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Best Walking Shoes for Wide Feet

There has to be one thing that is even worse than walking on your feet all day at work.  What is it?  Walking all day in shoes that are way too narrow for your feet! If you, like many other women, have been born with wide feet, you have likely spent many years of your life to date searching for the walking shoes with wide feet! Wide feet can be due to pregnancy, aging, flat feet and obesity. It is very hard to find the right pair of wide width shoes and to wear a wrong pair of shoes which do not fit your foot shape can lead to foot pain, blisters, and other foot complications.  Therefore, it is important to wear best walking shoes for wide feet that fit properly to your foot type and shape to prevent discomfort and blisters.

The good news in that many brands offers the wide width and extra wide shoes to accommodate any wide size feet. Thankfully your search can end right here.  Below you will find the tried and tested ‘Top 7 Best Walking Shoes for Women With Wide Feet.’ At last, those long days spent on your feet in uncomfortable shoes are going to get a whole lot more comfortable!

What are Wide Sizes?

The wide width sizes come in C, D, E and up sizes.

How to Find Best Walking Shoes for Wide Feet 

Some people have difficulty in finding wide width shoes for their wide feet because not every brand offers them, and stylish wide width shoes are hard to find for your particular needs. Most of the time the shoes are not that wide.

You can find quite a few different wide width shoes online, and there are brands out there for almost any budget. You might spend a bit more than you are used to paying for shoes, but it will be worth it if you can stay on your feet longer and more comfortably.

Many people who have bunions and need wide toe box shoes, can not accommodate into full-width shoes because they have a narrow heel. They usually buy medium width with wide toe box shoes that are made of a stretchable material or soft leather. Skechers offers roomy toe box shoes in the relaxed fit with memory foam for personalized custom fit.

Many people have the heel, to toe wide feet, and they would buy wide widths shoes that come in sizes C, D, E, and EE. You can add over the counter insole if you have narrow heels, and they slip in wide width shoes.  It depends on which footwear is more comfortable for you and buying accordingly.

 New Balance 928 Walking Shoes for Wide Feet and Flat Feet

New Balance is one of the most famous shoe companies that provide roomy toe box with a narrow heel in medium width as well as wide width and extra shoes. While many women have difficulty in finding shoes for their wide feet in local shoe stores, online shopping is the way to find these sizes quickly. When you wear shoes of correct width for your wide flat feet, you would never like to wear tight, uncomfortable shoes again. The New Balance shoes are that comfortable and they provide the best support and cushioning.

New Balance 28New Balance 928 is known as a company that produces quality shoes for walkers. But they have recently become more famous as a shoe company that provides great wide width size shoes for people with foot problems. and they come up to 6E in wide sizes for men and up to 4 E for women. Being Diabetic Friendly and Medicare approved, you can get reimbursed with the prescription.

The New Balance 928 provides excellent all day comfort to people because they are built on last SL-2 wide and deep toe box and narrow heel. Offering the wearer industry-leading motion control and excellent stability, New Balance 928 boasts the ability to take you from 9 to 5 and beyond.

This shoe gives midfoot cushioning, has an odor-resistant treatment and promises to keep feet comfortable and dry.  Current consumers of New Balance 928 note that these shoes are especially suited for wide feet and offer fantastic support coupled with exceptional comfort.

New Balance shoes have the look of athletic shoes, and they are a bit pricier than the other selections. If they fit your broad and achy feet due to flat feet, they might be one of the best investments that you will ever make!


  • They are the one of the best wide width shoes in  New Balance collection because they offer the widest toe box and narrow heel walking shoes and are available up to size 6E.
  • You can use these shoes for many foot conditions
  • Orthotics Friendly
  • Diabetic Friendly


They are not the slip resistant shoes.

New Balance 626V2 Wide Work Shoes for Standing All day

New Balance 626V2 Wide Width Work training Shoes

If you work in a restaurant and looking for shoes for your wide feet, then New Balance 626 v2 are one of the best choices for standing and walking all day. They are available up to 6E in men and 2E in women sizes. They do not provide wide toe box as roomy as New Balance 928. You may have a problem in fitting if you have narrow heels. You can use these work shoes for your wide feet if you stand all day because they provide lateral stability.

As a chef, the grip is essential, and the New Balance is catered for this particular requirement. There are a padded tongue and collar for additional comfort that ensures the shoe can handle the most rigorous of environments. With an easy to use heel pull, this has the right kind of design for anyone that is looking for  comfort, support, and wide width shoes. It has never been easier to walk with wide feet than it is now.

