Best Shoes for Standing All Day

If you have to stand or walk on your feet most of the day, you might find yourself with a variety of foot problems due to the wrong shoes that go far beyond tired and aching feet leading to foot, knee, back pain and blisters. The best way to prevent foot pain and reduce the risk of developing foot problems is to wear right shoes with the right amount of support and the cushion. The best shoes for standing all day should offer proper fitting, absorb shock, support arches, control pronation and distribute weight evenly on your feet. Replace the shoes if worn out, too tight, unsupported or too loose. A pair of tennis shoes with thick stiff soles would be the best choice. Use over the counter insoles if you need extra cushioning or support.

Move around frequently and try to sit for some time if possible. Anti-Fatigue Mats will help reduce the strain on your feet by providing cushioning to the standing area. See the podiatrist for custom orthotics if foot pain persists. Look for high-quality shoes with APMA approval. Crocs are the most affordable With APMA seal of approval. When wearing Crocs and other APMA approved shoes such as Dansko, your feet will ache less, and you will acquire more energy by day’s end.  Try on different pairs of shoes until you find an entirely comfortable pair.

New Balance 928 walking shoe is the one of the most popular and recommended shoes by podiatrists for any of foot problem.

Top Brands offering the Best Shoes for Standing All Day

There are a few big brands on the market that have known for making comfortable, supporting shoes for hospital and restaurant industry. Each of these shoes are different, but they all have one thing in common: they are comfortable shoes for on feet all day. There are also walking, running and cross training shoes for all kind of arch and pronation problems.

DANSKO Shoes for Standing All Day

First off, if you work long hours standing and walking and experience heel pain, Dansko shoes are for you. They will protect your feet due to stiff and thick soles and superior arch support. Dansko is a well-known brand that produces quality shoes for people who have to be on their feet a lot and for that reason they are popular among hospital workers due to promoting high foot health. Dansko has an extensive range of colors and styles, so you should be able to find the ideal pair to suit your needs, whether you have casual use or work use in mind. Individual specifications will vary depending on the style. Dansko shoe styles are APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) approved.

If you are shopping for shoes with high heels, the Dansko Clogs offer heels that are wider and shorter than the prototypical heels. No higher than two inches, these heels also give you stability when you feel side-to-side stress. The upper has made of high-quality leather or synthetic material. Some styles feature shiny leather uppers that are easy to clean. Sockliner keeps the feet dry.

Dansko shoes help in relieving foot pain by reducing overpronation and aligning the feet correctly. That helps in reducing knee and back pain. They also offer roomy toe box that makes them more comfortable to wear for prolong time. The spacious forefront makes the shoe suitable for any forefoot deformity that requires ample toe area. Other features include rocker sole that reduces stress at the metatarsal area for better foot joint movements and excellent cushioning to absorb shock.

Dansko XP Pro for Standing all Day

Dansko prides themselves on creating stylish, comfortable, slip-resistant shoes with excellent cushioning and arch support for the workplace. The Dansko XP style is a prime example of this philosophy. You’ll find plenty of women and men wearing the Dansko XP pro in the workplace. If the job scratches or scuffs your shoes, you can quickly remove the visible damage by applying a small amount of wax to the leather. The outsole is entirely slip-resistant. The footbed made from memory foam, but it is removable if you prefer to use your custom orthotics. They last long and are worth every penny.


  • Comfortable for standing all day
  • Recommended shoes for plantar fasciitis
  • Thick well Cushioned sole
  • Superior support for arches
  • Prevents Back pain and joint pain
  • APMA Approved
  • Some styles offer removable footbed with memory foam
  • Available in sneakers, heels, and clogs


  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Stiff

Some people complain of heaviness and stiffness. They are not for everyone. They are great for those people who walk and stand all day to protect their feet.

New Balance 626V2 Cross-training Shoes

New Balance is a brand that is popular with people who have foot problems. New Balance is also famous for making great work shoes that are useful for standing for the extended time at work. Of course, these shoes can also help people from developing problems because of the way that they have constructed. These shoes look more like athletic walking shoes, so they can only be worn on jobs where more casual clothes are allowed.

