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Best Slip Resistant Dress Shoes For women

Dress shoes are part of every day wear for a large percentage of the population. However, it is rather difficult to find the best slip resistant dress shoes for women because so many women prefer the heels or shoes that can easily slip. This is when the ladies should know about the Timberland Londa work dress shoes. When the ladies view this shoe, they will notice the class and style will fit them perfectly for their workplace.

Full grain leather is a common feature in a lot of dress shoes. However, when the ladies are looking at slip resistant shoes they tend to be synthetic in material. The reason for this is it is easier to make the synthetic slip resistant and keep the shoes from slipping.

What is synthetic on this shoe is not the shoe portion itself. Instead, it is the sole of the shoe that is synthetic. So this shoe does use some synthetic fiber, but it is not for the purpose of making the shoe itself. Instead, the only part that is made from synthetic materials is the sole, which is completely understandable since this allow for the slip resistance people want, but also a longer life of the sole.

While a dress shoe may not seem like it will wear a foot out quickly, this is a distinct possibility because of the time frame people are wearing the shoes. The reason for this is the way the shoe is built and the padding is made in the shoe. With the Timberland dress shoe, people will find it comes with anti-fatigue technology built in. This allows people to wear these shoes all day long and not be concerned about their feet growing tired.

Stains are always a concern when people are wearing leather shoes. Typically with a pair of dress shoes, people will find they are going to find every puddle between their parking space and the door to their office. When they find all of these puddles, it never fails to leave the little circles of water stains on the shoes. This is when people need to realize these shoes are protected from staining by Scotch guard. While this little layer of protection may not seem like much, it will help in keeping the stains from setting in and often allows people time to wipe off the rings before they ruin the shoes.

Heel height is perfect for most people. While some ladies tend to prefer the shoes that have a height that makes them an inch or two taller, when ladies are on their feet they do not want to balance that long. This is what makes this heel perfect because it is not too high for requiring a balancing act all day, but not so short that it looks like a man’s shoe.

Softness of the shoe on the inside has also been mentioned quite a bit as a positive. Since these shoes are so comfortable and soft on the inside, the ladies may not even feel like they are wearing a shoe. This could be a bad thing, though, because this may mean the ladies will want to wear the shoes for more than just work.

While the Timberland shoes do have quite a few pros, it does have a couple of drawbacks. The first one is the leather on these shoes is very tight. While this is not really a drawback because it shows the construction is good, but it is when trying to put the shoe on. Instead of just slipping the shoe on and going, people are finding they need to allow the shoe to warm up some first.

When looking at the slip resistant dress shoes for women, they should be sized properly. While most people order the right size of shoe, they need to realize some shoes will run small or large. This is the same cause with these Timberland shoes and if unaware of the problem, the ladies may not even realize this is an issue.

Buying new slip resistant dress shoes for women is a challenge. However, by carefully researching the shoes, people will find the Timberland Londa work dress shoes are a great option. Then the ladies will not mind using these shoes because they will provide the level of comfort and tight fit the ladies need to have.

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