Best Stylish Shoes for Women with Bunions

If you are a young woman suffering from bunions, finding a pair of stylish shoes for occasions and job become a frustrating task.  It is important to find stylish shoes for women with Bunions that not only help in reducing foot pain but also look good.  You can accomplish this by finding shoes with good arch support which will assist in redistributing your weight evenly to the arches and taking off pressure from the big toe joint. Without good arch support, bunions can progress into arthritis.

To prevent the progression of bunions, make sure you wear well-fitted shoes with arch support that helps in preventing overpronation. A pair of shoes with a firm midsole or rocker sole will assist in preventing movements of the big toe is necessary. Look for shoes that offer soft leather with a wide toe box or stretchable upper to avoid rubbing on the bunions,

Best Stylish Shoes for Women with Bunions

Let’s take a glance at some of the comfortable, stylish shoes for women on the market at the moment for bunion sufferers. They offer roomy toe box, soft upper leather, and enough arch support, and some of them are available in large sizes.

1. Bernie Mev. Womens Chick

The Bernie Mev. Chick is a slip-on, peep-toe sandal designed for maximum comfort and flexibility. It has a lightweight construction which results in less walking-related fatigue. It features a basket-woven, stretchy upper which adapts perfectly to the shape of your foot. Although the woven structure and open-toe design provide plenty of breathabilities, the textile lining of the shoe is also extra-breathable, creating a dry, cozy environment for your foot. Also, another comfort element within the construction of the upper is the synthetic heel cap which delivers a good grip for the rear part of the shoe.

Even though the Bernie Mev. Chick sandal features a construction which reminds to a ballet flat; the sole is far from being thin and flat. To begin with, there’s a memory foam cushioned footbed which helps with the dispersion of weight from heel to toe. It’s non-removable but does have a contoured shape, providing excellent arch support.

At the bottom, the Bernie Mev. Chick sandal is equipped with a durable rubber outsole which is very flexible, enabling the shoe to mold perfectly to your foot as you walk. It’s slightly thicker at the heel for extra shock absorption. Also, like most rubbers, it provides reliable traction. This shoe is great for hammertoes and bunions because it can stretch on the top. Howeve, this shoe does not provide much arch support.

2. NAOT Women’s Matai Mary Jane Flat

The first shoes you should look into are the Naot Matai Adjustable Width Shoes if you want stylish shoes. These shoes are expensive but worth the money, and due to its wide toe box and soft upper leather, you will be able to walk comfortably and to look good and stylish at the same time.

These leather shoes are exactly what you’re going to want to purchase if you have extended walks to go on in the future. The comfort level of these shoes is going to help alleviate any bunion pain your shoes feel when you walk for a long time.

The older you get, the more you may have realized that you are starting to struggle with being able to walk a long time without feeling like there is a lot of pain. You do not have to feel lots of pain; instead, should feel like you can keep going and going until you are ready to stop. These are some of the most comfortable flats for walking, and they are proven to help you get to wherever you want without discomfort.


  • Shoe offers a roomy and deep toe box and it does not slip at heel unless you have narrow feet
  • Removable padded footbed for orthotics. You may not need to use orthotics with these shoes
  • Soft inner lining
  • Adjustable strap helps with swollen feet, high instep and low instep
  • Moderate arch support yet flexible and soft
  • Soft upper leather which does not rub on bunions
  • These shoes will work well for high arches and underpronation
  • Provides enough firm support for flat feet and overpronation
  • No need to break in
  • Great shoe for Plantar fasciitis and Hammer Toes, Bone Spurs, and Bunions


  • Expensive
  • It is not available in half sizes
  • The strap may not adjust at the heel for narrow profile feet
  • The straps too long and may bother some users
  • It runs big, therefore order one size small
  • They do not come in wide width but the shoes will stretch if you have wide feet
  • They do not provide enough cushioning under the ball of foot for Mortons Neuroma

Finally, This shoe is comfortable, stylish, soft leather with a wide toe box which makes this shoe perfect for bunion sufferers on feet all day. They are also suitable shoes for travel. The shoes provide stability and support for rolling feet in or out. The arch support is not as strong as Dansko shoes but the shoe is supportive and cushioned enough to correct pronation problems.

3. Arcopedico Women’s Shawna Flats Shoes – Good for Bunions with Narrow Feet

These are stylish with an upper made of soft leather which is perfect for bunion sufferers. The stitching on this pair of shoes is immaculate and immediately noticeable. A lot of hard work has apparently gone into the construction and manufacturing of these shoes.

