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Best shoes For Lower Back pain

If you experience lower back pain, you may not realize that your shoes can cause it. Women typically wear shoes that compress the vertebrae in the lower back. High heels are notorious for this. If your lower back pain is caused by your shoes, you will be happy to know that choosing the best shoes for lower back pain can do you a world of good. Of course, you should see your doctor before treating your lower back pain yourself. He may refer you to a podiatrist for special attention. If your doctor and your podiatrist have both exhausted all options, you may very well be able to solve your problem on your own by simply changing your shoes. In this article we will discuss some of the causes of lower back pain and some great shoes that can bring you relief. Read on to learn more.

What are some causes of lower back pain?

You may be experiencing lower back pain because of such complex problems as rheumatoid or osteoarthritis. Additionally, a woman often has problems with osteoporosis due to loss of calcium in the bones after childbearing years. These serious conditions should be diagnosed and treated by your doctor; however, you may also find some relief from lower back pain by only wearing properly fitted therapeutic shoes.

Another common cause of lower back pain is simply the wear and tear caused by aging. As we grow older, our feet begin to wear out. You may experience symptoms such as a thinning of the cushion on the sole of your foot. This can cause a great deal of foot pain, which in turn causes tension and back pain.

Having flat feet can also cause lower back pain due to overpronation. Luckily, this problem can be well resolved by wearing comfortable motion control shoes or stability shoes depending on the severity of overpronation.


What are some of the qualities to look for in women’s best shoes for lower back pain?

When seeking good shoes to help relieve lower back pain, think practically. You will definitely want to select shoes with sensible heels. Don’t go for heels any higher than two inches. Additionally, good supportive shoes that will cradle your feet and relieve your aching back must have ample cushioning and excellent arch support. If your podiatrist has recommended specific orthotics for you, be sure to select a type and size of shoe that has plenty of room to place them comfortably.

Eight Great Choices in Shoes For Lower Back Pain


 1. Skechers Go Walk 3 Shoes for arthritis of Hip Joint, Knee joint or foot Joints

Skechers Go Walk 3 Shoes


Your shoes provide protection and support to your feet, which help keep you balanced. The features you need to look for in walking shoes if you have back pain is good arch support. Walking is a form of exercise that relieves back pain in itself. It is important to have the ideal footwear that can support you on your way to better health.

They are super lightweight, flexible outsole, very comfortable walking shoes. They offer good cushioning with moderate arch support and are perfect shoes if you experience pain due to arthritis of the hip, knee or ankle.

2. New Balance 928 – Motion Control Shoe for Overpronation and Supination

New Balance 928


These excellent shoes have a roll-bar to control motion. They have ample padding and good arch support to help you get through your day with less impact to feet, joints, and lower back. The NB 928 aligns your feet correctly to reduce stress on the ankles, knees and back.


3. Merrell Encore Breeze 3

Merrell Encore Breeze 3

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The Merrell Women’s Encore Breeze 3 Fashion Sneaker is a comfortable, easy to wear slip on mule style. This casual shoe featuring Q Form Technology is made of breathable mesh. The padded faux leather collar ensures a comfortable and secure fit. The shoe is also lined with mesh for good air circulation. The anatomical foot-bed and secure rubber outsole assure comfort and safety in every step.

 4. Orthaheel Womens Walker Shoes

Orthaheel Womens Walker Shoes

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These shoes are orthopedic and are designed by a Podiatrist and they are made on orthaheal motion control technology to realign the feet, legs and hip. They offer deep heal cup, stability and motion control to prevent overpronation. They have several styles to choose including sandals. Many of these shoes are approved by APMA.

Vionic Sydney Womens Leather Loafers – Orthaheal

Vionic Sydney Womens Leather Loafers

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Lower Back Pain

Vionic by Orthaheel Womens Tide II Sandal

Vionic by Orthaheel Womens Tide II Sandal

 Vionic is a new name of Orthaheel. These sandals offer deal heal cup and realign your feet to relieve back pain and knee joint pain. They offer good arch support and have a motion control technology to prevent overpronation. These shoes help in relieving heal pain due to plantar fasciitis.


5. Dansko Professional Tooled

Dansko Professional Tooled Women

Danskos are  great shoes to alleviate lower back pain. These shoes have a very prominent arch support. Their specialized design effectively reduces ankle and knee stress. Many women say that once they own a pair of Dansko shoes, they will never wear any other brand. The relief of joint and lower back pains these shoes provide is truly phenomenal.

6. MBT Mahuta Walking Shoe

MBT Women's Sport3 Walking Shoe


MBT Shoes for women come in lots of styles and colors. These innovative shoes are attractive and high tech with thick rubber soles that encourage muscle activity with every step. Their unique design is comfortable and helps strengthen your feet and legs while improving your gait and posture.


8. Skechers Shape Ups

Skechers Women's Shape Ups Sneaker

Skechers Shape Ups come in lots of styles and colors. The XF Accelerator is a comfortable lace up sneaker that is highly recommended for relief of back pain. These shoes have a thick, cushiony sole that absorbs shock and cradles your foot for all day comfort.


Consider these excellent shoes an investment!


Women’s best shoes for lower back pain are definitely not cheap. Be that as it may, once you experience the difference a really good pair of therapeutic shoes can make in the way you feel, you will know they are worth the investment. All of the shoes we have listed here are high quality, well made and long lasting. You are sure to be thrilled with any choice from this list.


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