The Best Shoes For Standing On Concrete All Day

Do your feet hurt at work due to working long hours on cement floor? If yes, then you must be wearing shoes without enough padding and support. Many work shoes are comfortable and absorb shock due to thick cushioned soles.  They have flexible soles and offer good arch support . Wearing wrong shoes can give you knee joint pain, plantar fasciitis and back pain. There are many good brands in footwear industry such as Crocs, Dansko, Timberland, New Balance, Clarks that offer best shoes for standing on concrete all day. There are stylish dress shoes for men and women.

What shoes to Avoid?

1. Avoid high pointed heal. Heals less than 2 inches are recommended.

2. Avoid Flats which are made of thin soles because they do not provide cushioning and support.

3. Poorly Fitted Shoes

What to Look for in best shoes for standing on concrete all day?

Look for shoes that are made for healthcare professionals such as Dansko. They are made to provide comfort for 12+ hours of standing. You can also consider buying work shoes or boots to decrease the stress on feet due to standing on a concrete floor for long hours. Cushion shoe  inserts are an alternative and affordable way to get extra support and cushioning.

1. Shoes Inserts

Before reading the recommendations for good shoes, it is also important to point out that orthotic inserts may even be more helpful than good shoes. Some popular shoes even come with removable footbeds, so there is room for the inserts. Of course, you can find foot inserts that are simply made to slip on top of the footrests.

You can purchase these inserts off-the-shelf at many drug stores and shoe stores. One popular example is Dr. Scholl’s inserts. You can also get custom-made orthotic inserts from a doctor. The proper pair of orthotics will help in relieving the pressure in your feet which has developed due to standing long hours. Your best choice really depends upon the nature of your foot problem and your budget.

2. Extra Cushioned Shoes

You look for a pair of shoes that provides good shock absorption and a thick sole. You might want to still have a little style in your shoe, and that is taken into consideration for the following list as well. You will notice other key features that are reoccurring but different among certain brands.

Tennis Shoes Might Be The Best Shoes For Standing On Concrete all day

Does your job allow you to wear tennis shoes? Many of these shoes such as New balance 626 and Dansko sneakers are designed for people who stand on concrete floors. They help in avoiding the foot stress that might arise because of excessive pounding.

1. New Balance shoes

The tennis shoes including cross trainers from New Balance specifically designed for working environment will  help you protect your feet from a day of standing on concrete all day.

New Balance 626


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New balance 626 is a cross trainer and is designed for people who work standing on concrete floor all day.  The shoe is well cushioned and provide good arch support.

The New Balance 626 work shoe have many features including being slip resistant to oil, soap and water and is one of the best recommended shoe for food industry. Cement flooring can easily become slippery due to a variety of different substances in different manufacturing and other environments. The heel for this shoe measures 1.75 inches, and the sole is rubber while the other upper portion of the shoe is durable black leather. The leather also helps the feet breathe, and the injection-molded EVA midsole provides for superior lightweight comfort.

This shoe is particularly slip resistant, which makes them good in dangerous work areas, such as construction zones, hospitals, and professional kitchens. The top is well-designed full grain leather. The shoe looks best in all black, but there are some other color options available if black leather isn’t your style. The bottom of the shoe is designed with a lug pattern to help improve your traction while working on the concrete. The slip-resistant capabilities come from a detailed polyurethane outer sole on the bottom of the shoe.

Do You Need Professional Looking Shoes For Standing on concrete All Day?

Some jobs have dress codes, and you are not allowed to wear any type of athletic shoes. However, you can find some very fashionable shoes that have been specifically designed to offer protection against foot stress too.

Dansko and Timberland are two shoe manufacturers that produce stylish and supportive shoes for people who have to be on their feet all day and still look professional.

2. Dansko

This brand is renowned for providing a variety of different types of shoes for people who have to work on their feet all day. This includes shoes for medical professionals and kitchen workers. They have designs for casual and business wear, though most of their styles fall short of looking exactly like traditional formal shoes. Still, you can probably wear most of the styles of these supportive shoes and still conform to a dress code.

