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Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet With Overpronation

Do you want to run but have painful feet due to flat feet? If yes, you need to be careful when shopping for the running shoes. Some shoes are simply not designed to the shape of your feet. When it comes to picking out the best running shoes, people with flat feet often come up against issues that other people never have to worry. When most people look for arch support, this can be extremely painful when a foot doesn’t have much of an arch or when the arch is pointed in a different direction. Finding the best running shoes for flat feet is an important and challenging task. However, knowing what to look for when trying on shoes and sticking to your gut feeling can make this a much simpler process.

The first thing to keep in mind is that shoes are not usually made for people with flatter feet. Instead, they are often made for people who need arch support, and thus many shoes won’t fit right or will hurt. This means you should only buy in a store where you can try the shoes on or from a company who has a good return policy on their shoes. If you aren’t sure about a pair of shoes asking the company about the suitability for people with feet like yours can be a great way to get a bit of information and to make sure that you can save time and money. If you still are on the fence, there are many online communities where you can find information from other people in your situation as well.

Stop looking at the design of the shoe and start looking at the stability and support that they are offering to your foot. When you are dealing with low-arched feet you are dealing with feet that can get injured easily and that, need much more support than most other feet. This means that they should be much more immobilized and much more supported when you are running to prevent injury. This does mean that you need to avoid new fad shoes and stick to tried and true well-supported shoes. The best running shoes for mild to moderate overpronation should provide excellent stability. It is an important feature that people with low arches can benefit from the most. Some running shoes provide more stability than others do. However, running shoes are better overall if it addresses other concerns such as protecting your feet on the road.

Finally, look for shoes with adjustable levels of support. This helps you ensure that your feet will be able to feel more natural in your shoe and that you can adjust your shoe until you find what you need. What feels good in the store may not feel perfect when you have been running for 30 minutes or when you are trying to do warm-ups. Many of these adjustable support shoes will allow you to move around components just enough to cushion and hug your feet in a very soothing manner.

Some runners have flat feet because they never developed arches from childhood. Others have flat feet because their arches had fallen over time due to injury, muscle diseases, or constant wear and tear. Adults with flexible congenital flat feet who feel pain and discomfort can be corrected with buying running shoes with best arch support. Replacing insoles with over the counter orthotics may help. On the other hand acquired flat feet can lead to overpronation and other complications such as back pain and knee joint pain. If you got flat feet due to acquired condition and felt pain and discomfort, then you should be seen by the podiatrist.

Overpronation is turning inward of your feet at the ankle joint commonly associated with flat feet. However, few people supinate with flat feet. It is important that you determine your gait to find a correct pair of shoes for your condition. You can determine your gait by looking at the back of the sole of shoes. If they have worn out inwards, then you have overpronation. If they are worn out outside, that means you underpronate or supinate.  Buy running shoes for flat feet with either overpronation or with supination. If you overpronate, then you need to buy stability or motion control shoe. If you supinate, then look for cushioning shoe such as Brooks Dyad. New Balance Asics and Brooks are top brands that specialize in running shoes for flat feet.

While shopping for specialized running shoes, you will probably notice that most products are made for stability, support and motion control. Stability is simply a word used in the running shoe industry to refer to shoes designed to correct overpronation. Motion control shoes are more efficient than shoes designed for stability. Motion control shoes are a good option if you have a severe overpronation. Personally, I enjoy the shoes made by Brooks and by New Balance when I run. I find these shoes to be too bulky for walking, so I use Saucony and Asics shoes when I don’t run. I put together a list of the best running shoes for flat feet. Keep reading if you need help with purchasing new running shoes.


Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

There are many good brand that offer motion control technology to correct severe overpronation with flat feet. You need to find a shoe according to the severity of your foot pronation and weight. For example, if you are a large person and have severe overpronation, buy shoes with higher support and stability.

The top running shoes should also include the best technology in shoe manufacturing. Many shoe brands lace their running shoes with modern features that give athletes and marathoners that extra edge and drive. You can have that extra power to your stride as well if each part of your running footwear can provide you both speed and protection while addressing any foot problem you have.