  • They are best for standing all day because they provide lateral stability.
  • They are Slip Resistant Work Shoes.
  • Diabetic Friendly
  • Additional Heel Cushioning for Plantar Fasciitis
  • EVA cushioning and shank support
  • Many widths including Wide and Extra wide


They do not offer very wide toes box.

Skechers Sure Track Relaxed Fit Work Shoes for Wide Feet

Skechers relaxed fitSkechers Relaxed fit styles for men and women come in a medium width but with roomy toe boxed which can accommodate B a medium width and C wide width comfortably. Skechers also provides boots in relaxed fit designs. You can find a pair of shoes in leather or mesh according to your need.

This is slip resistant shoe which is crucial for surfaces that nurses and restaurant workers work on and around. The full-length memory foam inside of the shoe molds to the shape of the feet and creates a custom fit for the individual’s foot. The foot is provided with superior cushioning and support all day long for those extraordinary long shifts.

This shoe is lightweight, not clunky or cumbersome when you are walking. These shoes are helpful for those people who have joint pain or a backache because of the custom fit provided by the memory foam. It helps to align the feet and the legs into a more normal position.


Dansko Wide Pro Patent Clog

Dansko Wide Professional Clog women

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The Dansko brand has worked hard to attain a reputation of excellent quality, unrivaled comfort, and good looking feet.  The hard work has paid off and the Dansko Professional Tooled is yet another example of shoe craftsmanship at its best. The polyurethane rocker sole featured on these shoes has been specially designed to give protection to the feet and legs from the stress caused by long periods of walking or standing.

This choice boasts an eye-catching, stylish appearance including a beautiful embossed design.  Feet will not only look trendy but will be firmly protected with arch support, a contoured midsole, a wide toe box, and excellent shock absorption.  Whether you choose the slick black or the warm brown, the Dansko Professional Tooled will not fail to impress on all levels.

With a 2″ heel, this is a unique pair of clogs that provides support for on feet all day. The rocker outsole is designed for easy walking. The memory foam footbed adds comfort and support.


Alegria Bree Stonewall Oxford Wide Shoe for Women with Metatarsalgia

Alegria Women's Bree Burnish

The Alegria Bree wide Shoe is an excellent choice of best shoes for wide feet for women if you are looking for a shoe that is wide and comes with a rocker bottom sole to take off pressure at the forefoot. It will offer you a full day of comfort without compromising on your style addiction!  This choice on our Top 7 List gives the wearer a modern and stylish twist to a comfortable shoe, featuring an impressive snake print leather upper, a trendy button linking to a hook and loop strap and a soft leather interior. This shoe has to be seen to be appreciated!

The Alegria Bree is designed to keep feet dry whatever the work conditions are, and the cork footbed molds to the natural shape and contours of the feet to give you maximum comfort.  Also a natural heel to toe through step is guaranteed by the rocker outsole and.  This offers an excellent footwear choice for the woman who doesn’t want to compromise style for comfort.

Propet Washable Walker Sneaker for women

Propet Washable Walker Sneaker

These shoes are more like comfortable slippers that you can wear outside of your home when your feet are swollen. Unlike the choice above, they may not provide extra support or correct any stride issues, but they can sure feel great to wear when your feet feel swollen or achy. These might not be the best choice for all-day and everyday wear, but they can be great for quick errands or to wear around your house.

 Propet Stability Walker Sneaker

Propet Stability Walker Sneaker

Walking shoes are often an excellent choice when you need to wear footwear that solves foot problems. These provide enough support and cushioning, and they have also been designed specifically to help keep strides stable and even. Not only can they help correct some issues with stride, but they can also keep you from stumbling.

If you tend to suffer from swollen feet, these comfortable yet stable and supportive shoes might be the right solution. These are also medium-priced, and they should be a sound investment. They have a nice sporty look to them too.

So, which are the best ones for you? No two people have the same sized and shaped feet even if they wear the same shoe size. That is probably why there are so many choices on the market. It might be a good idea to visit a shoe store to try on some different brands. After you find a name you like, you can always see if you can get a better price by shopping online.

Mt. Emey 9205 Mary Janes Wide Shoes for Small Feet

Mt. Emey 9205 Mary JanesThese are very light shoes, and you would be surprised what a difference wearing light shoes can make it you have to stay on your feet a lot. These shoes are also twice as deep as regular shoes, and you can remove the insert in case you want to add your own. You might find good inserts at any shoe store, or you might even have a custom pair made by a podiatrist.

The toe box is also extra wide to ensure comfort when your feet are swollen. If some shoes tend to cause blisters on your toes, you might find that this roomy toe box solves that problem too. In fact, your feet may get swollen if your toes are compacted too tightly together because that can slow circulation.

