Skechers Steel Toe Shoes for Women

If you work outside of an office in an industrial setting or out of doors, and you need a pair of work boots, it’s best to search for the pair that is comfortable, durable and supportive. You want to be sure that the boots fit you well and protect your feet from hazardous materials. Poor footwear can cause damage to your feet and your overall body structure. In an industrial setting or a construction setting, you run the added risk of accidents that can break bones. When you work in dangerous conditions prone to falling objects or debris, steel toe is one of those features you need to look for in a shoe. For this reason, it is important for you in nontraditional fields to wear properly fitted safety boots. Luckily, one of the best shoemakers on the market today makes excellent work shoes and boots. That company is Sketchers. The Best Skechers Steel toe Boots and shoes are perfect for nontraditional and traditional jobs.

You probably already have a pair or two of Sketchers comfortable, well-made shoes in your closet. Now you can select Skechers steel toe shoes to keep you safe on the job whether you work in a factory, warehouse, construction site or other nontraditional work settings for women and men. No matter what type of job you have, you can trust Sketchers to provide just the right work shoe or boot for comfort and safety.

All Sketchers steel toed work boots conform to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) safety standards. You should also remember that hazards in the workplace are not limited to heavy objects falling on your toes. You may also encounter electrical dangers that would require you to wear work boots or shoes with thick rubber safety soles to protect you from electrocution. Sketchers work boots are also American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) rated to meet safety requirements in terms of electrical hazards.

The Best Options on the Market:

The best Skechers Steel Toe Boots are going to be the ones that fit you the best and work the best for your needs. You need to be sure to account for the fact that you are going to be using them all day and figure out which ones are most comfortable for you. This can only be done by trying the different shoes out. You can order them from Amazon and return the ones that you choose not to keep.

There are many brands of steel toe shoes and boots available including Skechers. Below we will discuss some of the best Skechers steel toe boots options on the market.

Heavy Duty, Non-Traditional Work

1. Skechers for Work Women’s Workshire Peril Steel Toe Boot

Skechers for Work Workshire Peril Boot is an excellent choice for women in very nontraditional and rugged fields. This Relaxed Fit lace up boot sports great, vintage good looks in gorgeous, durable leather. It features extra padding around the throat of the boot for complete comfort. The sole is ultra-treaded for sure footing. This fine looking boot is available in traditional brown or stylish wheat (natural leather) shades. The Workshire Peril boot weighs about 13 to 18 oz, and it is lightweight. If you are in need of a lightweight safety toe shoe, Tottle or D’Lites SR is approved for composite safety toe which is made of aluminum alloy, and they are in lightweight.

The full-length memory foam footbed is well-padded, absorbs shock and provides arch support by molding to the shape of your feet. If you have flat feet, it will provide you enough cushioning and support to prevent overpronation. The Peril boot’s outsole is not tested for Mark II Slip Resistant, but it’s nitrile rubber will give you a good grip and traction. They are EH safe and will protect you from electric shocks.

They are relaxed fit boots and are designed for the roomier fit. They can accommodate any forefront foot deformity. The cushioned memory foam footbed will provide you the custom fit, and you can walk comfortably and safely all day in any no traditional job.

2. Skechers for Work Men’s Workshire Relaxed Fit Work Steel Toe Boot

Skechers Workshire Steel Toe Boot is for men and offers roomy toe box for a comfortable fit. This is a great option that Sketchers offers. The Skechers workshire steel toe boot is an excellent choice because it provides superior comfort with a durable construction. Many people utilize this as their go-to boot because of its durability. This particular boot features an incredibly durable leather and a full-length memory foam insole. These boots look great, and they do the job just fine. If you are working in construction, these boots will do you justice. They have the perfect lightweight feel for walking around all day, and yet they can stand up to the toughest tasks. These particular boots come in; black or brown. Both of the colors look fantastic and can provide you with an excellent pair of boots that will be sure to last a long time.