From the midsole, outsole, to the toe box, running shoes should only offer the best features and the latest materials. However, you do not have to buy the newest running shoes. Models from two to three years ago are just as capable regarding performance.


For Overweight people with Flat Feet and Severe Overpronation


ASICS GEL-Fortify Running Shoes for Flat Feet

ASICS GEL-Fortify Running Shoes


ASICS Men’s Gel-Fortitude 3 Running Shoe – Severe Overpronation

Designed for the runner with flat feet and severe overpronation, the Gel-Fortitude 3’s are a pair highly equipped to provide all of the support and stability necessary to keep a runner fast on his feet. Made from a breathable mesh with synthetic overlays, the Gel-Fortitude’s are a pair which keep cool and moisture free even during the most intense runs. The ComforDry Sockliner provides additional moisture management as well as odor fighting capabilities, to keep these shoes low maintenance and ready when you are.

ASICS’ Gel technology gives the Fortitude’s their name. ASICS Gel is a special technology designed to provide additional cushioning, support and propulsion with each step. The Gel is infused into the forefoot and the rearfoot of the shoe, providing exceptional cushioning, shock absorption and providing a bit of additional “bounce.” All told, the Gel helps to improve the efficiency of each step, effectively redistributing the energy from causing shock to the foot and leg instead providing a bit more running force, allowing the foot to move with greater fluidity throughout the gait cycle.

Inside the shoe, we find SpEVA midsole for optimal comfort and support. The midsole conforms to the shape of the wearer’s foot as pressure is applied, providing a highly customized, ergonomic fit which adapts to the unique shape of each foot, acting to support the anatomy with the mechanics of walking in mind. The outside of the sole is just as impressive: reinforced with ASICS High Abrasion Rubber (or AHAR,) this is a pair sure to be long lasting, putting minimal wear on the sole even after extensive runs.


The GEL-Forte’s are a pair from ASICS “maximum support line” – running shoes designed to provide optimal cushioning, shock absorption and stability. Crafted with moderate to severe overpronation in mind, the GEL-Forte’s do an exceptional job at complimenting the natural biomechanics of running as well as form-fitting to the foot, providing an excellent natural extension of the body. To further compliment your gait, the GEL-Forte’s are equipped with ASICS Guidance Line technology, which utilizes a flexible vertical groove which decouples the tooling along the line of progression to enhance the gait, providing additional comfort and support. More still we find the ASICS Impact Guidance System inherent in every part of the shoes design philosophy, acting to enhance the foot’s natural gait along every point of contact.

Reinforced with its own exoskeleton, the heel of the shoe is equipped with ASICS “Heel Clutching System,” designed to improve support and the fit of the feel. This exoskeleton acts to make the shoe much stronger and reduces shock when making heavy heel contact. The overall effect is an increase in stability, making the GEl-Forte’s a more stable platform. We also find the fantastic GEL cushioning system which gives the shoe their name, acting to absorb shock, promote bounce and providing extra cushioning.

The midsole is designed for comfort and stability, reinforced with additional cushioning using the DuoMax Support system. Positioned specifically for different running applications, the DuoMax can be a customizable way to get the support you need, precisely where you need it.

Brooks Addiction 12 Motion Control Running  Shoe

Brooks Addiction 12 for flat feet


Available for men and women models, the Brooks Addiction 12 is an ideal running shoe for you if you require stability and cushioning for your flat feet with moderate to severe overpronation. It is is a motion control running shoe that will provide you with the stability you need for your flat feet. The cushioning can easily be customized so the shoes feel comfortable and properly support your feet. The Anatomical DNA provides maximum cushioning that adapts to all speeds and sizes. Rollbar offers stability so you can fully control the pronation.  Heel Segmental crash pad makes for a much smoother transition between the midfoot and the forefoot by providing excellent cushioning. The shoes are designed to be durable and abrasion-resistant and are designed for road runners with flat feet.

They are built on the linear platform. Therefore, these shoes are the good option for overweight runners. The upper is made of mesh which is breathable and will keep your feet dry. The outsole is made of durable material. The shoes are available in many widths up to 4 E. They can be used for fitness walking as well. They are eco-friendly shoes. Available in narrow, medium, wide and extra wide sizes in both men and women sizes.

