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The 5 Best Men Flip Flops with Arch Support

To many people, finding a flip flop with arch support is just as important as finding a shoe that fits. Those who suffer from over pronation of the ankle while walking find arch support, even more, important than others. Luckily for customers everywhere, there a lot of manufacturers working hard to produce flip flops and sandals with fantastic arch support. Some of these manufacturers hit the mark, and others miss drastically. Here you’ll only read about those manufacturers that hit the mark and created great flip flops with arch support. Below are five of the best men flip flops with arch support.

Maybe you aren’t one of the people who pay attention to arch support. If so, it’s probably because you haven’t experienced the difference that it makes. You may be wondering why arch support is important or relevant at all. The majority of men’s shoes offer very limited arch support. Shoes that don’t limit movement and don’t provide support seem to be the “norm” while superior arch support is still somewhat of a commodity item.  Who benefits from arch support? Anyone who spends extended lengths of time on their feet will benefit from arch support. If you are active on your feet at work all day long or if you just prefer an hour of walking every day, you could use additional arch support to make your day better and more comfortable. Shoes and flip flop with arch support also help reduce plantar fasciitis, which causes an alarmingly high percentage of foot-related conditions.

Olukai Mea Ola – Men’s Supportive Sandal

Olukai Mea Ola


The Mea Ola by Olukai is a sandal that is simplistic in design, but supportive in function. It features a strap with original stitching in the artwork. There isn’t much else to the scandal regarding appearance, yet it remains one of the best men flip flops with arch support. The simple design was intentional. It ensures these sandals fit perfectly with any outfit, thus allowing the customer to enjoy the full arch support throughout the entire day, no matter what they were wearing. These meant men didn’t need to choose between good sandals and shoes that offered support. Now they could have both thanks to the Olukai Mea Ola supportive shoe.

These are more of high-quality flip-flops that can be worn around the house, or while running errands in the supermarket. These come with added neoprene foam cushioning which acts as a shock absorber and arch support. The footbed is made of a non-slip EVA which increases comfort and stability. especially when working on slippery grounds. In addition to this, the outsole is rubber-made, and straps made of pure leather, and these ensure you are comfortable and the sandal lasts for ages.

Vionic Bryce Sandals with Orthaheel Technology

Vionic Bryce Sandals with Orthaheel Technology


While Vionic might sound like something from a sci-fi movie, it’s a real company here on Earth that produces the best men flip flops with the arch support you’ll ever find. Orthaheel technology is believed to be some of the most comfortable cushioning put to use it stylish shoes and sandals. These are sandals designed for active people, whether you’re an athlete, work on your feet, or just like to exercise. You likely know how difficult it is to find a comfortable, supportive sandal that can stand up to an active lifestyle. These shoes offer that comfort, support, and a lot more.


New Balance Purealign Athletic Thong Sandal

New Balance Men's PureAlign Thong Flip Flop Sandal


New Balance is a name in shoes that everyone’s probably familiar. They’re well-known for creating a variety of shoes, boots, sandals, and flip-flops for every occasion and every walk of life. Their PLUSH20 thong sandals are the perfect flip flops with arch support for men who want to look good and feel better. The name comes from their PLUSH20 Memory foam technology that makes these shoes more comfortable than walking on a mattress. With New Balance, you also get a dedication to durability. Their shoes and sandals are designed to last, even in the toughest of work environments. If you work on your feet throughout the day, then your feet deserve a treat, and the Rev PLUSH20 thong sandal is exactly that gift.

 Naot Gomez Sandal

 Naot Gomez Sandal


The Gomez line of sandals from Naot is quickly becoming one of the best on the market. The inside features a padded technical design that is meant to provide extreme comfort with each and every step. This is a thong sandal, which means they slip on easy and stay on your feet. It’s a very durable leather sandal, but unlike other high-durability sandals, the Gomez is particularly light weight.

Moszkito 439 Repellent

Moszkito 439 Repellent

Moszkito is a manufacturer that thinks of arch support first and last with just about every product they create.The doctors often suggest people who experience pain or discomfort in their feet or lower back Moszkito. These are shoes designed to improve support and provide relief for some adverse symptoms of over pronation. They also create other sandals and footbeds, but it’s their flip flops that make a splash in today’s market.

One of their best sandals is the 439 Repellent thong sandals. It’s completely adjustable and features the latest and greatest in arch support design. It’s very comfortable to wear, even on long days because of its rubberized footbed that maintains the shape of the foot. Altogether, the various design elements provide clinical support and relief from foot fatigue, over-pronation, and improve natural body alignment. In the rear of the shoe is heel cup that reduces pressure on the heel and prevents pain. In the front, there is a toe bar where the toes can relax. Who would guess that a Sandal could ever achieve so much? This is one of the best men flip flops with the arch support you could hope to find.


Any man could find the perfect flip flop from amongst these five manufacturers. Each sandal has its strengths and weaknesses. It all depends on your style and needs when it comes to shoes.

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