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ASICS Women Trail Running Shoes

Trail running is a fantastic way to get exercise while being immersed in the wonders of the great outdoors. Explore trails new and familiar, soak up the sights and atmosphere or push your physical limits with a serious run. Whatever your goal and wherever your destination, one thing that is essential for a good trail running experience is the right pair of shoes to keep you safe from harm, free from fatigue, confident and always surefooted. In this line up, we’ll examine some of the features and highlights of ASICS women trail running shoes.

ASICS is a Japanese sportswear and sports equipment manufacturer. Their huge catalog contains products for practically every type of sport, but of particularly notable quality is their wide selection of footwear. Since its beginning in 1949, ASICS has grown to a worldwide brand, recognized by professional athletes the world over as a quality source of high performance equipment. Their sizable catalog also includes selections for every level of athlete, the casual user, and just about any price range.

Let’s have a look at some of the finest ASICS women trail running shoes.


1. ASICS GEL-Kahana 7 Trail Running Shoe – Everyday Shoe for Neutral to Moderate Pronation

ASICS GEL-Kahana 7 Trail Running Shoe


Crafted from synthetic leather and mesh in the shoes upper body and equipped with a removable insole, this is a shoe dedicated to optimal stability: keeping you safely moving by providing a stable platform. The GEL cushioning provides exceptional shock absorption, taking the brunt of each movement and transferring very little shock to the foot and leg.

Don’t be deceived by the light weight of the Kahana’s – these shoes have more than enough durability to keep up with even the most punishing trails and still perform well and be ready for future use.  It has Reversed lugs outsole ( which is designed specifically for trail) provides downhill and uphill traction on all kind of terrain. The fantastic space age synthetic leathers are exceptionally durable without adding too much weight and remain breathable. This shoe is recommended for Neutral or mild to moderate overpronation.

2. ASICS GT 2000 2 Trail Running Shoe – Neutral to Moderate Overpronation

 ASICS GT 2000 2 Trail Running Shoe



This is a great go-to trail running shoe for mild to moderate ovepronators, providing great support and reducing fatigue even after long runs. These provide an exceptionally smooth ride with the help of the midsole Impact Guidance System, and ASICS Dynamic DuoMax Support technology providing optimal comfort and stability. Engineered to help the natural performance of your stride, the GT 2000’s cushion the foot and provide additional propulsion with each step.

With forefoot and rearfoot GEL cushioning, the GT 2000’s are definitely a pair for anyone with concerns about fatigue or who want that extra shock absorption. The ergonomically designed midsole provide additional protection, supporting and cushioning the entire foot every step of the way. The outsole is trail specific which provides great traction on all kind of terrains. The shoe is lightweight and weighs only 11.2 Ozs.


3. ASICS GEL-Venture 4 Trail Running Shoe – Neutral to Supinators

ASICS GEL-Venture 4 Trail Running Shoe


With the excellent shock absorption that’s to be expected of the GEL line, the Venture 4’s are a pair of women’s trail running shoes which manage to be exceptional in every crucial aspect of a quality trail running shoe. Features such as the removable sock liner for replacement of orthotics and AHAR (high abrasion rubber reinforcing the soles for maximum durability) also make this a pair sure to last a long time, able to sustain potentially years of running.

Made from a combination of synthetic and mesh. Lightweight, coming in at about 9 ounces – a shoe that you could practically forget you have on, once you get used to it. Indeed, the goal of a good pair of trail running shoes is to become a natural extension of the body, a quality in which the Venture 4’s definitely succeed.


4. ASICS GEL-Scout Trail Running Shoe – Neutral to Moderate overpronation

SICS GEL-Scout Trail Running Shoe


The GEL-Scout Trail Running Shoes are a pair which is ready for anything – through rocky trails, dusty dunes, and muddy mires or even punishing asphalts, the Gel-Scout trail running shoes have all the cushioning and reinforcement to keep your feet safe and up and running even on wet surfaces! Providing exceptional traction and support, the Scouts are designed to be high performance on the trail, gripping to whatever you may find yourself on with the firm stability necessary to run with ease and confidence.

Features such as the Rock Protection Plate, keeping your shoes well in tact and free from being penetrated by sharp rocks, make the Scout’s a great option for anyone looking at tougher terrain – but they are fantastic in most situations. The anti-gravel tongue helps ensure no debris of any sort manage to make their way into the body of the shoe and cause irritation or force you to stop and replace. The shoes heel clutching feature and wet-grip outsole combine to provide excellent support even in muddy conditions with low traction. It is extremely lightweight and weighs only 9.8 oz.

A fantastic selection for the serious trail runner or newcomer alike!


5. ASICS Gel-Fuji Trainer 3 Trail Running Shoe – Neutral or Underpronators or Supinators

ASICS Gel-Fuji Trainer 3 Trail Running Shoe


One of the main highlights of the Gel-Fuji Trainer 3 Trail Running Shoe’s is the SpEVA Midsole Material, which is cleverly engineered to provide bounce back with every step and acts to reduce midsole breakdown to provide a smoother run and a more comfortable experience. ASICS Trail Specific Outsole feature acts to provide great traction and grip and is designed to help with tackling hills, even steeper hills, by providing additional support whether ascending or descending.

Equipped with rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning, these also provide a great deal of shock absorption and a bit of additional propulsion. Made from durable synthetic materials combined with a mesh, these are quite capable of handling rough trails and extended runs. It is lightweight and weighs only 7.7 oz. They are breathable due to perforated sockliner which helps in draining the moisture. Anti Gravel Tongue helps in preventing the debris to enter in the shoe.


Here we’ve taken a look at just a few of the offerings in ASICS huge catalog. These are some of the best (and most affordable) options available from our survey of the ASICS women trail running shoes catalog. Equipping yourself with the proper pair of trail running shoes is the first step in exploring all the wonders offered by the great outdoors in the form of trail runs! Enjoy the privacy of a secluded trail, the fantastic views in locations accessible only by foot, and all the great health benefits of running – all with the help of a pair of quality shoes to keep you safe and on the move.

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