New Balance offers a wide variety of walking shoes that have more of a sneaker look. They come with Velcro and laces alike. No matter whether you are looking at the New Balance 575, 576, New Balance 812, New Balance 847 or New Balance 928, you get cushioning and stability to make your walking comfortable. The 2015 models of New Balance walking shoes all have an improve rollbar and the patented E-NERGY momentum system, giving you a shoe that responds more to your feet. The leather upper comes with ABZORB cushioning as well as a midsole made of polyurethane. The Walking Strike Path rubber outsole gives the foot stability at all phases. We recommend New Balance 626 V2 for on feet all day due to a lot of cushioning and support for lateral movements. 

If you work in an office and need professional looking New Balance shoes, New Balance Dunham for Men and Aravon for women offer one of the most comfortable shoes for standing all day.

Alegria Shoes

If you are looking for a reliable pair of shoes which provide you comfort and support for standing all day, look into Alegria line of shoes.

Emma Shoes for women from Alegria

The Emma from Alegria has made of premium leather upper and came with a cushioned tongue and collar for comfort and support. The wide toe box will help in free movements of your toes, and it provides enough room to accommodate any forefoot bump. The inside has lined with breathable leather, and it will assist in reducing the moisture and odor. The removable footbed provides support, and you can insert your orthotics if you want. The contoured footbed, a combination of cork, latex and memory foam and memory foam will conform to the shape of your feet to provide support and stability and shock absorption.

The rocker sole bottom will help you to propel forward and will reduce the pressure and associated pain in the metatarsal and heel areas.  The PU outsole is certified slip resistant and will provide you excellent traction on wet and dry surfaces.

If you experience heel pain, arch pain or back pain, try these shoes.

Alegria by PG Lite Men’s

If you feel pain in the ball of the foot, these shoes will help you walk comfortably all day long on your feet and will help you to alleviate the pressure on the metatarsal area due to its rocker sole bottom. The wide toe box will help you to reduce the bunion pain. The memory foam along with the combination of latex and cork will conform to the shape of your feet and will offer you a personalized fit without any problem even if you have narrow feet or wide feet. The outsole is certified slip resistant and will reduce the risk of injury on slippery floors. You will feel less tired at the end of the day due to the rocker sole that will propel you forward throughout the day.

Skechers Shoes for standing all day

Skechers makes an excellent selection of shoes that are great for on feet all day. The Skechers walking shoes are for people on the go and on their feet. Whether you use walking shoes for work, school, or a few quick errands, moving around becomes easier. Skechers walking shoes provide such great arch support and flexibility that it makes you want to walk more. They are functional, attractive, supportive, cushioned and affordable.

Skechers Sketch  Air Cross Training Sneaker

This is a great cross training shoe that is perfect for those who are on their feet all day. It is a light weight shoe, so light that you will probably forget that you have worn shoes. The shoes are also very comfortable and fit the feet very well. The memory foam molding ensures that the shoes have a custom fit for problem feet. Now you no longer have to endure aching feet, especially if you spend a great deal of time on your feet.

Many people agree that these are unbelievably comfortable shoes. Whether you want a shoe for interval jogging, fitness walking, riding an elliptical machine or something else, this is a great cross training shoe. You are going to be pleased with the light weight of the shoe and its versatility. Instead of having to invest a lot of money in some very expensive shoes, you are going to find that this is an affordable shoe that is going to support your feet in whatever activity you choose. The Skech-Air shoes offer a very arch supportive midsole for shock absorption and Gel Infused Memory Foam footbed for added cushioning and arch support. The memory foam footbed is not removable.  According to the reviews, the memory foam footbed is so comfortable that there may not be a need to use your orthotics.

These shoes are also good for knees that have arthritis and hip joints with arthritis. If your shoes conform to the shape of the feet, it can help your feet realign your joints to normal which can relieve a great deal of pain that occurs when people are accustomed to wearing footwear that is not designed to support their feet properly. These shoes are good for people who stand all day long because they provide lateral stability for the feet while you move side to side at work.

Skechers Men’s Work Relaxed Fit Cottonwood Elks

The Cottonwood Elks from Skechers is from the Relaxed Fit collection, and it is a casual dress work shoe. The upper of this lace on design has made of Nappa smooth leather.  The lace on design provides the proper fit. The tongue and collar have nicely cushioned for comfort around the ankles. The removable footbed has memory foam that is well cushioned for shock absorption and will provide comfort throughout the day.  The removable footbed also gives you an option to insert orthotics. The nitrile rubber outsole is certified slip resistant to oil and on a variety of wet and dry surfaces.

