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Stride Rite Shoes for Toddler Boys

Toddler shoes can be a tricky issue. Because of the rapid growth experienced in childhood, a pair of shoes can quickly become outdated and unwearable, too small and constrictive. To accommodate for the challenges of children’s footwear, the Stride Rite Company has taken great pains to design the perfect shoe to meet the varied needs of a growing toddler. Their shoes provide plenty of space to grow into, are composed of materials which are completely child safe. Rounding off the package is their large selection of super stylish shoes. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best Stride Rite shoes for toddler boys with a closer look at two items from their wide catalog.


1. Stride Rite SRT SM Animal

Stride Rite SRT SM Animal


The Stride Rite SRT SM Animal is the perfect shoe for a toddler boy. Featuring easy access adjustable hook and loop closures this shoe provides a sturdy fastening but is also quite simple for a child to learn how to work. Made with leather upper, this is an extremely durable shoe well capable of standing up to the punishments of playtime and keeps your toddlers feet safe in any sticky situation they might work themselves into. A breathable mesh lining keeps the feet cool and well ventilated. The padded tongue and collar provide additional comfort from less well-padded shoes. Combined with the cushioned mesh insole, this is an extremely comfortable ride. A flexible, lightweight outsole helps to easily allow the shoe to adapt to uneven surfaces and maintain excellent traction, keeping your toddler stable and safe.

Branded with famed “Sesame Street” character Animal, whose likeness makes an appearance on the front of the shoe. A classic childhood favorite, Animal’s presence adds that extra pazazz to set this shoe aside from the pack. In addition to Animal, the rest of the shoe is printed with designs of guitars and wording.


2. Stride Rite Spider-Man Slip-On

Stride Rite Spider-Man Slip-On


With a textile upper emblazoned with depictions of “SpiderMan,” this is a hip pair of shoes sure to be a favorite with the kids. The soft textile upper has a stylish and unique configuration, giving the whole shoe a unique look and feel rounded off by Spiderman’s characteristic webbing and logo on the back of the shoe.

The slip-on design allows for easy on and off which a toddler will have no problem accomplishing unassisted. Durable rubber insole insures the feet will be kept safe and the shoe will remain durable even after lots of long wear. The cushioned footbed is excellent for keeping the feet comfortable and provides a smooth ride.



Selecting the right pair of shoes for your toddler is an essential consideration in keeping their feet safe and protected. The Stride Rite brand has made its name in children’s footwear by providing excellent options for affordable prices to keep your children happy and on their feet at all times. Take some time to browse the wide selection of different styles and options to find the perfect pair to suit your kids unique needs, style and tastes.

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