One of the top recommended newer style is Dansko Pro XP. It is light weight, has extra cushioning with memory foam, removable footbed(in case you need cutom orthotics) and certified slip resistant outsole.  It also has wide toebox, deep heel cup and metal shank provide lateral stability.

Dansko does make shoes for both men and women. Consider some suggestions if you want shoes that look more professional than casual. The Dansko Wayne could be worn with business casual pants or a business suit. This is a comfortable and supportive shoe.

Dansko for Men:

Dansko has been offering several styles which are only available in men sizes. Dansko Waynne, Dansko Wynne and Dansko Wayatt are made with chefs in mind. They all provide water and stain resistant upper leather with oil resistant out sole.

Dansko walker

This line of shoes is pretty classy, and this can be used for perhaps those environments where you’re working at a retail outlet or service restaurant on a hard floor all day long. The soles on these shoes are man-made, and they feature a triple-density EVA insole as well. They are also slip resistant and easy maintenance.

 Dansko for Women

Women’s Dansko Sneakers are slip resistant for oil, water and soap. They are considered comfortable and supportive for standing all day on hard floors.

Dansko Elise


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Dansko is top of the line when it comes to classical, stylish slip-on shoes. However, the Dansko Elise is a lot different from the other women work shoes for concrete you’ll find available from Dansko. They still include the slip-resistant outer sole and are crafted entirely from full grain leather, but the design is more of a tennis shoe than a clog or a croc. These are a great choice for women work shoes for concrete because you get the quality and attention of the Dansko brand, but without the formal Dansko look featured in their other shoes.


3. Timberland

Timberland is a good choice if you want some very stylish shoes that are also made with comfort and support in mind. They make both men’s and women’s shoes, and their models run from work shoes to casual shoes to fancy shoes.

People who work in tough environments, require a tough shoe. Working in a high-traffic construction zone requires a shoe that is durable, tough, and yet comfortable. When it comes to durability, Timberland is a great example of what to aim for. These shoes and boots are designed to take an extreme beating from concrete, work tools, sand, water, and anything else you can throw at them. This is part of the Timberland PRO line, which means they utilize special “anti-fatigue” technology, which is meant to improve support for the feet, which, in turn, helps you feel less fatigued throughout the day. They also utilize a special slip-resistant outer sole.

For Women:

Timberland Pro Renova for Women

Timberland PRO Women's Renova Professional Slip On


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Women might choose theTimberland Pro Women’s Renova Shattered Glass Clog for colorful look that still provides the support you need if you need to walk on hard floors all day even 12 hour shift. Some people say these shoes tend to run a little small, so you might consider moving up a half size over your normal shoes. They are durable and made of full grain upper leather. They have anti-fatigue technology and also offer rocker sole with excellent shock absorption insole. The insoles are removable.

Timberland PRO Men’s Five Star Meurice Shoe

Timberland PRO Meurice Shoe

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The Timberland PRO  Five Star Meurice Shoe is a great choice for a professional looking men’s shoe that should keep your feet protected. They are meant to be worn with business clothes.

Timberland shoes are usually priced a bit more affordable than the other brands in this article too.

Birkenstocks London Clog

Birkenstock London clog

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Note that these shoes come in European sizes, but you can find a conversion chart to US sizes online. These are a nice looking causal shoe and uni-sex with leather tops, so they would be fine for business casual wear.


Whatever your profession, make sure that the shoes you choose will keep your feet comfortable throughout the whole day even on concrete floor.

Allegria shoes offer extra width, making them ideal for people with naturally wide feet who may struggle to find shoes, which offer a proper fit. They are also suitable for people who need extra deep toe areas, due to bunions or plantar fasciitis. The attractive designs make the shoes perfect for professionals who do not want to sacrifice style for comfort. Features of the shoes include:

  • Elastic instep. This ensures that the shoes maintain the convenience of being “slip on, slip off”, but also have a secure fit.
  •  Stain proof leather upper, for durability.
  •  Slip resistant sole. Perfect for people who work in nursing.
  •  Memory foam and latex footed. Avoid sore, swollen feet at the end of a long day.
  • Removable footbed. Use your own custom orthotics with these shoes.

