Skechers Shape Ups Slip Resistant Work Shoes

If you want a reliable pair of shoes for a busy work environment or lifestyle, Skechers Shape-ups slip resistant work shoes will be right for you. Working for 10-12+ hours on the concrete floor can cause injury to your feet and joints that you can prevent by wearing shoes with a lot of cushioning and excellent arch support. The Skechers Shape-ups are designed to help in improving your posture, decreasing your lower back pain, and relieving Plantar Fasciitis heel pain.

Slip resistant shoes are right for you if your job takes place in a hazardous work area where slips and falls are common. Foot injuries can make you miss important opportunities or workdays. Prevent likely work mishaps with the right rubber footwear. Companies provide safety seminars and guidelines on the right work shoes or boots ideal for different conditions. Many recommend non-slip rubber footwear and secure lace-up front for most workplaces.

There are two newer Skechers Shape up models for women which offer certified slip resistant outsoles and they are as follows: the Shape-ups Maisto and Elon work shoes. They are not available for narrow feet. However, they offer full-length memory foam footbed that conforms to the feet and that provides a custom fit for individual feet. They are lighter in weight but are as comfortable and supportive as the original shape ups shoes. They have heavy midsole and insole is the same as the original shape ups.

The Shape-ups Maisto and Elon are in between the older Shape-ups Slip resistant shoes and the Shape-ups 2.0. Skechers Shape Up work Shoe is one of the most comfortable shoes on the market for walking and standing all day. Skechers has always been known for their comfortable shoes, but their new models the Skechers for Work Maisto Work Boot for women, and the Skechers for Work Shape Ups BRAWNY slip resistant work shoes take comfort and support to the next level.

1. Skechers for Work Women’s Maisto Shape Ups Work Boot

The Maisto Shape-ups are more like the Shape-ups 2.0 shoes. These shoes offer a full-length rocker sole along with a high dual density cushioned midsole. It features a combination of mesh and leather upper, memory foam footbed, shock absorbing dual density rocker bottom midsole, wet and oil resistant OSHA compliant and Mark II tested. 

2. Skechers for Work Women’s Shape Ups Maisto Elon Sneaker

They are similar to the Maisto shoes but the upper is made of leather while the upper of Maisto is a combination of leather and synthetic. They are as comfortable as the original shape ups but they are lighter in weight. The midsole is also higher and is made of dual density rocker sole.

3. Skechers for Work Men’s Shape Ups Exeter Work Shoe

4. Skechers for Work Men’s 76990 Liv Sr Brawney Shape Ups Work Shoe

Skechers Shape-ups Liv SR Brawny shoes for men are one of the most comfortable shoes if you work 10-12 hours on the concrete floor. They do not offer safety toe version of these shoes. They are well supportive and have good traction. They are lightweight and flexible shoes. They are available online at Amazon and only in selected retail Skechers local stores.

Skechers shape ups slip resistant work  shoes provide ideal support for your back with the specially sculpted rubber rocker bottom in the outsoles of the footwear. The fabric shoe lining with a removable cushioned insole also corrects gait and lessens the impact of landing when you walk. The rocker sole bottom of these Shape-ups provides very good arch support and a lot of cushioning. It also helps in the engagement of muscles.

Benefits of Skechers Shape Ups

Skechers Shape Ups are a great shoe for those that want to shed a few extra pounds. It is built to make your feet feel as comfortable as possible, for going on some long walks. The midsole in the shoe provides extra cushioning, with the shape-ups, you should never feel pressure on the heel. Back pain and foot pain are very connected to one another. With the Skechers Shape Ups for women, lower back pain should be reduced quite a bit, or even completely. The shoe’s support and cushioning will take so much pressure off of your feet, that you will walk more upright, and have much less back pain. Another benefit of the Skechers  Shape Ups are how they can stretch the Achilles tendon. This can easily help reduce the pain of Plantar Fasciitis. Between walking comfortably, reducing back pain, and reducing Plantar Fasciitis, this is definitely the shoe for active walkers.

This shoe is extremely comfortable. It’s the combination of leather and mesh upper lead to a breathable shoe that provides exceptional comfort. The Shape-ups are typical of the quality you get consistently from Skechers.

The BRAWNY Skechers shape ups slip resistant work Shoes can also help men when they work out, or go on long walks. The supple leather upper is very cushioned, and will hold up when you are counting on it. Whether you are lifting some weights at the gym or walking on the treadmill, these shoes are going to help you have a pain-free workout. Just like the ladies Skechers Shape Ups, this shoe will also decrease back pain.

Work shoes from Skechers also prevent lateral instability and plantar fasciitis. The design compels the wearer to walk correctly instead of favoring the affected ankle or heel. It is difficult to cheat the design or go back to poor walking form with these shoes.The rubber soles in the Men’s Shape Ups, are perfect for helping to relieve individuals who have Plantar Fasciitis. Heel pain will fade away. This truly is a shoe that can make your life better.

The best thing about the shoe is that it protects your feet from the pounding it can take during a full workday, or a tough work out at the gym. There really is no shoe out there on the market that provides so much cushion and support, that it can withstand that 8-hour workday on hard artificial flooring. You are going to love how these shoes will make your day go by easier.

To summarize both the Women’s and Man’s Skechers Shape Up Tennis Shoes are some of the most cushioned and comfortable shoes on the market. The Women’s Shape Ups are the shoe for women who want to lose weight by walking, want a comfortable shoe, or want to reduce back pain or Plantar Fasciitis.

The Skechers Shape Ups men are perfect for guys who want a comfortable shoe that can reduce back pain, Plantar Fasciitis, and help them have a pain free workout or work day. They will help you have a comfortable workday or have an easier workout.  Both shoes are high-quality shoes that Skechers consistently delivers.

Skechers shoes are not only for work safety or for treating back pain. Although studies about shape-ups do not support claims on weight loss, wearing comfortable footwear can motivate you to move more.

The firm polyurethane frame stabilizing the foot can make most people feel secure enough to walk a marathon. Each shoe also weighs 1 pound. Carrying the extra load helps the weight loss process. If you walk for a longer time, you will also burn more calories. Find the extra height and relief from high heels, with the Skechers Shape-ups, slip resistant work shoes. Even though they do not go well with a black tie event, it is right for your health and right for you overall.

Are Insoles machine washable?

They can be washed gentle cycle and air dry.


Wide shoes will have EW at the end. If you do not see EW then they are medium size shoes. Many shape ups models have discontinued and several customers like Skechers Go Run Ultra and Go walk shoes.

The newer Live Shoes model offers the same support and comfort as the previous XT shape ups model but is lighter in weight. They are great shoes to wear in the kitchen because they offer oil resistant and slip resistant outsole. They offer enough support and comfort for standing all day long.

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