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Dansko Shoes for Kids – Stylish and Supportive Clogs

Founded in 1990, Dansko is a Pennsylvanian-based footwear company, specializing in comfortable shoes, clogs, dress shoes, casual wear, sandals and boots. Dansko was founded by a husband and wife team after being inspired by clogs on a trip to Denmark. Since its humble origins, Dansko has expanded into a company of nearly 200 employees. The company is entirely employee-owned and continues to innovate in the world of footwear design.


In this review, we’ll take a look at a selection of different Dansko shoes for kids. Primarily, we’ll focus on different offerings of clogs, the leading item which has made Dansko a popular brand in a variety of markets across the world. Kids are also in need of quality footwear as adult. A quality pair of shoes provides protection and support to the foot, as well as a stylish aesthetic appeal. Hopefully, this review can assist you in your quest to find the right pair of shoes for your little ones!



DANSKO JILL CLOG The Dansko Jill Clog is a great first ever clog for girls, ranging from toddlers all the way up to larger childrens sizes. Made from patent leather, these clogs are a stylish take on the traditional clog design, featuring a scalloped edge and flower closure to make the shoe more visually interesting.


However, this is a pair of clogs which is much more than just a fashion statement. The Jill’s are specifically designed for wear by children, engineered to provide optimal support and high shock absorption to keep even the rowdiest kids feet protected. They provide a stable base by supporting the entire foot and conforming ergonomically to its natural anatomy. Additionally, the Jill’s feature a leather sock lining which is designed for anti-microbial properties to act as an odor fighting agent.



DANSKO GITTE PATENT CLOG The Gitte’s are another patent leather, anti-microbial sock lined offering in the catalog of Dansko shoes for kids. These have a classy appeal which wouldn’t look out of place at a formal event, but is also comfortable and durable enough for everyday wear – even withstanding the trials children may put them through! Gitte Patent Clog’s have a closed back design to keep the shoe more securely attached to the foot. The front part of the shoe is adequately provided with a large toe box, giving plenty of room to grow and keeping a comfy, roomy fit with plenty of space to move the toes.


Specifically designed for kids, these clogs are engineered to conform to the specific needs of a smaller foot, with features such as lower outsole height and wider base to provide additional stability to kids. They also feature excellent shock absorption, and the patent leather material is easy to clean: simply wipe away dirt, mud and other detritus with a sweep of a wet cloth.



Dansko Jemma Dansko Jemma Clogs are a pair which will definitely make any little girl feel stylish. With a glossy patent leather finish (available in a variety of colors) the Jemma’s are a pair quite reminiscent of a classic clog, but with a few stylish adornments and features designed with the child in mind. But more important than the looks is the functionality of the shoe, but fortunately the Jemma’s are as exceptional inside as they are stylish outside. With a perforated, leather-covered, antimicrobial foam cushioned footbed, you can be sure your little one will be walking in comfort, with a stable, highly ergonomic base of support.


The Jemma’s also feature a design incorporating small, circular openings on the front to allow for better ventilation and a stylish aesthetic appeal. Combined with the shiny finish and the adjustable heel strap with buckle closure, this is quite a stylish shoe for a young lady! Suitable for girls, toddlers to big kids.



 DANSKO VESTA RAIN SHOE CLOG The Dansko Vesta Rain Shoe Clog is quite reminiscent of its brother we reviewed above, the Dansko Vesta Canvas Clog. While virtually identical in form, the Rain Shoe Clog has a few waterproofing additions its plain canvas relative lacked. The result? An exceptional clog for wear in just about any weather, but especially when you need to keep the feet dry from disagreeable weather or a watery expedition.


In addition it’s waterproofing, the Vesta Rain Shoe also promises exceptional support with an antimicrobial, EVA foam footbed and the winning Dansko Vesta design.



DANSKO VICKI RAIN BOOT   This is the next evolution of the Vesta Rain Shoe: taking the design up from a clog, into a waterproofed rain shoe, and then into a fully equipped rain boot! If you are looking for something to equip the little ones with to spend some time splashing in the water, the Vicki Rain Boot is the perfect selection to let you put your mind at ease that they will be dry and well protected.


The Vicki Rain Boot is quite similar to the Vesta Rain Shoe in most respects, such as its advanced waterproofing technology, antimicrobial EVA foam footbed and leather design. However, the Rain Boot provides more shoe and coverage of the entire foot, as well as the upper portion of the leg, to keep water and debris out and allow the entrance of the boot to be pulled below the pantline for additional protection from the elements.



DANSKO VESTA CANVAS CLOG The Vesta Canvas Clogs are definitely an interesting, modern take on the clog design. Featuring a canvased section which is composed of colored fabric on the top body of the shoe, these offer an interesting visual appeal. Made for boys or girls, from toddlers to larger children’s sizing, these are great for kids familiar with clogs or for a toddler’s first pair.


The Vesta’s feature a padded instep collar, consisting of an elastic gore which allows for easily slipping the shoe on and off while also improving the comfort and wearability of the shoe. This would be a great pair of shoes for a child’s first “real” pair of their own shoes – which they can easily put on or remove themselves. They are also durable and rugged enough to keep the feet dry in wet conditions and provide support and cushioning.



The selection of Dansko shoes for kids provides some excellent options for just about every type of footwear occasion, from a formal dinner to a rainy day, or just something nice for everyday wear. Take advantage of the timelessly stylish design of the clog combined with modern ingenuity and innovation to equip your kids with a quality footwear product sure to serve them well.

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