 Alegria Paloma For women

Alegria Paloma

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Do you want a shoe that is stylish and supportive? These are flats with a thick and well-cushioned sole. They come with some cute and funky designs, so you could wear them with casual clothes.

Alegria Seville – Slip Resistannt



The Alegria Seville is one of the more classical and stylish women’s work shoes for concrete. It is an upgrade from their previous Alegria Classic, which was a great work shoe on its own. This new shoe comes with a few extra features, such as nice rotating straps that improve your stability with sling back capabilities. There is a very supportive, multi-dimension footbed, but it can be removed if you would prefer to insert your own custom footbeds. Inside the shoe is just as beautiful as the outside, but more comfortable. You’ll find that these are rather roomy shoes, even in your correct shoe size. This helps you forget the shoe entirely even though it is still protecting and supporting your foot. The bottom of the shoe is designed to be flat to help improve stability in the work area.

6. Clarks Wave Collection

Clarks Unstructured Un.Loop

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These shoes look like running shoes so you can only wear the to work if this type of footwear is allowed.  This brand features a removable footbed, so you can insert your own pads. The brand also advertises that they qualify for the APMA accepted Seal for quality footwear. Consider the Clarks Wave.Path for women and the Clarks Tackle for men.


7. Skechers Work Shoes

Skechers is a brand that is famous for being durable and stylish. You can find different models that are suitable for casual and even professional wear, though some of their shoes look more like athletic shoes. You might consider the Skechers Liberate Pendal for women or the Skechers Rockland for men.

Skechers for Work Women’s Clog

If you’re looking for sturdy, comfortable, stylish clogs, then look no further. Skechers continues to manufacture high-quality shoes for the workplace. If you work in an environment where you are standing on your feet on concrete for several hours, then this shoe will offer some much-needed relief. The same could be said for just about any women’s shoe created by Skechers. Skechers has always put a focus on designing shoes that are meant for active lifestyles, whether it’s exercising or working. They’ll stand up to a beating on concrete and still offer you amazing cushioning.


 Skechers for Work Liberate Pendal

Skechers for Work Liberate Pendal For Women


For Men:

 Skechers For Work Rockland

Skechers for Work RocklandAmazon Button

Skechers is a very popular brand among a wide variety of different shoes, and they definitely make this list. Before getting into the specific pros of this shoe line, note on difference is these shoes are lace up, which is different from some of the other choices. The cushioned insole is removable, and the heel measures 1.25 inches. The stylish slip-resistant shoe is great for casual environments.

8. Crocs Shoes

Like Clarks, Crocs shoes carry the AMPMA Seal.

You might associate this brand with those rubbery looking garden shoes that became popular a few years ago. But you can find stylish Crocs that do not look like what most people think of as Crocs. Also, this brand tends to be a little less expensive than other quality shoes designed for comfort and style.

Crocs Bistro

This casual Crocs clog is probably the most different from its other counterparts. In the traditional Crocs look, this extremely comfortable shoe lives up to its name. This anti-microbial shoe features a man-made sole and inserts in the front for superior toe comfort. This slip-on slip-resistant shoe is definitely a keeper.


crocs Men's 12616 Bistro Vent Clog


Crocs comes in a second time on this list with this different style work shoe. It’s not the traditional Crocs style like the Bistro, but with its brushed poly-fleece sock liner and Croslite midsole and insole, this shoe is supreme. Its style is catchy, and like with many of the other shoes, it’s available in different colors.

The Crocs Tummler for men are nice looking loafers with a synthetic top and slip-resistant soles. They could be worn with business casual clothes, and you might even slip them on with a business suit.

The Crocs Mercy for women looks more like a typical clog, but it has a thick cushioning sole. As the name implies, these shoes were designed with the demanding type of walking and standing that medical professionals have to do.

All crocs are designed to be extremely comfortable and flexible shoes, and the Crocs mercy work women’s work shoes for concrete are no different. These aren’t crocs for around the home though. These babies are designed to be super durable, slip resistant, and extra tough. They’ll survive in the toughest work environments and have been approved by the APMA.