They offer plenty of room in the toe box area to accommodate bunions. Similar to Riekers, they are very comfortable and are great shoes for travel.

The insole is cushioned to provide a little bit of ‘give’ that is critical for women who seek softer shoes. There is no point in going with a leather option if the insole is not delivering the type of  ‘give’ that is necessary. The cushioned insole is an important plus point and one that is immediately noticeable when walking. It is akin to walking on a cloud.

The outsole is terrific and consists of leather finishing. A comfortable shoe should not only feel great, but it should also look great, and that you will find in this pair of shoes. There is no doubting the level of quality that is offered in this pair of shoes.

The elastic instep strap is unique and keeps the foot in a secure position. The soft inside, firm midsole, and strap, and aesthetic appeal ensure this pair of shoes is terrific in providing support.

4. Softspots – Womens – Tatianna – Stylish Shoes for Women with Bunions

Are you searching for stylish shoes for bunions? If so, you have come to the right place. Comfortiva Tatianna is a perfect sandal for casual outings. The soft and supple leather upper offers instant comfort and convenience to your feet. The shoes are durable and breathable to wear all day long. The heel and toes area is closed for added protection to your feet.

There are an adjustable ankle strap and an antique brass buckle for a personalized fit. The innovative Pillow-Top cushioning system helps absorb pressure and conform to the natural shape of your foot. The outsole is polished and lightweight which provides a durable and slip-resistant tread. The sandals are positively reviewed by a majority of women who have purchased the product.

Many of them say that sandals are the best for bunions. The wide width of the shoe will comfortably cover the entire bunion area without placing extra pressure. Many have said that they can walk comfortably in these shoes for hours. The elastic portion of the strap wears a bit thin which is the only negative feature of this product.

5. Sam Edelman Felicia Flat Shoes

Sam Edelman Women's Felicia Classic Ballet Flat
Sam Edelman Women’s Felicia Classic Ballet Flat

Felica Shoes from Sam Edelman are ballet flats that are semi-padded with lots of padding in the heels.  However, the cushioning is not that much for walking long hours. You can walk comfortably on all types of surfaces except cobblestone. The leather is soft and will mold to your feet. They are great shoes for bunions sufferers. This unit does not pinch or squeeze toes and do not rub heels. They are stylish, versatile and you can wear them with any outfit.

These flats run narrow and tight, but they will stretch in a week or two.  They run small. Therefore, buy a half size larger than your size. They do not offer arch support because they are flats but are very comfortable. These flat shoes are not recommended for outdoor walking for extended hours but they are great to spend a day in an office, and you can wear them for most occasions.

If you have a bunion and are not able to wear heels, then try these comfortable flats. These ballet flats are available in many colors.

6. Rieker D1273 Annemarie Shoes for Women with Bunions

Rieker Women's D1273 Annemarie 73
Rieker Women’s D1273 Annemarie 73

When it comes to soft leather shoes, Rieker is a great brand to focus on for bunion shoes. Rieker is an innovative brand that concentrates on both elegance and quality to provide a complete package for women around the world. Let’s take a glance at what this particular pair of shoes brings to the table regarding providing comfort to bunion feet.

The Rieker D1273 Annemarie 73 is an ankle boot from Rieker Remonte Dorndorf Collection. It enhances your look and style with a classic appeal. In fact, the ruched leather is instrumental for providing this classic appeal. The elastic loops around the metallic buttons allow for a perfect stretch. The microfiber lining is quite soft and guarantees your comfort for all-day wear. The removable footbed is generously cushioned and could be taken out at any time.

This feature helps you accommodate a personal orthotic. The outsole is polyurethane which delivers long-lasting durability on various surfaces. The product has been positively reviewed by a majority of its users. Some users say that the shoes are comfortable right out of the box. The zipper is perfect for an easy on/off feature. The shoes are ideal for women who have bunions.

These shoes are extremely comfortable and light on the feet. They are made of soft leather upper and offered a roomy toe box that is great for bunions. They are barely noticeable when you are walking around in town on hard surfaces. These features make this pair of shoes suitable for travel.

The sole is ‘manmade,’ which means it has the finishing that is the requirement in the modern age. Instead of wearing shoes that are not providing the desired comfort, these shoes will make your walking comfortable especially if you have bunions. The soles are durable and of the highest quality.

The traction that is provided by these shoes is exceptional. These shoes are going to last and feel great on the feet. They provide good support and fit well.

