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Why Comfortable Summer Shoes for Women Are Year-Round Footwear

Shoes take up the most room in a travel bag headed for a summer getaway. It is important to pick summer shoes that are not a hassle during a trip. Comfortable summer shoes for women are essential if you plan to make the most of a vacation. Summer shoes are also must-have items if you want to enjoy warmer months ahead. Here are a few more reasons summer shoes should be a staple in your wardrobe.


To be Beach Ready


Walking shoes will not quite cut it if you plan to roam around different summer spots. Even if you are only going to the mall with the sun beating down the pavement, lace-up shoes can be quite stifling. Comfortable summer shoes for women are the smarter choice of footwear to get you summer and beach ready.


Summer shoes like sandals handle walking on sand well if you decide to drop by the beach. If a handful of sand does get into the sandals, you can shake it off and get back to enjoying the sun. Sneakers or regular walking shoes for off-road trips are ideal if you know for sure that you will not stop off a beach or pass by a river. You wound not want sand getting trapped inside your sneakers or wear wet sneakers are you walk around. For spontaneous excursions, pack light and feel prepared anytime by bringing sandals.


Good for Your Feet


A summer vacation or break from work can mean venturing into the great outdoors for some. This means that your feet will have to deal with sand, rocky trails and other types of surfaces. In order to keep your feet in good condition and avoid health problems, wear comfortable shoes with good arch support. The Provence collection from Dansko offers comfortable summer shoes for women like sandals with leather foot beds that provide all day support.


Functional Footwear


If you want to travel light, pick clothes and footwear that have multiple uses such as slacks and sandals. You can use slacks as a casual or semiformal wear on a trip. For shoes, you can wear sandals on the beach as well as the mall. It is smarter to bring functional items instead of your favorite pair of heels or jeans. That way, your shoes still fit in the bag along with your shopping hauls and used clothes.


Durable Shoes


Summer shoes like sandals and flops are not just comfortable. They are also durable footwear you can rely on during warm temperate climate. If you want to check the durability of a shoe, you can start by examining the outsole. Footwear with a flexible polyurethane outsole like sandals from Dansko is durable for long-term wear.


Stylish Items


Straps and style often go hand in hand, and what better way to wear style in the summer than with sandals. The Pasha sandals from Dansko feature a stylish T-strap with a hook and loop closure. With this shoe, you do not have to worry about getting a silhouette that mostly heeled shoes offer. Even if they are sandals, they have an extra one and a half inch to boost height and improve your overall look.


Provides Comfort That You Need


Going to summer hot spots does not always guarantee comfort. However, with comfortable summer shoes for women, you can enjoy the beach, the trail, or just taking a break at home. Although you can always wear your favorite staple shoes for work or for errands, summer shoes are shoes best worn during hotter seasons for a variety of reasons.


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