These shoes also provide good support for your ankle, and this might help prevent leg and back pain. Sometimes, poorly fitted shoes and an uneven stride can cause pain all over your body. You might even find that you suffer from fewer headaches. Additionally, a good sole and added support should help correct some stride problems.

These shoes are available in sizes from 5 to 11 in many widths and many colors. So If you have difficulty in finding black wide shoes for your small feet, try these shoe. There is an adjustable strap that helps for good fitting.


Birkenstock Professional Profi Birki Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Birkenstock Professional Profi Birki Slip Resistant Work Shoe women

Made in Germany, this choice of shoe delivers on both quality and appearance.  The clog is designed to mold to your feet as you walk and is shaped to distribute your body weight evenly over your foot.  Such a design offers the wearer maximum support with a stylish leather appearance to match.

From retail settings to kitchen work, office work to healthcare, general consumers love this choice of best shoes for wide feet women and men.

Crocs Blitzen II Clog


Crocs Blitzen II Clog


Gaining increased popularity with each passing day, the Crocs brand offers a substantial innovation in modern footwear.  Known for providing footwear that is lightweight, has excellent traction, is non-marking and odor-resistant, it is little wonder that the Crocs Blitzen II Clog has come in our Top 7 Best Shoes For Wide Fee Women!

The second generation Blitzen has been created with an even sleeker and more streamlined shape.  The attractive liner gives the wearer both style and comfort, infect this range comes with the added advantage that the thermal liner can be removed for hand washing.  The Crocs Blitzen II Clog promises the wearer warmth, comfort, and style and carries a price tag that won’t break the bank.

Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Professional Slip-On 

Timberland PRO Women's Renova Professional Slip On

Specially designed for workers who spend the majority of time on their feet, these shoes boast an anti-fatigue technology to provide the wearer with excellent support and to absorb shock.  Besides, the heel-to-toe rocker sole minimizes the impact of the heel each time it strikes the ground.

The outsole on the Timberland PRO Renova is oil, slip and abrasion-resistant and offers excellent traction on wet surfaces as well as dry.  Current consumers say that the Timberland PRO Renova offers footwear that minimizes foot pain, exhaustion and callouses so frequently associated with long days spent walking or standing. These shoes certainly deserve the 7th place in our Top 7 Best Shoes for Wide Feet Women.

What Are the Causes of Wide Feet?

There are many causes of wide feet. Genetics is one of the most common cause. In addition to hereditary, extra weight in obese women flatten the feet by putting a lot of pressure. Wide feet are also commonly seen in people with flat feet. Wide feet are also caused by bunions, high arches and a variety of other foot problems that can cause wide feet. Some medical conditions make feet swollen and requiring wide size shoes. The best advice to cure swollen feet might be to stay off of them for a while. That is, it is good advice unless you have a serious condition that should be treated by a doctor. However, if you are pretty sure that your swollen feet are only caused by staying on your feet too long or wearing uncomfortable shoes, you might be interested in investing in a pair of wide or extra wide shoes for swollen feet.

What to look for finding Wide Size walking shoes?

Walking is good for health, and many women like to walk for fitness.  If you have broad and painful feet, the first thing you need to find your arch type and pronation before you buy wide width shoe for your walking needs. If you have flat feet, you will need stability or motion control wide width shoes depending on the severity of your pronation problem. If you have neutral pronation, then you need wide neutral shoes. For supination, you will need to find cushioning neutral shoes.

Look for shoes with wide toe box. Some women’s heel slip off when they buy shoes with full-size shoes. Many shoe manufacturers make footwear with wide toe box and narrow heels to prevent slip off a heel. Wide sizes are marked as C and D. Extra Wide sizes are E and plus sizes.

You can find shoes for wide feet online quickly. If foot pain persists, then talk to your doctor.  A podiatrist will evaluate your feet and can design custom orthotics according to your foot problem.

Tips for buying Wide Shoes:

  • Look for shoes with wide toe box
  • Get your feet measured correctly at the end of day
  • Find shoes with removable footbed
  • Lace up shoes fit better than slip on shoes. Therefore .buy lace up shoes.
  • Buy shoes with arch support
  • Find out your arch type and gait style and buy shoes appropriately
  • see the podiatrist if foot pain and swelling persist

Remember looking after your feet means looking after your health.  Choose a great pair of footwear from our ‘Top 7 Best Shoes walking shoes for Wide Feet and enjoy the comfort, support, and style offered by foot craftsmen at the top of their game.  These shoes can take you way beyond that five o’clock deadline but be warned, with shoes as comfortable and stylish as these; you may very well not want to take them off!




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