9. SAS Shoes

SAS Freetime for women


The SAS Freetime for women cushions your feet with millions of tiny air bubbles. You feel like you are walking on air. They look like typical walking shoes.

SAS Time Out for Men

SAS Time Out for Men


SAS Timeout for men also looks like a walking shoe, and they are one of the more expensive brands that you can select. However, they are recommended by foot doctors because of their outstanding comfort and support.


10. Rockport Shoes

Rockport have a number of styles, which are suitable for walking, such as the truWALKzero range. These are carefully crafted for people with an active lifestyle, and mimic the foot’s natural walking motion. Features include:

  •  Adiprene cushioning and shock absorption. The shoe is tailored to reduce strain on the foot, particularly in the heel and mid sole area.
  •  Rubber outsole. Secure tread on a variety of surfaces.
  •  Lightweight materials.

Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoe


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This durable walking shoe provides as much comfort to its owner as any shoe on this list. This shoe features the EVA midsole as well as a rubber outsole for better slip resistance. The leather grain look to the upper part of this shoe is a really nice extra touch. Not only is this shoe stylish but it’s very easy to clean as well.

11. Mozo Shoes

Mozo shoes are specially designed for nurses and chefs. They are created to be lightweight, comfortable and very easy to keep clean. Some of the key features are:

  • Gel inserts. These help the shoes to mold to the shape of your foot, for optimum comfort.
  • Slip resistance. Safe to wear in kitchens and hospitals.
  •  Premium materials, for product longevity.

This is the perfect shoe for hospital workers and others who have to stand on those concrete surfaces and work long hours. This is a very stylish slip-on injection-molded shoe with triple fit insoles and moisture absorbing linings, you know just in case you step in the bedpan! In all seriousness, this shoe comes in to round out the list for the top eight men work shoes for hard floors. The Mozoz has a long sleek style and while mostly a solid color with the exception of the red logo, it is extremely stylish. As a matter of fact, when it comes to style, this might just be the best shoe making the list.

What Are The Best Shoes For Standing On Concrete?


If you can wear athletic shoes, New Balance and Brooks are good choices. If you want a large selection of casual or business-casual shoes, you might consider Dansko. Timberland has some really dressy shoes that provide comfort and support.


A lot of the best shoes for standing on concrete all day will have room for you to slip in inserts. Some even have removable foot pads, so you can put your own in. You might purchase inserts, like Dr. Scholl’s, at a pharmacy or shoe store. Alternatively, if you have severe problems with your feet, you might get custom-made inserts from a doctor’s prescription. In the best case, if you take care of your feet by wearing good shoes, you might be able to avoid foot problems.

Shoes for walking and running on concrete floor

New Balance 512

These shoes are also made for standing long hours in working environment such as nursing and restaurants.  They are also slip resistant for water and oil.

New Balance hits the list again with its 512 walking service shoe that has a simple sporty look. This shoe is perfect for those people who are not only on the cement flooring all day at work but having to move around and be quite agile. This shoe also has the EVA injection-molded midsole just like the 526, and is synthetic leather for easy maintenance.

Brooks Glycerine 11

These shoes definitely look like running shoes, but they are light and stylish. They also provide suburb cushioning that you would expect from running shoes in this price range. These shoes also come in models for both men and women.

The price is in the mid-100, so they definitely are an investment. But they also come in a variety of size and width options if you have a hard-to-fit foot.

Most people are pleased with the fit and comfort of these shoes, though some people complained that they preferred a shoe with a bit more “bounce.” The shoes feel more like walking on pillows, but this might be fine if you just need to stand on a hard surface all day.


New Balance 1080

New Balance is a popular brand for people who have foot problems. This model also looks like a gym or running shoe, and it comes in sizes for both men and women.

The price range is similar to the Brooks shoe mentioned above, so that will not be a big factor in your decision. They provide a lot of support, and they also come in different size and width options. Most New Balance owners praise the fit of these shoes.

People who are heavy tend to find that this is a good lightweight shoe. In fact, they are usually surprised that such a lightweight shoe can provide such good support. If you are a larger person, you might prefer it too.

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