If you ate an overweight man or woman who wants stability and cushioning, check out Brooks Addiction Running shoe for flat feet and severe overpronation.


 ASICS Gel-Foundation 12 Running Shoes

ASICS Gel-Foundation 12 Running Shoes


ASICS Gel-Foundation 12 Running Shoes are motion control shoes for moderate to severe overpronators. They provide extra support and stability for your flat feet overpronation. They come in a wide toe box, wide heel base, forefront cushioning and provide excellent stability. They are low profile shoes. They are available in men and women models in multiple widths and colors. Removable insole is an added benefit in case you need to insert your own orthotics.


ASICS Gel Kayano 22 running shoes

asics gel kayano 22 running shoes


The ASICS Gel Kayano 22 are cushioning stability running shoes. The upper is seamless and consists of fluid-fit, mesh, and overlays to provide secure comfortable fit and support. The heel of this shoe features two layers of memory foam for better support. In 22 model, it is totally redesigned to provide more support and fits better.

They are available in a good selection of colors. The sole of the shoe is enhanced by an impact guidance system. You will find a guidance line under the shoe to improve your gait. These running shoes are designed to reduce irritation thanks to their stretchable mesh material. If you have sensitive feet, these shoes are an ideal option for you. You will also enjoy the shock-absorbing cushion system and the lightweight midsole which is called Dynamic DuoMax Support System. This midsole helps in stopping overpronation. Due to its mid shank in the outsole, Asics Gel Kayano controls movements laterally. Midfoot shank prevents total contact with the ground.


The overlays in the upper are less stitched than 21 which gives less irritation. The fluid fit in the upper in between the overlays provides better fit and support. The heel is shock absorbent and shoes is flexible at the ball of the foot. This shoe provides support along with a lot of cushioning and is a good for long distance running.

Asics GEL-KAYANO 22 is a structured cushioning shoe that provides cushioning and stability. Perfect for overpronators with flat feet, the GEL-KAYANO 22 is a fantastic choice that is worth considering. It boasts of a superb new upper, improved underfoot outsoles and a brand new technology for the midfoot shank. It is the finest option for flat feet because of the impressive arch flexibility for slight, moderate overpronators.

If you experience some discomfort with your regular running shoes, then it may be best to discover what these shoes have to offer. In fact, this model provides remarkable support and protection on your feet because of the high-end materials that cater to the needs of overpronators who tend to overstress several portions of their lower leg, as well as their foot.

Dynamic DuoMax material provides firmness in the midsole and Exoskeletal firm heel counter provides a better fitting in the heel for stability, features perfect for flat feet.

Although the earlier versions of the GEL KAYANO have provided a good level of support for overpronators with flat feet, this model proves to be much more efficient in catering to the needs of this type of runners. With some tweaks made on this new and improved model, you can expect greater support, stability, and cushion with every stride that you make.

It may also be worth noting that the design is as impressive as its features. For instance, the materials used in the uppers are stunning and quite stylish. You will almost feel as though these shoes enhance your moves just as a posh automobile does. The great amount of insulation, protection, and other brilliant features all add up to your convenience with each move you make.


Asics GT 2000 2


This Asics shoes model aim to provide runners with great comfort and stability, particularly among those who are prone to overpronation. Since overpronators are susceptible to painful knees and shins, these shoes are excellent options to enhance your satisfaction with each stride. Moreover, the Asics GT 2000 come with a dual-density medial post midsole that serves as the length of the arch of your foot.

These shoes also feature the Dynamic DuoMax or EVA foam that is much denser and more comfortable than other materials found in other brands. Hence, overpronators will find it ideal to wear these shoes, although heavy pronators are better off with another model since the material of these shoes may be not as suitable for them.

As for the build of the Asics GT 2000, you will notice that it comes with a rounder toe box and narrower forefoot area. This model is great for individuals who have narrow and long feet because of the shoes’ shallow upper.

