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Skechers Go Walk Flip Flops

The 20th century saw the introduction of the female flip-flop as an important fashion accessory with sales exceeding $30 billion by the 1980’s.  Nowadays they are available in a greater variety of styles than in the previous century making them even more, popular than before.  Furthermore, they are presented in different materials, styles and even heights assisting in the accentuation of different body parts and improving one’s foot health.  This article will provide some information into the development of Skechers Go Walk flip flops and the role they play in the female footwear industry.

Skechers Performance Go Walk Move Solstice Sandal

If you are looking for a pair of comfortable flip flops sandals for hot summer weather, walking on the beach or just walking around the house, Skechers Gowalk Solstice flip flops will provide you support and a right amount of cushioning. They are affordable. They feature a synthetic textile upper. They offer Goga mat footbed which makes them very lightweight and cushy. You can wear them every day all day.

Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk Move Solstice Sandal


1. The positive and negative

Studies have indicated that flat, non-supportive flip flops developed using low quality, cheap materials can be both aesthetically displeasing and detrimental to one’s foot health.  These adverse effects to physical health have been noted in poor back development, foot cramps and pain along the calf and thigh.  It is thus imperative that all shoes offer proper support to one’s foot, particularly the arch, as flat shoes can also contribute to poor joint health.

Skechers Go Walk flip flops demonstrate high levels of arch support due to the Goga mat footbed, as well as providing high levels of shock absorption and cushioning.  Unlike cheaper flip flops that are created from low-quality ethylene-vinyl acetate (‘foam rubber’), the Skechers flip flops are developed using a shaped mold carved from raw materials promoting healthy joint and foot health.

2. The cost

Of course, any name brand shoes will present with a high price tag. However, it is better to pay for quality items rather than save a few pennies on cheaper EVA flip flops.  Luckily, not all superior footwear carries an expensive price tag and the Skechers flip flops for women are rather affordable if you shop around.  By purchasing these cost-effective items you are not only buying an aesthetically pleasing shoe but also investing in a product with active foot health qualities.

3. Health and toning

Due to the advanced technologies in footwear, certain brands are now able to create a particular shoe that provides not only positive health qualities but also assists in exercise routines.  This is controversial; however the Skechers manufacturers claim that their flip flops for women will help tone your legs and bum as you walk.  This is done through the support and absorption of steps via the molded ‘rubber foam’ material.  The high-quality raw material also contributes to foot, leg, and back health.

4. Purchasing online

The improvement in the internet now makes purchasing of footwear online simple and convenient.  By following the instructions on the Skechers online retail store. you will be able to buy any Skechers flip flops from the comfort of your own home.  However, it is still recommended you consult reputable dealers to offer professional advice on fitting and sizing.  It is also recommended that you always read the returns policy to ensure your purchase is secure.

Finding the best footwear for your needs can be challenging, particularly when you are looking for shoes that meet both your fashion and health needs.  Skechers present with shoes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also ideal for your foot health.

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