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The Best Timberland Hiking Boots for Men

Quality hiking boots are difficult to come by. It is important to find a pair of boots that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but comfortable on the feet. If you are going to be hiking for long periods of time, you don’t want to have to deal with boots that are constantly restricting air flow to the feet. Timberland is a famous brand that makes quality shoes and boots for all kind of activities including work, hiking, snow and walking boots for men and women. Let’s take a look at best timberland hiking boots for men today and what to look before buying hiking boots.

Timberland Boots

1. Choose the boots that offer good arch support, cushioning and protect your feet.

2. Try to find Light hiking boots with good support.

3. Look for waterproof lining to keep your feet dry during rain

4. Boots should fit well and comfortable.

5. Look for removable footbed in case you have problem feet and you want to insert over the counter insoles or custom made orthotics

6. Look for special boots or insert orthotics for problem feet such as diabetes, flat feet, high arches, bunions, hammertoes.

7. Look for waterproof boots


Timberland White Ledge Waterproof Boot

Timberland White Ledge Waterproof Boot


Made from leather and synthetic materials, these boots are incredibly secure and well-fitted. They are built to remain waterproof, which is pertinent while hiking for long periods of time. The boots are equipped with rubber soles that are conveniently designed to handle the rigors of the environment. There are subtle and uniquely sized shift measures at 5″ to help secure the foot and provide ultimate comfort.


This is a well-designed boot that has been put together with a cushioned footbed that is made out of foam. This is done to ensure comfort is paramount for the wearer at all times. There is nothing more important than comfort and protection while hiking and these boots offer this at all times.


There is a gusseted tongue in place that helps keep the feet in place and ensure you are easily able to take off the shoes or put them on. It is all about ease of access for the wearers with these boots.

They are available for women and kids as well.


Timberland Chocorua Trail Gore-Tex Mid Hiking Boot

Timberland Chocorua Trail Gore-Tex Mid Hiking Boot


Quality boots that are made from leather, which enables them to remain strong and provide incredible aesthetic finish. These are boots that look good and do the job at the same time. You couldn’t ask for more from hiking boots.

There is GORE-TEX construction in place to ensure the boots are waterproof at all times and is able to withstand significant external pressures. The environment will not be able to crack these boots and that is pertinent while hiking.

Many boots tend to fatigue over time and this can be hard to avoid and bad for the feet. This design has been put together to make sure there is anti-fatigue material at work to help the wearer remain comfortable.

The forefoot is designed to remain as flexible as possible to guarantee comfort and protection while hiking. These boots also come with a padded collar that fits nicely around the ankle. They are also available for women.


Timberland Flume Hiking Boot

Timberland Flume Hiking Boot


Walking across puddles and piles of mud has never been easy, but with this pair of boot a change for the better has come forward. Those puddles and muds can easily be conquered now.

These are gorgeous, dark brown boots that have tremendous flexibility and strength to them. They will not break down easily regardless of where you are hiking.

The rubber sole has a lot of give and will remain in place while providing wonderful comfort and support that is required during hikes.

The materials used to put together the design are lightweight and that makes it easy to carry around on your feet. You will not get tired easily on long walks anymore. The boots are also designed to remain waterproof and still look good as you are hiking up and down.

These are an affordable, high-quality pair of boots made for those who are passionate about hiking while remaining as comfortable as possible.

 Timberland Euro Boot

  Timberland Euro Boot


Nice and compact, these boots are built to last and look aesthetically pleasing. They come in a range of colors and they look wonderful to the naked eye.

They are composed of leather materials on the exterior to create the desired finishing. Inside, there is a rubber sole to help provide comfort and make sure the wearer has support for their feet inside.

These boots are unique because of their grip and traction. There is no pair better than this when it comes to ultra-grip properties that help the wearer on slippery surfaces. Those icy trails will easily be negotiated with the grip on these boots.

The lining on the side is breathable to enable the feet to remain sweat-free. This makes it more comfortable for the wearer and ensures they don’t get injured or fatigued.

The midsole is able to absorb shocks that occur from time to time on the trail. This enables the feet to remain firmly in place as you are walking from place to place.

The cushioned footbed is great to place the feet on and the range of flexibility that is on offer is wonderful.


Timberland Intervale Mid Boot

Timberland Intervale Mid Boot


Uniquely shaped, these mid boots are gorgeous to the eye with their leather exterior. The sole is manmade providing it with that extra little bit of quality necessary for comfort and overall aesthetics.


The leather used is able to provide high levels of waterproof ability that is necessary while hiking. The leather is not only able to withstand large amounts of water, but will remain durable for long-term wear as well.


The outsole has patented technologies at use to make sure it is the best of the best out there at the moment. The technologies include the “Green Rubber” and “Gripstick” for traction purposes. The boots will not slip as easily and this is essential while trudging through slippery trails and passages. There is an incredible amount of give and shock absorption with these mid boots that are highly sought after by most people.


These are some of the best timberland hiking boots for men on the market at the moment. They are neatly designed and are able to provide the security you are coveting from your boots. Stop wearing those old boots that are falling apart at the seams and make sure you get quality options that are going to last for a long time. These are the best timberland hiking boots for men for a reason and it has to do with their overall design and feel. It truly does not get better than these options in the modern time.

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