Overall, the remarkable cushioning and comfortable gel pods make this Asics shoes model a good option for overpronation as it minimizes shock while enhancing stability.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14 – For Moderate Overpronation




Exude your sense of fashion with the GTS 14 by Brooks. This fascinating shoe model is nothing like what you have seen before as it is not only comfortable and stable, but it is visually appealing, as well. Every feature found in these shoes exudes style while ensuring your protection and comfort all day long. This is the top selling Brooks’s running and walking shoe.The shoe is flexible and cushioned at the heel and forefront area.

This shoes gives a lot of stability and the midsole foam on the medial side gets firm as your ankle starts rolling inwards. It also provides stability on the outside part of a shoe.

You will notice the unique lacing system that aims to eliminate any pressure on your feet while providing you with a snug and comfortable fit. It also offers the right amount of cushioning and balance, so every landing does not come with a slight hint of discomfort at all. With these features, each step you make with these shoes feels almost as though you are walking on clouds!

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14 is perfect if you have a moderate overpronation. It provides more support than Asics Gel Kayano due to its BioMoGo DNA midsole which prevents rolling ankles inwards. Progressive Diagonal Rollbar helps in stabilizing feet by preventing overpronation.The upper has no sew in layouts and therefore, it has a loose fit.

The shoes are well balanced, comfortable and very supportive. These shoes also feature the Brooks DNA technology, designed to make the inside of the shoe more comfortable. The Brooks DNA cushioning technology allows the inside of the shoe to adapt to your movement for added comfort. The midsole features the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar to facilitate a smooth transition from the midfoot to the forefoot. The crash pad which is of full length helps in proving cushioning.The midsole is biodegradable, which make these shoes a great purchase if you are conscious about the environment. It makes full contact with the ground and sole is more flexible than Kayano.


This running shoe is regarded as a premium brand, which will offer you with a greater running experience. The exceptional cushioning will ensure your feet are protected, supported and will combat any over-pronation. The upper part of the shoe is seamless which will give you a feeling of sock like comfort.


New Balance 1340 – For Moderate Overpronation



The New Balance 1340 is designed for optimal control. These shoes are ideal if you have a moderate overpronation. The cushioning is very generous and will make running a lot more comfortable. These running shoes are very breathable thanks to the mesh and synthetic materials used. These are great if you live in a warm area or need some comfortable running shoes for the summer time. You will find these shoes extremely supportive thanks to a few different features, including a light cushioned midsole, a heel that can absorb shocks and a medial support designed for torsional stability.

New Balance 587 running shoes – For Severe Overpronation



In spite of its classic appearance, the New Balance 587 running shoes are packed with innovations. They feature an amazing rollbar TPU posting system designed to minimize the movements of your rear foot. The midsole cushioning is made to support your feet and allow for more durability. They are also made from a compression-molded material for more flexibility. The mesh materials used make the shoes comfortable and very light. These running shoes are designed for severe overpronators.


New Balance 1260v3 Running Shoes


Another great running shoe would be the New Balance 860 V3 it offers the ultimate support for over-pronation. They provide technology known as ABZORB heel crash, the design is made to give you the runner a smooth, light and extremely stable run.


Features of the New Balance 860 V3

  • 12mm drop, this can vary in the manufacturing and development stages. So it is safe to say that the 12mm is an approximate measurement for the shoes.
  • The crash pad known as ABZORB allows for stability, control and enhanced motion for the heel part of the shoe.
  • The outsole is made out of blown rubber.
  • The upper of the shoe is made out of synthetic breathable mesh.
  • Foam based EVA saddle.
  • The shoe comes with an approval from Medicare and comes in the following styles: M860GY3, M860BK3, and M860SB3.

Saucony Women’s Hurricane 16 – LightWeight Shoes



The Saucony Women’s Hurricane 16 is another option you should consider. These shoes are ideal if you are looking for a fun and colorful design. These running shoes are designed for the moderate overpronator and feature a heel to toe differential or only 8 mm. The heel of these shoes is designed to lock the heel in place and make the shoes more comfortable. The PowerGrid midsole will provide you with stability and comfort. The Saucony Women’s Hurricane 15 is a great choice if you need light and flexible shoes. While most shoes designed for overpronators tend to be bulky, the Hurricanes are surprisingly lightweight.