5- 6 inches work boots are a familiar sight in many job sites. This type of boot is mostly popular in the construction and agriculture industry such as farming or logging work. If there are rough, muddy, or uneven surfaces, this is the type of footwear for the job.

If you are looking for waterproof steel toe work shoes but do not need slip resistant, then look into Blais collection of ankle boots for men and women.

3. Skechers Blais Steel Toe Hiker work Shoes for Men and Women

If you are looking for all terrains safety steel toe hiking style boots for men and women, then take a look at Skechers Blais work shoes. These are waterproof lace up design ankle boots which provides you a comfortable fit and are breathable. The upper is made of leather and mesh with overlays and stitching that provide support. These shoes are rated for ASTM safety toe which is equivalent to the OSH. They provide additional protection by heel and toe protection bumpers. They are also EH safe and rated.

The shoes are made of removable memory foam footbed. The midsole is well padded for shock absorption. The padded tongue and collar give you additional comfort. The Blais boots feature a rubber outsole which provides excellent traction for all terrain. You can use these shoes for hiking, casual wear or on concrete floors. They are little heavier and weighs around 16-22 oz. They are comfortable and breathable. They are one of the best Skechers steel toe boots on the market today.

Search and rescue efforts carried out on unpredictable terrain can be one of the most dangerous jobs out there. From the name, these types of Skechers work shoes for men and women are perfect for backpackers and day hikers. Having shoes built for hikers can make the journey a little safer. People who work mountain rescue jobs need to have a solid pair of hiker footwear.




not slip resistant

4. Skechers for Work Women’s Doyline Steel Toe Hiker Boot

If you need a roomy forefront with the slip resistant steel toe work shoe, Doyline will be the shoe for you. It is made of a nubuck leather upper with the relaxed fit design for roomier comfortable fit and a lace-up closure for a more secure and adjustable fit. It features a padded tongue and collar for a little bit of extra comfort and support around the heel and ankles. The memory foam footbed is well-cushioned for shock absorption that will give you extra comfort and support for the work hard day. It also features a smooth fabric lining and nitrile slip resistant rubber outsole for traction. The steel toe safety toe is ASTM rated to make sure that your feet are protected.

The relaxed fit design for women offers wide toe box for bunions or any other forefront foot problems and memory foam that conforms to the shape of your feet and will fix pronation problems. The contoured footbed provides good arch support if you have flat feet.

5. Skechers for Work Men’s Soft Stride-Chatham Lace-Up Slip Resistant Sneaker

If you are looking for a pair of steel toe shoes for many different work conditions, then take a look at SOFT STRIDE CONSTRUCTOR ST boots for Men. The supportive and cushioning footbed provides a lot of comfort for all day long work. The midsole provides cushioning for shock absorption. The padded tongue and collar will add comfort and support to the ankle.

The Sketchers SOFT STRIDE steel toe boots are an excellent option for those that are looking for serious slip resistant work shoes. They have a very good construction, and because they are made with smooth oiled leather upper, they can be worn comfortably for many different work conditions. Not to mention, they also feature an oil resistant, high abrasion nitrile rubber outsole which is OSHA compliant. The safety toe is rated for ASTM. They are EH safe and rated for that. This makes them the superior boots to be used when dealing with severe hazardous conditions to protect your feet.

This is one of the best options on the market because it features an all-around design that is good in many different conditions. It has a slip resistant sole along with a memory foam insole. It features reinforced stitched seams that allow for heavy duty usage. This makes this particular boot extremely durable and sturdy. You can use this boot in many different conditions and expect it to hold up to whatever you can throw at them. This one of the best steel toe shoes available from Skechers which can be used for many different work conditions.