Breathable fabric lines the inside. The relaxed fit of this shoe offers a wide toe box, and you will be able to move your toes freely and you will be able to fit bunions in this roomy toe box.  Midsole provides support and cushioning and absorb shock. These are perfect work shoes if you are on your feet all day and need a dressier shoes with slip resistant outsoles.

Skechers Premium sneakers for women

Skechers Premium-Premix sneakers are slip on, for ultimate ease of wear. The shoes are ideal for women on their feet all day. These classic looking sneakers have a cushioned footbed with an EVA midsole, which enhances shock absorption and decreases foot strain. The well-padded tongue and collar also increase comfort. For a secure grip on slippy surfaces, the shoes have a non-marking rubber outsole.

Skechers Premium sneakers for women are casual but stylish everyday sneakers. They have excellent cushioning, arch support, roomy toe box, snug heel and will fit perfectly for your wide feet. They are extremely comfortable, durable and reasonably priced. They are great for working out, walking and standing all day on feet because of the thick heel cushioning for shock absorption. They are great shoes for foot problems because of the wide toe box. They support the arches very well. If your feet hurt after long hours at work and you your job allows you to wear sneakers, then I recommend these shoes. They are high quality, comfortable, looks good and the price is reasonable.

Lastly, the Skechers shoes are fashionable and colorful footwear. Some do not find Skechers walking shoes as cute or stylish, but it can hold its own against a league of shoes that is not only comfortable but stylish too. The Skechers shoes for walking matches the rugged and laid-back fashion well. Comfortable walking shoes that have health benefits just might persuade you to go with a laid-back look instead of dressier styles.

ECCO Shoes for on Feet All Day

Stylish, simple and functional, ECCO shoes are one of the most comfortable shoes in the world. They are designed to ensure you walk naturally and comfortably to keep your feet healthy. The freedom fit will help in providing more space, so you have more room to wiggle in the toe area. Thus increasing the circulation in the toes. They have wide toe box and narrow heel so that wide and narrow feet sizes can fit in the same shoe.

While all Ecco shoes are built to support all type of arches and foot types with the full-length supportive footbed, some models provide more arch support. The lightweight, breathable and flexible nature of these shoes along with soft leather make the perfect choice for travel shoes.

ECCO Fusion for Men on Feet all day

Accepted by APMA, Ecco Fusion is a versatile slip-on shoe for easy on and of for standing and walking all day. In addition to the excellent arch support and best cushioning, The ECFS in the bottom layer of footbed enhances air circulation to keep the feet dry, preventing odor formation along with the antibacterial feature of this material.  The footbed can be removed and provide a lot of shock absorption. The midsole and outsole combine to provide shock absorption from toes to heel, support, and stability. The outsole offers traction for various terrains. The absorption of shock helps in reducing the back pain and discomfort. Made of full grain leather upper, a lot of padding around the tongue and collar along with removable footbed, it will give you cushioning for all day long.

ECCO Women’s Babett Slip-On Walking Shoe

ECCO Babett Shoes made of full grain super soft leather with perforations for breathability is excellent for everyday use. They are comfortable and lightweight. The removable insole with ECFS is the great feature that you can easily insert orthotics. One component polyurethane outsole is durable and flexible. You will find plenty of room in the toe box with the soft leather and excellent padding around the ankles for comfort. No slippage of heel because they are designed to fit the wide toe and narrow heel feet; therefore they can accommodate any foot size. The wonderful arch support and great cushioning for shock absorption make them the # 1 go-to shoe in your wardrobe. They are very supportive and would make a good shoe choice for on feet all day.


Crocs have approved for the seal of the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association). Knowing that APMA has passed the footwear that you plan to put on each day gives you peace of mind.

Whether you work in healthcare, the airline industry, food service, or hospitality, the crocs work shoes are designed to provide comfort and support and are considered one of the best shoes for standing all day. This series of shoes comes in a wide array of designs. They are intended to be both stylish and practical. They are also durable and strong enough to help protect feet from spills in the kitchen and hospitals. If you need to stick to a budget, the good thing about these Crocs is that they are more affordable than many other supportive and protective shoes that you can buy.