Mizuno Women’s Wave Alchemy 12



The Mizuno Women’s Wave Alchemy 12 deserve to be on this list of the best running shoes for women with flat feet because of their amazing Mizuno Wave midsole. The technology developed by Mizuno allows for an excellent absorption of shocks and dissipate impacts. The transition from heel to toe is comparable to the movement of a rocking chair thanks to the smoothness of the midsole. The shoes also feature a Dynamotion technology that allows for a seamless motion of the foot when you run.


These are some of the best running shoes for women with flat feet. You can find all these products on the Internet, but it might be best to visit a few stores so you can try different running shoes. If have flat feet, assess how important the overpronation is before buying shoes. Some products are designed for women with a mild overpronation while others provide more support for individuals who have a severe overpronation.  If you need lightweight shoes, then try Saucony Women’s Hurricane 16.


4. Saucony  Omni 13 Stability Running Shoes

Saucony Omni 13

Here is another notable brand of stability shoe that is ideal for runners who suffer from mild to moderate overpronation. In fact, it can also target the special needs of individuals who experience serious pronation concerns, thanks to the high level of stability that these shoes offer. The secret lies in the structure, design and material found in the Omni 12, which is pretty much like no other.

These shoes are a combination of great cushioning and excellent support. This shoe has one of the softest forefronts which is about an inch thick. Due to a lot of support, these shoes do not flex a lot. They have rigid midsole. They are one of the lightest shoes as well.

These shoes come with a straight last or shape and a broad outsole. Thus, you will notice that the base portion is quite wide, and this offers a roomy platform to support your foot. Since the shoe is shaped in a semi-straight quality, you can expect ample level of stability from the footwear. Furthermore, these shoes have rounded heel edge, and that is all you need to prevent your foot from rolling inward as you hit the ground when you walk or run.

Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 10 Stability Running Shoe

Mizuno Men's Wave Inspire 10 Running Shoe

Staying active does not have to cause you any discomfort, as long as you wear the right pair of shoes for your condition. This product by Mizuno enhances your overall experience each time you run because of its durable rubber sole, lightweight and breathable mesh and synthetic upper. These features all add up to the stability and cushioning quality of this one-of-a-kind model of stability shoes for men.

Among the other brilliant features, you will like about the product include the “DynaMotion” fit design that enhances the perfect fit on your foot. It also comes with the unique “SmoothRide” engineering that keeps every stride smooth and efficient with every transition that you make. With shock-absorbing heel cushioning, midsole ventilation to keep your feet dry, and durable carbon rubber sole, you can be sure that this product is a solid investment for active individuals just like you.


 3. Asics GEL DS Trainer 19

Asics GEL DS Trainer 19 Men

Another fantastic option for overpronators is the GEL-DS Trainer by Asics. At first glance, the amazing aesthetics and design of these shoes will captivate your attention. However, there is more to this pair of shoes than its stunning good looks. Aside from its enchanting neon green color, asymmetrical lacing and other significant elements, these shoes have so much more to offer.

As with other models of Asics shoes, this one comes with the Dynamic DuoMax or a type of foam that supports the needs of overpronators while limiting any jarring movements all runners are prone to make. It also goes hand in hand with the superior cushioning compound made of gel material for additional cushion.

To make it even better, these shoes feature the Propulsion Trusstic, a portion that supports the shoring up in the middle portion of the shoes. It aims to enhance the overall response and protection of the shoes while you are at the peak of your run.


Keep in mind that it is important to wear shoes adapted to the shape of your feet in order to prevent injuries. You will also find that wearing shoes adapted to your feet makes running a lot more comfortable. Compare the different products mentioned in this list and do more research about specialized running shoes to find a product that fits your needs.

When it comes to buying stability running shoes for flat feet, it is best to consider your specific needs and preferences. These remarkable models of running shoes offer you just what you need when you expect to experience a good level of convenience, comfort, and stability in every step of the way. So, choose from these fine selections of stability shoes and attain total satisfaction from these spectacular running shoes.

Runners that have low arches need to be more critical in choosing the right type of footwear. Since they are more likely to have running injuries, the shoes are the best protection and prevention they have from more serious foot problems. If you have mild pronation or low arches, shoes that offer maximum stability with a tremendously soft, cushioned feel underfoot are ideal choices.

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