 Skechers Ruffneck Steel Toe Wellington Boot for Men

Here is a great option for those men looking for durable and looking good steel toe boots. This boot comes in oiled smooth leather which is water resistant. This is easy to maintain and clean. The safety toe will help in protecting the feet. It is rated for ASTM safety toe. It is a slip on steel toe wellington boot complete with stitching accents and a removable memory foam cushioning insole. Therefore, you can expect the same comfort as Sketchers is known for the relaxed fit design and will make your long day a lot better and comfortable. This is a great option for those that are looking for a stylish set of boots that are going to be extremely durable and yet very comfortable. Consumers love this boot because it offers great comfort alongside a fashionable design. The outsole is slip resistant for oil and wet surfaces, but it has not been tested. The boots are rated for EH for protecting your feet.

Skechers Wellington boots do not only look good on Cowboys because of the design. It is also ideal for those who work in manufacturing industries. Jobs that involve processing and handling of chemicals need this kind of work shoe. The extra material covering the area above the ankles offers better protection against hazardous elements.

 Sketchers Steel Toed Work Shoes for More Traditional Work Settings

While you might not think you need steel toe safety boots and shoes in the healthcare field, you may want to think again. For one thing, healthcare workers spend long and tiring hours on their feet, so it’s smart to wear high-quality shoes or boots such as Sketchers. Additionally, medical personnel do handle some heavy equipment from wheelchairs to gurneys to x-ray machines. This type of maneuvering requires good traction and solid footing, and you never know when your foot may be run over! If and when this happens, you will be very glad to be wearing a pair of steel-toed work shoes instead of a pair of rubber Crocs!

Skechers SURE TRACK VONN Steel toe- Relaxed Fit for Women

These are one of the most comfortable shock absorbing work steel toe shoes. Women who work in industrial or institutional kitchens or nontraditional careers such as plumbing will also appreciate Skechers steel toe shoes Sure track.

Sketchers Work: Felix – Doozer Steel Toe Work Shoe for Women

Sketchers Work: Felix is an excellent example of a shoe that fulfills all criteria for a great job shoe for the healthcare profession. Available in black and white, this extraordinarily comfortable, good-looking, lace-up work shoe sports a thick, slip-resistant rubber sole for excellent footing and safety. Sketcher Work Boots & Shoes Are Also Water Resistant. Not only is it rugged and comfortable with good traction built right in, but it is also waterproof to keep your feet dry and comfortable all day.

It is a sporty casual lace up work steel toe shoes for women with padded tongue and collar, soft textile lining, cushioned removable insoles. The midsole absorbs shock and will provide you comfort all day long. The outsole is tested for slip resistant. Also, it is safe for EH.

Skechers Vegan Steel Toe Shoes for Men

SKECHERS Work Conroe

  • Roomier relaxed fit shoe
  • durable, comfortable, and provide stability
  • Steel Toe
  • Slip Resistant outsole


If you are planning on purchasing a pair of Sketchers work boots, you are going to benefit from going onto Amazon and making your purchase. You can usually find the best prices by going directly to Amazon. They have some of the best prices on Sketcher’s boots that you can find on the Internet. Also, they usually feature a free return policy that allows you to try the shoes on in the comfort of your own home and see which shoes suit your foot the best.

You can check out all of the different product review websites to see which shoes are the most highly rated among consumers. You will likely see that all of the boots mentioned in the article are very highly rated and you simply cannot go wrong with any option that you choose. The bottom line that you want to consider is the fact that you are going to be wearing them.

As you can see, there are a ton of different options that you can go with when dealing with the Sketchers brand. It really all comes down to preference and what you will be using the boots for. If you are in construction, you may want to go with option number four. Whereas, if you are working outside in the fierce elements, you may want to go with option number five. The good news is that all of the sketchers boots that we have gone over in this article are up to the task. You are going to be safe wearing a pair of Sketchers.

As with any pair of boots, they are going to get more comfortable as you wear them. As the boots learn the shape of your foot and as the leather breaks in, you will eventually obtain the perfect fitting boot for your best satisfaction.

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