Men’s Crocs Santa Cruz 2 for Standing All Day

Crocs, with a name like Croc’s you know they’re comfortable. Those messaging built-in insoles and a sure-footed grip on the floor and you’re ready for whatever the day has to offer you. These shoes readily conform to your needs and your foot. No break in time required so you won’t have to worry about blisters or discomfort the first few times you wear them. Easy on the budget, you’ll appreciate theses shoes from the start.

Crocs Santa Cruz’s new updated version contains memory foam on top of the Croslite footbed for added cushioning in the heel and metatarsal area to provide shock absorption and evenly distribute pressure on the feet.  This shoe has made of either leather or canvas,  will provide support and cushioning for standing all day. The super thick removable insoles are removable which will-will give you comfort all day long.

Crocs Mercy Clogs for Women

If you like classic clogs, the Crocs Mercy Clogs are a great fit for you. The Mercy was created with Hospital women workers in mind are considered one of the best shoes for standing all day. The bottom of the shoe features the Crocs Lock, a special rubber tread that has designed for maximum slip-resistance. The back strap hugs the foot tightly, allowing a secure fit, despite the ample room inside the Crocs themselves. The heel is also closed to ensure it doesn’t come off of your feet on the job. The Crocs Mercy Work were designed specifically for the workplace and is a perfect companion in schools, profession kitchens, and laboratories.


If you are looking for a comfortable and good looking functional and stylish pair of shoes for on feet all day, Timberland five-star styles have excellent support, cushioning and  Ani fatigue incorporated for diminishing strain on the foot. Extra arch support reduces the aches and pains experienced by many workers who are on their feet all day.

Timberland is one of the famous nursing shoe brands. It is an American footwear manufacturing company located in New Hampshire which focuses on designing the work boots and shoes for all kind of work environments using its unique Anti-fatigue technology. They are famous for making quality hospitality and healthcare slip resistant shoes and boots.

Timberland PRO Five Star Shoe For Men

Timberland Pro Five Star shoes for men are specially designed to help with the added stress of being on your feet all day long.


  • Leather upper is stain resistant
  • Anti-Fatigue Technology for support and shock absorption
  • Slip resistant to oil and wet surfaces
  • Provide comfort and support for standing all day
  • Rocker Sole for good Joint movements

Timberland Five Star shoes are stylish, and they could be worn with business or business-casual clothes, so they will probably pass your company’s dress code. Most of the people who purchase these shoes are happy because they provide them with all-day comfort. Some people reported that these shoes were squeaky and noisy when they walk. It probably depends upon the surface because this is not a universal complaint. You can always try the shoes out and return them if you are not satisfied.  They offer the 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Timberland Men’s Mt. Kisco Slip-On

The Timberland Five Star Mt. Kisco Shoe is a men’s shoe that will protect your feet on the hard floor due to its thick sole by absorbing shock. It is a casual shoe and has made of a countered footbed. It is a slip on shoe for easy in and out. The removable footbed offers a lot of crushing and support for walking and standing all day on the concrete floor to protect your feet. The outsole has made of 44% of recycled rubber material for green earth which is flexible and durable.

Pros: Durable, comfortable, good arch support and A lot of cushioning that makes it a perfect shoe for walking and standing on the hard floor.

Cons: not slip resistant

Timberland Pro Renova Shoes for Women

This Renova from Timberland Pro with a sleek design. It has made of smooth upper leather with cushioning around the collar and tongue for the comfort. It is slip-on design for easy on and off. It has lined with breathable lining inside which is treated with the antimicrobial product for odor control. The Anti-fatigue footbed is removable for energy return and cushioning.  The midsole is lightweight to help in absorbing shock for on feet all day long. The internal fiberglass shank offers the stability. The outsole is slip resistant not only water but oil slip resistant too.

If you work long hour shifts, these cute shoes will reduce fatigue and tiredness at the end of the day. They are one of the best shoes for standing all day. They hold up well, clean easily and do not have the look of other clogs.

Birkenstock Shoes

They are famous in providing comfort for problem feet. They have a high quality contoured footbed that supports all four arches of the foot including metatarsal arch. You can walk and stand all day, and your feet will not hurt at the end of the day.

