and those who are in need of specialty widths and sizes, Propet is known far and wide for its variety and therapeutic foot care. Collaborating with podiatric advisors, they have created a patent pending footwear collection that has revolutionized the technology of footwear. Working to enhance the natural gait, these shoes will help to reduce foot pain as well as lower leg and lower body pain associated with over pronation and other improper walking issues due to foot issues. Their shoes are popular among seniors, travelers and among people with wide feet. This article will offer some comprehensive Propet washable shoes for women reviews for those who are suffering from serious foot issues.


Propet Lace up Shoes Diabetic Shoes

Propet Washable Walker Sneaker

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This is a great shoes for diabetic women who are looking for lace up washable shoes for snug fitting. These Propet shoes are very popular among today’s customers for easy to clean and machine washable shoes. Toss them in the washing machine in gentle cycle and dry them in drier at air dry. These shoes will provide extraordinary comfort for everyday usage. They are durable.


  • Machine washable
  • Removable footbed for orthotics
  • Roomy for bunions
  • Diabetic shoes
  • Sizes in various widths available

They consist of genuine leather uppers which are stain resistant. The shoes are comfortable and would slip-on quite easily. The shoes are designed according to an athletic inspired design for more flexibility while walking. The footbed is padded and removable for orthotic inserts; hence it would offer excellent shock absorber properties to all users. The flexible sole will guarantee easy walking. The shoe is machine washable. The heel height is only 1.5 inches while the weight of the pair is 11 oz. The platform height is only one inch for that matter. The sizes begin from 6.5 up to 13. This is one of the most popular women’s shoe which is machine washable on the market currently.


2 .Propet Travel Walker II


This washable shoe is designed for people who travel a lot. Comfortable to walk in and ideal for anyone who is going to be on their feet a lot. Available in 4 basic colors of black, white, red and navy blue, there is a perfect color for any wardrobe. Reasonably priced and most people can afford every color to enhance their wardrobe. Adjustable for your every comfort, this Propet Washable shoes for women is an ideal travel companion for anyone. Offering a fully cushioned perforated footbead, and a great shock absorption, you’ll have both comfort and great circulation in this shoe. The insole can be removed to accommodate orthotics as well.


 4. Propet Travel Walker Mary Jane


This machine washable shoe offers the best of both worlds. Mary Jane style with all the comforts of a high priced shoe. Available in 5 basic colors of black, white, red, navy blue and taupe there is something for every wardrobe and since they are so reasonably priced you can afford more than one pair of you so desire. If you’re going to travel the world, travel it in style with these great shoes. Easy to pack along for trips, easy to keep clean and easy on the budget you simply can’t go wrong. Great adjustable fit with hook and loop closure and you’ll have plenty of padding around the collar to offer you full support and cushioning. You’ll find these shoes so comfortable that you’ll want a pair in every color to match your wardrobe.


5. Propet Wash & Wear


These slip on machine washable shoes are available in black, white and white/navy. Priced midrange they offer a unique removable footbed so that you can enjoy true comfort or wear your orthotics as required. No need to look everywhere for comfort when you have this shoe. Easy flexible soles for walking make this an ideal go to shoe.


Now that you know some of the basic styles offered you can make an educated decision on what shoes you’re going to go out and buy. Let’s face it, not all shoes are made alike. That’s why these Propet Washable Shoes for Women are an ideal choice for anyone who is suffering from diabetes, over pronation or an array of other foot ailments that can make buying shoes a challenge. No two feet are alike and these shoes can offer a glimmer of hope for anyone who has struggled to find the right shoe.


The aforementioned are some of most comprehensive washable shoes for women reviews. These reviews will help you to make an informed decision when you decide to purchase these shoes from a shoe retailer. It will also help to save your valuable time in the process.


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