Best Shoes for Swollen Feet

Swollen feet are a common problem with many pregnant women, elderly, and people with health problems such as diabetes, heart diseases, etc. Many people with swollen feet have difficulty in finding shoes to accommodate their large feet or other abnormalities in feet. If you need best shoes for swollen feet, you will find many brands offering adjustable and stretchable shoes. All these shoes are not created equal, and this is why you need to perform extensive research when purchasing shoes for your condition.

What are Orthopedic Shoes?

The therapeutic shoes or orthopedic shoes are specially designed for people who have some problem in their feet. Besides swollen feet, these shoes offer benefits to people with flat feet, wide feet, diabetic feet, plantar fasciitis or any other kind of foot problem. They are designed to solve the problem in the foot by providing extra depth, width, support and cushioning. No matter how large or small are your feet, you will find something that you can wear all day comfortably.

These shoes come with protective materials to provide pressure to the feet to pump fluid and reduce swelling. Mild swelling could be managed with 15-20 mm-Hg compression, but moderate and severe swelling would require higher compression for this purpose.

Swollen feet are caused by abnormal buildup of fluid in the ankles, legs, and feet. It is called peripheral edema. Sitting or standing in one place for extended periods of time without moving is one of the main reasons for feet swelling. Moving is a good solution to reduce unwanted swelling of your feet. Also, you need to avoid wearing garters and restrictive clothing around your thighs.

This article will review few of the best brands of shoes for swollen feet.

Shoes for Elderly Swollen Feet

Elderly who have swollen feet due to illness or diabetes may want to find shoes made of stretchable material, and they need to ensure that they choose their footwear appropriately. With aging the feet loose padding causing stability issues. The shoe with too high a heel can be quite problematic, aggravating back problems and making it hard for you to keep your balance. A trip or a fall can cause some serious complications for older people.

Older individuals who need proper foot support should think carefully when they are shopping for a new shoe design. They should look for one that fits them well and offers appropriate support for their soles. This is a delicate balance, especially for people with poor circulation whose feet tend to swell. The shoe should fit snugly, but not prevent blood flow because this can cause even more problems. The shoe sole must be firm but flexible, and the upper should move with the foot, preventing abrasions that could make corns and calluses worse. Here is a quick look at some of the best shoes for elderly swollen feet.

1. Foamtreads Womens Physician Slipper

Foamtreads shoes for swollen feet is another brand which manufactures shoes and slippers for elders with swollen feet. They are available in many colors, sizes, and affordable prices. The shoes are constructed with 100% natural plantation rubber. These shoes and slippers would help to cuddle your weary feet and provide total comfort. Terry linings would absorb moisture and contribute to maintaining dry feet in the process. The footbed is made of memory foam that provides shock-absorbing. The rubber outsole would offer grip and traction. These are some of the most comfortable shoes for people with swollen feet.

Sneakers are popular among the young as well as the old alike. They are ideal for elderly with swollen feet. Many of the sneakers designed for swollen feet contain padded ankle support, smooth internal seams, lightweight soles and deep toe boxes for extra comfort.

2. Foamtreads Women’s Kendale Slipper

 This pair of Kendale slippers by Foamtreads features a wool upper instead of leather or nubuck. Wool provides better airflow than leather while still maintaining excellent insulating properties, so these simple slippers are just as warm as the rest. If you’re looking for a way to keep your feet warm on a budget, then this offering by Foamtreads is right up your alley.

True to their name, these Foamtreads use space-age high-density polymer foam to pad the soles of these attractive dark woolen slippers. The foam insole not only absorbs shock, but it helps to insulate you from cold floors as well as providing a surprising amount of arch support. The whole slipper is conveniently machine washable, making them exceptionally easy to care for, and closes with a secure and easy to use Velcro fastener.

These slippers are all constructed of premium-quality, natural fabrics like wool, suede, and sheepskin leather. Any pair of them is sure to make the man in your life feel appreciated and warm this winter. Every slipper featured here is safe and effective, even in cases of reduced circulation due to diabetes or chronic disease. The Velcro closures and plush leather won’t chafe or irritate, and the thick foam insoles will keep their shape and support for years.

There are many popular brands and models of shoes available on the market for elders with swollen feet. Some of the most popular types of shoes are reviewed below.

3. Propet Women’s Cronus Comfort Sneaker

This is one of the best choices where comfort footwear is concerned. The neoprene upper is breathable and stretchable. The two hook-and-loop straps would offer a customizable fit. The removable insole and the textured outsole would provide ultimate flexibility and be cushioning. The removable insole system helps to wick away moisture and provide comfort and dryness to the feet. The heel is only 1 1/4 inches. It is recommended as a diabetes shoe as well as a shoe for swollen feet.

This flexible, comfortable sneaker is adjustable and provides a lot of support for your feet, making them some of the best shoes for elderly women. This is not a particularly attractive kind of shoe, but they are very flexible, and they are ideal for people with diabetes.  They are a good choice for people whose feet tend to swell up a lot, and they will offer support without cutting off your circulation. If you have any lumps or abnormalities, then they will stretch and flex over those quite well. They are very comfortable and are ideal for wearing around the home or for short journeys if the look is not a huge concern.

As with most other Oasis shoes, these shoes look good and are well made. They should last for a long time and are very comfortable for people with common foot complaints. However, people with diabetes may prefer a looser shoe that will cope better with swollen feet.

4. Orthofeet Women’s Springfield Stretchable Mary Janes

This leather shoe has a non binding upper that will stretch to the contours of your feet, helping to make you more comfortable while you are on your feet all day. This shoe is suitable for use by people who have swollen feet, bunions or hammertoes. The shoe has anatomical arch support and is padded to provide good shock absorption. If you suffer from shin splints or plantar fasciitis, then you will find that this shoe helps to relieve your pain and makes moving around much easier.