7. Taryn Rose Women’s Binney Ballet Flat

Taryn Rose Women’s Binney Ballet Flat is considered an ideal pair of stylish shoes for women with bunions. The sparkling crystals and intricate cutouts give an eye-catching appeal to the shoe. The ballet flat is made from lush suede material for an elegant look and durability. The Poron memory foam-cushioned footbed enhances the support to your feet.

There is built-in arch support to guarantee all-day-long comfort for your feet. The slip-on feature makes it easier to on/off the shoe. The manmade sole is slip-resistant and will protect your feet throughout the day. This shoe is highly rated by the majority of customers who have purchased it. Most of them have said that the shoe is ideal for feet with bunions. The beautiful leather upper provides an excellent fit for most of the women who have purchased the product.

8. Gentle Souls Lily Moon

Gentle Souls Womens Lily Moon
Gentle Souls Womens Lily Moon

This is another great pair of stylish shoes for bunions. The suede upper contains an adjustable buckle strap for a secure fit. The soft leather lining enhances breathability. There are Flaxseed pillows embedded in the memory foam footbed to improve the comfort of your feet. The rubber outsole provides a slip-resistant grip for a pleasurable walking experience throughout the day.

Women who are suffering from bunions, neuromas, and other foot issues have said that they love this pair of sandals. The product has been getting quite a positive review from a majority of women who have purchased it. These shoes are feminine and beautiful as per most of the women who have reviewed the product.

They don’t hurt your feet and will cover the entire heel and toes. This is a great consolation for women who are suffering from cracked heels. These shoes go with everything – from dresses and skirts for work to jeans on the weekends. They are comfortable right out of the box. In fact, there is no break-in period before they feel comfortable. You will not regret your decision, especially if you are suffering from bunions, neuromas, and other foot problems.


  • The toe box not very wide but is adequate
  • The soft leather of the shoe will stretch and will not rub the bunions.
  • Very soft and cushioned footbed


  • Minimal or no arch support
  • Wide width size is not available
  • Run large, order half size down because they will stretch out after wearing

According to some reviewers, these shoes are more comfortable than bedroom slippers.

9. Gentle Souls Bay Unique Flat shoes

Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole

These flat shoes are very soft, stylish, and comfortable, run wide.  They are made of soft suede leather and are an excellent choice for bunions. The two stretchable elastic straps at the ankle will keep your feet secure during walking. The footbed is lined with breathable leather for comfort and has a cushion with additional padding at the arch support area. These flats offer zipper closure at the back for easy off and on. The rubber outsole is flexible and provides excellent grip.

Unlike the other type of ballet flats, the heels will not slip off from these shoes.

10. Dansko Women’s Vera Flat Sandal

Dansko Women’s Vera Flat Sandal

The Dansko Vera is another pair of stylish shoes for bunions and high insteps. It is sleek and modern in design and assures extra comfort right out of the box. The Premium 3M Scotchgard-treated leather upper and open toe design enhances the appearance of the shoe. There is an adjustable ankle strap and a hook-and-loop closure to ensure a secure fit.

The product provides excellent arch support and takes extra pressure off the big joint. There is a breathable leather lining to wick away the moisture and sweat from your feet. The leather-lined and cushioned footbed will provide extra arch support to the foot. The two-tone rubber outsole is quite durable compared to most of the other products on the market. The contoured cork wedge is a salient feature of this product. The majority of users have reviewed the product positively.

Many have said that the product has been engineered for women with high arches. Most clients say the shoes are stylish and utilitarian at the same time. The footbed is quite comfortable compared to most of the other products on the market. Almost all users have praised the comfortability of the shoes to protect your bunions.

11. Alegria Emma Bronze Bouquet Shoe for Bunions

Seeking shoes with a bit of a heel to them with slip resistant outsole?  Alegria Emma comes with a 1 3/4″ heel that adds a bit of height to your outfit and looks beautiful to the eye. Wearing Flats are not always the desired solution, and this is an option for those who like their shoes to have heels.

The combined memory foam, cork, and latex footbed is comforting and does provide the requisite softness that is impossible to overlook in the modern age. All quality Alegria Women’s Mary Jane Shoes have to encompass the type of insole that is present in this pair of shoes.

The upper made of the Emma Bronze embossed Bouquet printed leather with padded collar, and two side goring offers a customized fit. The inside lined with breathable leather keeps the feet dry. The wide toe box will help in reducing bunion pain by not rubbing against it.  The outsole is slip resistant and will prevent injury if you work on slippery floors.