Birkenstock ‘s contoured footbed made of cork and latex. The cork footbed conforms to the feet over time. The molded footbed helps in distributing the weight evenly to avoid stress on metatarsal bones. These shoes also provide a medial side support and prevent overpronation. The toe bar will allow the toes flex and will stabilize the feet. The deep heel cup will cushion your heels to absorb shock.

Birkenstock Women’s Mantova Oxford

Mantova Mary Jane style made of the soft leather upper with an adjustable buckle for a perfect fit. The contoured footbed is built to support all four arches of the foot. The deep heel cup will help in providing cushioning and in stabilizing the rear feet. The cork footbed will mold to your feet better over time and will absorb shock and will provide you cushioning for all-day.  The roomy toe box will help your toe move freely. The outsole made of EVA will provide you added cushioning and support for standing all day. These shoes will give you a lot of support, and it will take few days to conform to your feet.

Birkenstock Birki Unisex

These are called Birki’s clogs from Birkenstock, but they are much dressier than the Crocs I mentioned above. They are also considerably more expensive. They also come in European sizes, but sites like Amazon provide handy sizing charts. The shoe’s foot bed is either made of polyurethane or removable cork footbed. They provide an excellent arch support, a deep heel cup, and a roomy toe area. Women who have foot problems seem to love this shoe, but they do caution others to make sure you get them sized correctly. Due to the excellent arch support and slip resistant outsole, they are favorite shoes of many chefs, gardeners and hospital staff including doctors and nurses.

How Birki’s differ from Birkenstock shoes?

Birkenstocks provide an excellent arch support. Birki’s clogs do not have that outstanding arch support, but the arch support is still better than many other brands. Another difference is that Birki’s renew its shoes in every season. Therefore, you can enjoy many colorful, fashionable clogs. On the other hand, Birkenstock shoe line is neutral in color, and they do not offer new shoes in every season.

Birki’s Profi- Birki Clog

If this is a pair of shoes that you wear to work each day, consider shoes that do better on slippery surfaces. A rubber sole gives your feet an additional way to grip the floor. That way, if water spills down onto the floor, your shoes are still gripping the surface beneath, while your co-workers might be slipping and sliding. Take advantage of this particular material to boost your workplace safety.

Insist on cushioning and support in your shoes, no matter what the brand is and no matter what the source of the shoes may be. You have work to do, and there is no reason you should suffer from poor support all day. Instead, insist on support, and proudly show off what your shoes do for you.

They are durable and made of polyurethane footbeds. Popular among doctors, nurses, and chefs, they provide the excellent cushion with enough arch support, and they are the best shoes for standing all day. They offer a wide toe box and are an excellent choice for people who have bunions. These shoes are washable and provide the slip resistance to slippery floors.

What can Cause Tired and Aching Feet after standing 10-12 hours on feet all day?

Everyone who stands long hours needs to recognize the factors that can lead to foot pain. One of the most common causes of aching feet is wearing pointed high heels. Other factors are tight and narrow fitted shoes without ample support and cushioning. Standing at one place for several hours can be more damaging to your body than moving around. A lot of time, aging cause foot problems such as tendinitis, heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis which give instability, tiredness, fatigue.  Problems in arch shape and pronation can lead to foot, ankle, knee and back pain. People who walk on hard floors all day need extra support in their shoes. Overweight People also added cushioning and stability.


Here are several things you need to know before buying shoes for standing. When choosing the best pair of shoes that suits your needs perfectly for walking and standing, it is important to consider several factors such as the size, comfort, support, cushioning and durability. Also, you should take into account another aspect including pronation, which refers to the way your foot rolls in an inward or outward motion each time you run or walk.Finding a good pair of shoes depends on the nature of your job, the type of floor you stand on, foot type, gait, budget and your weight:

