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Best Sandals for High Arches women

Sandals look good and are fun to wear in the summer, but they are not always comfortable, especially if you are going to be out and about all day. Some people have high arches and find that sandals simply do not support their feet well. Here is a quick look at the best sandals for high arches women.


Why High Arches Can Be a Problem


If you have high arches then you may have a supine gait. This means that you are at risk of developing plantar fasciitis. This can be incredibly painful, but the good news that if you rest your feet for a while and remove whatever caused the pain (excessive barefoot running, bad shoes, or walking long distances in ill-fitting sandals) then your feet will recover. The last thing you want to do is develop plantar fasciitis on holiday, so it is worth shopping around for good sandals.

Rainbow Leather Strap Sandals

Womens Rainbow Hemp Single Layer Wide Strap Sandals



The Rainbow design of leather strap sandals is designed with a high arch and a narrow strap. The sole is non-slip and the leather makes them incredibly comfortable. It takes a while for these sandals to break in, but once they do they are incredibly comfortable.


Reef Ginger Flip Flop

Reef Ginger Flip Flop


These sandals are made from soft EVA and have anatomical arch support. They are incredibly hard wearing and offer good arch support, although they are not particularly fancy to look at.


Spenco Quartet

Spenco Quartet Women's Orthotic Flip Flops


The Spenco Quartet flip flops are very light and incredibly comfortable to wear. They are designed with plantar fasciitis sufferers in mind and they control and support the foot well. You can wear these for walking around and as long as they fit your foot correctly you should find that you do not experience the usual sandal fatigue.


Teva Olowahu Flip Flop

Teva Olowahu Flip Flop


This unique flip flop is ideal for use on the beach or by the pool. The sandal is made with some soft but still hard wearing webbing those criss-crosses over the top of the foot. This is a super-comfortable design that is much nicer than the usual toe cuter look, and the sandals are comfortable enough to wear all day.


Reef Swing 2 Sandal

Reef Swing 2 Sandal


This classic flip-flop design is hardwearing, with leather straps that have butted seams for detailing and strong stitching to ensure that the flip-flop survives the challenges of day-to-day outdoor use. These comfortable, flexible flip flops are popular with high-arched women who love the great outdoors.


What to Look For In Sandals


When you are shopping for sandals there are several things that you should consider. Firstly, what are you wearing the sandals for? If you are wearing them to the beach then you will want some sandals that can cope with water and sand. If you’ll be wearing them to the pool you will want them to be water-resistant and have good grips. Sandals for use at the gym will need to slip on and off easily, and sandals for day to day life should probably fasten well so that you can walk long distances in them.


Sandals will never offer the support that proper shoes do, but some of them do offer more support than just being a flat board attached to the bottom of your feet. Some manufacturers even have slightly knurled or bumpy soles, which massage your feet as you walk. This may be a good option if you find that normal sandals are incredibly uncomfortable.


Choosing between leather, plastic or nylon can be hard at first. Leather sandals tend to take a while to break in but they look great and will last a long time. Nylon is more fragile, but tends to look more attractive. EVA and plastic sandals tend to be the least expensive and will also last a while, but they are not always comfortable.


The above are just a few of the best sandals for high arches women. There are many other sandal types on the market and you may find that the best sandals for high arch women in your opinion end up being a different style. Try on a few different designs in the shop until you find the perfect fit for your needs. Don’t forget that there are more designs than just toe-cutter flip-flops and standard beach sandals. You owe it to your feet to experiment!


If you cannot find a pair of sandals that suits you well, do not try to just got out the pain of wearing an ill-fitting pair. Wearing the wrong footwear can actually cause lasting injury to your feet or your knees. Talk to a foot specialist and see if you can get some custom made sandals that will offer your feet the support that they need. Custom orthotics is available in a range of styles, so you don’t have to sacrifice fashion while you are taking care of your health. You can look good and feel good at the same time.

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