The design of this shoe is not particularly stylish, and they do not provide a lot of ankle support, so you may need to have a backup pair for longer walks, but they are a boon for people that spend a lot of time indoors on their feet, such as retail workers. They provide the same quality of support as orthopedic shoes but look much nicer.

5. Adjustable Swollen Feet Loafers

The orthopedic design with a one-touch adjustable flap helps relief from edema. There is added warmth for better circulation. The footwear is constructed extra roomy to accommodate wide feet. Washable polyester and acrylic would add more value to the shoe. This is one of the best adjustable shoes for elderly people with swollen feet.

Extra Wide Men’s Slippers – These slippers would accommodate even the most swollen feet quite comfortably. The wide opening and easy-touch closure are perfect for people with swollen feet. The soles are skid-resistant. The memory-foam insole will provide the ultimate comfort. The antibacterial feature will help to prevent odor and unnecessary stains. These shoes are excellent for people suffering from conditions such as arthritis; the slipper is completely adjustable to the width of your feet.

6. Men’s Navy Edema Slipper for Swollen Feet

This slipper opens fully for easy foot insertion. You need just to slide the foot into the slipper and close the Velcro straps on both sides. The sandal is quite lightweight and comfortable for swollen feet. The foam cushioning with rubber outsole adds, even more, comfort. The slipper is machine washable. Fleece lined for softness, warmth, and comfort of the feet. The slipper would help to reduce the pain of injured and swollen feet. This is one of the best footwear for swollen feet. All these shoes are available on Amazon.Com for purchasing.

The shoes mentioned above are some of the best adjustable shoes for swollen feet that can be found on the market currently.

The above are just a few of the most popular support shoes. These are perhaps the best shoes for elderly swollen feet, but there are other shoes made by other brands. Talk to your doctor or chiropodist and see what they recommend. It is a good idea to try a few different shoes on until you find one that fits you perfectly. Change your shoes whenever they start to get worn or damaged so that they always give you enough support.

Finding the perfect pair of slippers can seem like a challenge. After all, they’re available in a huge amount of styles and designs, each one with levels of support, flexibility, and comfort. We took a look at the most popular slippers for elderly men on the market, based on reviews, customer satisfaction, and value, and then ranked them from great to good in this list of the 3 Best Slippers for Elderly Men.

When most people think about slippers, they’re picturing warm, cozy feet even when the floor is chilly. These slippers are all designed to promote proper circulation, slip on and off quickly and easily, get a good grip on your hardwood or linoleum floors and, most importantly, to keep your toes toasty when the mercury drops during the fall and winter.

 7. Old Friend Step-In

The name says it all when it comes to these Old Friend Step-Ins. These slippers are designed to be the last pair you’ll ever buy, and they combine the rugged durability of top-quality materials with the refined warmth of classic house slippers. Unlike the Overlay by Propet, these slippers use luxurious sheepskin not only for the padded insole but the entire upper portion of the slipper. The use of such premium leather ensures that Old Friend Step-Ins live up to their name, breaking in quickly and comfortably.

This pair is also an upgrade from the others when it comes to the outsole. Not only does it pack the same non-skid soft rubber like the rest of these slippers, but Old Friend Step-Ins add an even thicker layer of supportive foam to help cradle your feet in comfort. They also feature a secure, easy to fasten Velcro closure as well as a plush lined, and very warm, sheepskin insole with additional heel support. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of the slipper to slide on to fight the chill, you won’t be disappointed with these imported Old Friend Step-Ins.

 8. Propet Adjustable Overlay Slippers

The open-toed adjustable Overlay by Propet uses a modern one-piece design and Velcro closure to keep you snug and looking great. These slippers are thickly lined with plush sheepskin and constructed of high-quality suede leather. If you’re looking for a sophisticated, stylish slipper with plenty of warmth and a soft, spongy, supportive insole, then Propet has exactly what you need.

These slippers feature a warm, non-slip rubber outsole that’s perfect for use on hardwood, linoleum, and even concrete. The sheepskin-covered insole cradles your feet and supports your arches without sacrificing comfort. Propet designed these slippers to last, with glue-reinforced seams and the highest grade suede leather available. Anyone who demands comfort and quality from their slippers is sure to appreciate the affordable luxury of the Propet Adjustable Overlay slippers.

9. Oasis Women’s X-Tender Hook-and-Loop Shoes

This shoe features a stretchable spandex forefoot that has been carefully designed to offer relief from corns and bunions. The remainder of the upper is made of full-grain leather that is soft but durable. Two adjustable hook and loop straps allow for easy adjustment and flexibility. The shoe has a removable footbed and a removable spacer, and the outsole is flat but has strong grips so that you can walk with confidence.

Not all shoes suit all people. If you are not sure what shoe to buy, try a few different pairs on until you find something that fits you well. Don’t be embarrassed about sending shoes back if they don’t fit. Remember that you only get one pair of feet, and you need to take good care of them.

10. Propet Cush’N Foot Stretchable Shoes

Propet Cush’N Foot Stretchable Shoes has specially designed for people with swollen feet. They provide superior fit and cushioned comfort with a stretchable upper to accommodate swollen feet. Salient features include the extra-large hook-and-loop strap which would allow easy entry with a closure at the heel and instep. The insole has a cushion for extra comfort and is removable to accommodate diabetes insoles or custom orthotics. The PU outsole is lightweight and durable which is also ideal for diabetes patients because Medicare approves it.

Whether you’re struggling with a gift idea or shopping for yourself, these three best slippers for elderly men are the best way to beat cold, uncomfortable floors and keep cozy this winter.

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