  • Well Fitted: Buy shoes that are not too loose or too tight. Every foot size and every brand shoe size is different, therefore, always measure both feet for size and width. Feet should be measured at the end of a day when they are swollen after standing many hours. Always try on shoes before you buy them.
  • Good Arch Support and Cushioning: Wear shoes with good arch support. They have to be well-cushioned to absorb shock from stepping on hard surfaces such as concrete. Press your finger on the ball area to check the cushioning thickness. Moreover, they should form well with the natural shape of your foot.
  • Low Heels: Most experts advise that wearing completely flat shoes isn’t the best idea because they don’t offer much arch support, but you can wear them as long as they provide support and cushion. You want to choose a shoe with a heel height somewhere between 1-quarter of an inch to 2-inches. Avoid wearing pointed heels. Higher heels will create more pressure on the front of your foot and your toes. A wide broad heel is better for weight support, and wedge sandals bring more support for women as they distribute pressure more evenly.
  • Wide Toe Box: Check for those that include a deeper toe shape and additional room for moving your toes, particularly if you have wide feet, bunions.
  • Closed Back: When wearing closed pumped shoes, check the back to make sure that they fit snugly. Keep in mind that it’s best to look for another style if your shoes do not fit properly. Don’t try to “break them in” in hopes that they will fit better later on.
  • Flexible Sole and Firm Midsole:  You can check how well they cushioned by pressing your finger on the ball area. They should mold well with the natural contours of your foot. The sole should be flexible at the forefront that does not bend at the midsole.
  • Breathable: Since shoes worn for many hours at a time, it’s best to choose ones that are lightweight and aerated. You may notice that nurses usually wear white leather shoes that have tiny little holes all over the top. This is because those types of shoes help feet to breathe and adjust to variations in temperature. This not only makes your feet more comfortable but it also prevents excessive sweating, overheating, and possible fungus issues. Brands that incorporate “breathable” and “antimicrobial” insoles will keep blistering and chaffing away.
  • Gel Insoles: Consider gel insoles as a possible remedy in your fight to have comfortable shoes. You can get them at uniform stores, where they have sold to people with prolonged standing as a part of their contract. Careers like police officers, nurses, security guards and many restaurant workers all involve a lot of time on your feet. Luckily, though, you can get them no matter what your job is. They are cheaper than fashion footwear, and many models breathe well, provide comfort and are lightweight.
  • OutSole: An outsole should include a good grip to prevent falling and slipping on slippery surfaces. If your workplace has concrete, tile, hardwood, or marble flooring, then you want to look for shoes that have anti-slip soles. This will help prevent accidents that could cause you to slip and fall. Also don’t buy shoes that tie up with laces. Instead, look for shoes that lace up with Velcro, this provides more support and reduces the chance of tripping over your laces.
  • Anti-Fatigue Mats: Placing an Anti-Fatigue Mat in the area where you stand will decrease the strain on your feet. Shift your weight around often and try to sit for some time if possible.
  •  Frequently rest if possible and try to move around
  • Replace shoes every 3-6 Months or every 5000 miles of walking distance
  • Rotate Shoes:  You should have several pair of shoes to rotate them during the week or in the shifts.
  • OSHA Compliant Shoes for Hospital Workers: Wear closed toe with no holes in the shoes that protect your feet from body fluids and needles.
  • Shoes with Removable Footbed: Always try to buy shoes with removable insoles if you have problem feet, or you need to replace or add insoles for extra padding.
  • Top Quality Shoes: Regarding the shoes for a job, there are plenty of choices. For people that stand or walk a lot at the job, these types of shoes can be expensive. While work shoes are more expensive than ordinary ones, the quality is usually much better. Keep in mind that you’ll probably be wearing the shoes for more than 10 to 12 hours a day, five days a week, so you want top quality.

How to find Shoes with problem feet?

Before selecting a pair of shoes, it’s imperative that you know your foot type and the categorization of shoe best suited for your foot. After finding out these two factors, you can make a better decision when it comes to purchasing shoes.


Each person’s foot composition is unique and can differ from one side to the other. The steps involved with assessing your foot type include determining the height of the arch and then positioning your foot in one of three structural classifications. For example, a foot categorized with a high-arch is called pes cavus foot, a flat arch categorized pes planus or flat foot. However, if you visit an expert, they may request to see your old running shoes to view the wear pattern of the shoe and how your foot pronates. You can find your foot type quickly at home by doing the wet test.


Now that your foot type has recognized, there is a better chance of selecting the proper shoe. If you have a:

Neutral Arch
Most people are in the neutral arch category. This type of arch is the most balanced and allows your feet to take in the most shock and pad your hips, knees, and ankles while running.

  • Gait: Individuals with a neutral foot take in the shock of the body the most effectively, the heel contacts the floor, and when undulating through the step, the foot delicately reels inward to prevent the distress of contact. Toe-off is thrust mostly via the big toe and two or three additional middle toes.
  • Best Shoe: You should use padded running shoes to help with natural shock resistance and to supply extra manageability.

