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The 3 Best Extra Wide Shoes for Toddlers

Finding perfectly sized shoes for your toddler is very important, and if your child has wider than normal feet then it can seem like a challenge. We’ve looked through the very best shoes on the market and picked out the 3 best values in extra wide shoes for toddlers.


Before we get to the products, it’s important to know a few things about shoes. For instance, every pair of shoes is made up of four distinct parts, and even for little children performance matters. Having proper insoles and supportive uppers will help your child explore the world without getting blisters and tender feet.


The upper is the piece of material that stretches up from the outsole and supports the ankle. Some of these shoes have more support than others, since low-rise tend to be more cool and comfortable. The Stride Rite SRT has the most ankle support and is also the warmest. Uppers can be stiff or flexible, and although stiff uppers tend to be more durable it’s also important that they flex for comfort.


The insole is one of the most important parts of the shoe, since it cushions every step and supports your toddler’s arches. All of these shoes have enough insole support for comfortable, all-day wear. Some insoles feature antibacterial linings in order to improve wear and stay fresh, even after getting wet or dirty.


The outsole wraps around your child’s foot, lending support and cushioning to the insole. The Lazer Sneaker by Jumping Jacks has a synthetic, guaranteed non-marking outsole while the other two pairs feature traditional rubber. All three pairs of shoes have durable outsoles that flex and bend easily.


The tread is obviously on the very bottom of the outsole, and is almost always made of the same material. Tread is important for toddlers, and it’s a good idea to find something that won’t skip if your child walks through spills on a hard surface. All of these shoes have excellent tread in order to help guard against slips and falls.


1. Stride Rite SRT Elliot Bootie

Stride Rite SRT Elliot Bootie


The Stride Rite SRT Elliot Bootie is the heaviest and most durable of the three pairs. They’re an excellent fall shoe since they’re so warm and comfortable, and the ankle-height leather upper provides plenty of support for your toddler. These shoes also have a thick rubber outsole making them a great choice for extended time on hard surfaces. Stride Rite is known for their comfortable work shoes for grownups, and the smaller version has all of the features that have made the company so popular.


These shoes are a bit dressier than the other two options, with an attractive leather finish that makes them a good pick for formal wear. They look just as good with a school uniform as they do with jeans, making them very flexible and perfect for a range of outfits. Stride Rite SRT Elliot Booties are the best choice of the three for winter wear, since their thick waterproof outsole and warm leather upper protect your child’s feet better than the other options. They are great in light snow, slush, and rain. While they won’t replace winter boots, you’ll know that they’re keeping your toddler’s toes warm.


Stride Rite has made these shoes available exclusively to Zappos in medium, wide, x-wide, and xx-wide sizes. They come in black, brown, and white leather. These shoes have secure laces which come further up the foot than the others, making sure of a firm, secure fit once tied. If you’re looking for a durable pair of shoes that work well in and out of the house and in all weather, then the Stride Rite SRT Elliot Bootie is the perfect pick.


2. New Balance KJ990 Lace-Up Running Shoe

New Balance KJ990 Lace-Up Running Shoe


This traditional tennis shoe from New Balance is the best value in children’s trainers on the market. It features a mesh and suede upper for durability and airflow, as well as a thick, comfortable insole and grippy treads. These shoes are a good pick for both indoor and outdoor wear, and they’re very comfortable for long-term wear.


The KJ990’s have a thick rubber outsole that handles slippery surfaces very well. They lace up very securely and won’t come untied as easily as low-top tennis shoes. They also feature special cushioning pads in the heel, as well as flexible uppers for unbeatable comfort. They’re a lightweight pair of shoes that have been designed to keep your toddler on the move.


The New Balance KJ990 Lace-Up running shoes come in medium, wide, and extra wide sizes. They’re available in a variety of attractive colors for both boys and girls. These are classic gym shoes that look as good and perform as well as a full-size pair of shoes. They’re an excellent, lightweight choice for active toddlers all year long.


3. Jumping Jacks Lazer Sneaker (Toddler)


 Jumping Jacks Lazer Sneaker


Jumping Jacks Lazer Sneakers for toddlers are well-made and adorable. They’re very comfortable, with low-top nylon and suede uppers and a thick rubber sole with great traction. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that get on and off easily, then these are the ones for you. They have a secure double Velcro closure that keeps your child’s shoes snug and secure, even after a long day of playing.


These Lazer Sneakers by Jumping Jacks come in pink, brown, and navy so they’re a great pick for a range of different outfits. They’re made in medium, wide, and extra wide for a perfect fit. The synthetic outsoles are guaranteed not to mark up hard surfaces, and they’re exceptionally tough and waterproof for use in wet weather.


Any parent who wants a comfortable pair of shoes that are perfect for the beach or the park should take a close look at these sneakers. Compared to other manufacturer’s offerings, this pair is a wonderful value that doesn’t sacrifice quality in order to keep the cost down.


Finally, whichever pair of shoes you pick for your toddler, remember that cost might not be the most important thing, but at this stage of your child’s life they’re growing very fast. It’s likely that you’ll need to buy another pair of shoes before these wear out, whichever pair you choose, so look for a good value. The price and performance of these 3 best values in extra wide shoes for toddlers can’t be beat.


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