Best Running Shoes For Overweight Men

Do your feet hurt and you need best running shoes for overweight men because you have to stand and walk all day. You really need to find good supportive and well-padded shoes in order to prevent foot, ankle, and even back pain. You might also want to get a good pair of shoes so you can begin walking, running, or jogging in order to shed a few pounds. Better shoes will make all of these activities more enjoyable, so you are likely to stick to your routine.

Best Running Shoes For Overweight Men

Before considering some specific brands, think about the specific needs of men who are big and obese. Simply being overweight might injure your joints and cause foot, ankle, and back pain. This can happen without the added stress of needing to be on your feet all day for your job or beginning a new exercise routine. Extra weight also puts additional pressure on feet, and this can make arches fall and cause flat feet.

Today’s high-tech shoe designs can offer you a lot. You need shoes with good cushioning and stability to protect your feet from hard surfaces. They can also provide good support and even motion-stability control to keep you light on your feet and agile if you overpronate. Many of the best running shoes for overweight men can offer these features. It is very important to read our running shoe guide to check your foot type with wet test and gait before buying the shoes in order to find correct shoes for your problem feet if you have it.

Before moving on to shoes, also keep a couple of other things in mind. These things might improve your experience with any shoes.

Many people spend a lot of money on very expensive shoes, but they neglect to consider their socks. Good socks can help prevent swollen feet and chafing, and they can also offer additional support. You can also purchase inserts that provide more cushioning than regular shoes. You can even remove the footbeds of some high-quality shoes, so you can insert your own inserts.

Six Good Running Shoe Brands To Consider

New Balance, Asics, and Brooks are all famous for producing good shoes for people who are heavy and already have foot problems or would like to minimize the risk of developing them. You select the shoes if:

  • Flat feet with mild to moderate overpronation: Stability running shoes
  • Flat Feet with severe overpronation: Motion Control Shoes
  • Flat Feet with Supination: Neutral Cushioning Running Shoes
  • Normal Feet: Stability Shoes

1. New Balance:

 1. New Balance Men’s M1540 Running Shoe

These shoes are good for all size people and they offer motion control for severe overpronators. They are recommended for overpronators with flat arches. Men with wide feet often appreciate the fit of these running shoes. They offer comfort, stability, and support, and these are all the right features that you need to stay on your feet all day. Some customers say to order these shoes half a size larger than your normal shoes. These shoes are  suitable for walking and running. The shoes offer Activea midsole cushioning for all day comfort.

2. New Balance M 587 Running Shoes

This shoe offers exclusive padding, motion control, and heel support. These also got good reviews from large and heavy men with very wide feet. A built-in roll bar also helps prevent painful shin splints. They are durable and supportive shoes. They provide stabillity for heavy runners.

2. Brooks:

 Linear Platform Shoes are designed for overweight people. Find out your arch type and your gait by visiting your local running shoe before buying shoes. They offer neutral shoes for flat feet with supination( an extremely rare condition).

 Brooks Addiction 11 Running Shoes

This is a good solution to severe overpronation because of the built-in motion control provided by the design. These shoes also offer a good balance of support and cushioning to reduce the chance of painful injuries or stress fractures.

 Brooks Beast for Men 14 and Brooks Aerial 14 for Women Running Shoes : Motion Control Shoes

These shoes are a little more expensive than the Addiction, but they offer the company’s top of the line motion control. The diagonal rollbar offers added support while walking or running, and it is especially comfortable for men who already suffer from low arches.

It is also available in multiple widths, and it works well with custom orthotic supports.


5. ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 20

These are typically more expensive than some of the other models, but they provide good support for men who have low arch thanks to the “heel-clutching” system and gel cushioning.

One of the best things about these shoes is that most runners do not even feel as if they need to run them in. In fact, they describe them as feeling like they are running on air — even when taken out for their first run. The motion control features also help prevent knee and back pain.

6. ASICS Men’s GEL-Cumulus 16 Running Shoe

These shoes are somewhat less expensive than the previous Asics model described. This is a lightweight running shoe that has been specifically designed to improve the gait of almost any type of runner. The support system is helpful for men with high arches.

One owner of these shoes said he weight three hundred pounds and had supination problems. He found that these shoes provided the most comfortable blend of flexibility and support over any other brand of running shoe that he had tried. Other owners commented that these shoes reduced knee and back pain that they had experienced previously. Another user said that the shoes provided great support, but he also added that they felt like a comfortable sock on top of his feet.

In addition, custom inserts fit well inside of these shoes.

Which Brand Of Shoe Is Right For You?

The best running shoes for overweight men can help prevent pain and injuries, and they can also make activities or exercise more enjoyable. If you need to stand and walk on your feet all day for your job, you will probably find that you have a lot more energy for your work. If you plan to start exercising by running or walking, it will be a lot easier to stick to your new fitness routine when you have a good pair of shoes.

If you try to workout with inferior shoes, you are risking injuries. In fact, poor shoes can cause knee and back pain too.

Good shoes will cost a little more than cheap shoes that you might find in a discount store. But if they can reduce foot, joint, and back pain, and if they can help you reduce the risk of injuries, aren’t they a good investment? Try some of these brands on, and you’ll notice the difference right away.

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