Fallen Arch
If your wet footprint appears extremely opaque, triangular in shape with hardly any curve on the inside, you probably have fallen arches. Feet with no arches require additional support in the arch area to help create a neutral gait and to absorb the shock of walking and standing.

  • Gait: fallen arches frequently end with over-pronation or the foot rolling inward slightly or excessively, depending on the person.
  • Best Shoe: The perfect shoe for individuals with fallen arches are supported shoes with firm midsoles and control mechanisms that balance the natural over-pronation.

High Arch
If the ball and heel linked by a slender strip or no strip on the outside, you probably have high arches. This type of foot requires the most help with shock absorption since the unbending configuration does not counter impact pressure very well.

  • Gait: High arches usually strike the heel and reels on the outside of the foot in an under-pronated pace.
  • Best Shoe: The best shoe for high arches is a well-cushioned, flexible shoe that assists with foot movement. Stability or support shoes should not be used since they halt free movement of the foot.

NOTE: Check the “small-toe” side of your running shoes. If there is wear on the outer edge of your shoe soles, this is an indication of supination. If your foot supinates when running, your ankles will not reel inward when your foot hits the ground, and the majority of the impact absorbed by the outer-edge of your feet. With supination, you should purchase well-padded shoes. The additional cushioning will help diminish some of the impacts that travel up the leg leading to possible stress fractures. Stay clear of stability shoes.

There are many conditions in which comfortable footwear can help you:

  • Job- those who are standing on feet all day such as doctors and other healthcare professionals. Security guards, factory workers, mechanics, pharmacists, teachers and retail workers can avoid backaches and foot pains by wearing the right shoe.
  • Protection- this is especially true for people who are working in the electrical and construction field. There are comfortable safety shoes that are available on the market for this.
  • Foot conditions- these conditions can sometimes be hereditary while others have acquired due to wearing the wrong shoes. Nonetheless, comfortable sandals with adequate arch support and cushioning can bring relief to injury due to foot problems.
  • Diabetes- those suffering from diabetes need comfortable clogs or sneakers that help prevent ulcers and foot injury. Brands approved by Medicare such as New Balance shoes offer soft leather and roomy toe boxes.  Many New Balance shoes have approved for Medicare
  • Overweight- people who have heavyweight are more prone to sprains and foot injury, so sneakers that are well-cushioned and have an added stability or impact-reducing features will help them to prevent injury.
  • Weather- there are comfortable snow boots, waterproof shoes and other footwear that are great for specific weather conditions.

Children especially need to wear proper footwear because they are active and are always walking, running or playing. Their still-developing muscles and bones make them more prone to foot ailments if the wrong sandals or clogs are worn.  They also have more risks of slipping and falling because of their “adventurous” nature. Good thing, top comfortable shoe brands also have their own line for toddlers and babies who are learning to walk.

Which Pair Should You Select Best Shoes for Standing All day?

There is not one perfect pair of shoes for every man or woman. People mostly come with five toes on each foot, but the similarity might end there. People have different arch shape and gait styles. It is best to try out different pairs of shoes to find the one that fits so well you almost don’t want to take them off. Again, special inserts can also help a lot. You can find inserts that provide extra cushioning or additional arch support. Also, be aware that your feet might change as you age, so the size or brand you liked at one age might not be the best shoes when you get older. Good brands such as New Balance, Clarks, Ecco, and Merrill are good, but nursing shoes are the best option if you work standing all day.

Here are some other things to consider when buying someone a sock: Remember that slippers and flip flops are all right but they do not provide enough arch support if you have problem feet.

No matter which shoe you pick it’s important, you look for comfort and find the best shoes for standing all day. For those in professions where they stand on your feet 10 to 12 hours a day find the right shoe is important. So take your time to find the shoe that’s right for your feet. Be sure to try a variety of brand so that you pick the best shoe possible. Don’t be afraid to ask the shoe-store staff for help. You may also want to ask your co-workers, what sort of shoes they like. Sometimes the best possible recommendations can come from the people you know.

Standing on your feet all day at the job can be a challenge. So there’s no reason for you to be uncomfortable if it isn’t necessary. Today’s modern shoes can be both stylish and comfortable. Replace the shoes every six months when the tread is worn out.