If you work as a nurse or as a waitress in a restaurant and have bunions, these Emma shoes are slip-resistant and offer wide-toe box to prevent rubbing against bunions.

Allegria Emma is a shoe that is stylish and has a modern shoe look. You can wear them all day for comfort.

12. Skechers Skech Air Relaxed Fit Shoes for Bunions

Skechers Sport Women’s Skech Air Relaxed Fit Fashion Sneaker

High-quality, modern shoes are all coming forward with ‘memory’ options built in to provide comfort all day long. What does this mean for the average user who doesn’t understand this new development? The idea is for your feet to customize the insole that is present within the shoe itself. When you first put on the shoe, the insole will memories the curves and crevices of your foot. This feature makes the comforting nature of the shoes, even more, pronounced and meaningful.

The forefront flex panel makes these shoe flexible. This panel enables the foot to flex more while walking without either tearing the shoe or hurting the foot.

The leather upper is beautiful and one that appeals to the eye immediately. Two cross elastic straps are going over the top of the opening in the shoe that provides additional security and firmness for the foot to remain in place while walking.

This is an excellent pair of shoes that can go with a range of outfits. Comfort does not have to mean you sacrifice aesthetic appeal as this pair of shoes gets the job done regarding beauty. It can complete any outfit without becoming a hindrance.

A Better Understanding of Bunions

There are many people without a better understanding of bunions that will most likely confuse them for blisters or corns. Unlike these foot growths that can grow in different areas, bunions are usually more permanent and often appear in specific areas of the feet. Bunions are bony in nature and often protrude from the joint of the big toe. Often you will find that a big toe with a bunion angles inwards towards the other toe thereby forcing the joint to protrude outwards.

Once the protrusion happens, any pair of shoes that were comfortable and snugly before will not be preferable. Bunions will be in the way, and the shoes put more pressure on the bunion leading to more pain and discomfort. Various things often cause bunions. For instance, if you regularly wear tight-fitting shoes, the toes will be pressed together, especially the big toe, resulting in the growth of a bunion.

Some people are at a higher risk of getting bunions more than others especially because they are hereditary. Arthritis and Stress can also lead to bunions, especially in the forms of arthritis where there is joint disfigurement. There are some instances where bunions form on the outer side of the little toe, often referred to as a bunionette. Although it’s uncommon, some people have two bunions in the same foot.

Choosing the Right and Most Stylish Shoes for Women with Bunions

In some cases, bunions aren’t painful thereby you might not need treatment or look for specialized shoes. However, for some people, they are usually very painful resulting in soreness, inflammation, and formation of calluses or corns in the area around the bunion. If that’s the case, the pain resulting might be too unbearable when you’re performing simple tasks such as walking or sitting down.

If you have bunions, you should stay away from high heels and any tight-fitting shoes in your closet. It doesn’t matter if the heels are open-toed or not because they force the toes together at the front part of the shoe. Therefore, if you have a bunion and are wearing such type of shoes, you will be in unbearable pain for the whole period.

The best and most stylish shoes for women with bunions need to be wider than normal. The toe area should have a roomy toe box to allow more room for the bunion. Even better, the sole of the shoe needs to be very flexible, and there should be a little room around the toes to allow them to breathe.

In most cases, women with bunions often prefer to wear sandals. Of course, might not be appropriate for all activities or all occasions, you can always find stylish shoes that complement your outfits. If you love spending your day at home or taking walks on the beach, these are the best shoes for your bunions.

Suffering from Bunions

If you’re an athlete suffering from bunions, you can look for athletic shoes that have wide toe area. That way, there is no pressure on the bunion and the shoes also provide enough flexibility. If you’re going to work where sandals or athletic shoes are not acceptable, you can always choose dress shoes. They are stylish, flexible, and if constructed using soft leather, they can provide you with the ultimate comfort.

These are the top soft leather shoes for bunions that should be considered by one and all. They have the right kind of manufacturing quality that is the requirement in the modern age. Instead of moving from place to place with shoes that are hard and discomforting, it is best to go with highly sought after shoes that are worth the time and money. Walking should not be a chore; it should be a pleasurable experience that brings a smile to your face. With these shoes in hand, it will certainly become increasingly pleasurable, and you might find yourselves walking more and more as time goes on.

The above article provides a comprehensive overview of some of the most popular and effective women’s shoes for bunions, neuromas, and other foot problems.

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