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Best Work Shoes for Standing on Concrete

For many people who work in an industrial setting with concrete flooring, it is important to find the best work shoes for standing on concrete. Concrete is extremely hard and unyielding and can be the cause of pain and discomfort in the feet. When a person is experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort they can experience a more rapid onset of fatigue. When someone experiences fatigue, it can lead to workplace incidents, injuries and accidents. These types of accidents can lead to time away from work, loss of pay and workplace financial losses.

Working in an industrial setting where you are constantly walking across a hard floor can impact your body in ways you never imagined. Your heel is pounding into the floor with every step that you take. If a person slips and falls on a concrete floor they can sustain serious injuries including sprains, strains and factures. Some common issues that occur with the feet include ingrown toenails, calluses and sore and tired feet. If a person slips and falls on the floor, they can suffer with a sprained ankle or broken bones in the foot.

Footwear Makes a Big Difference

Foot problems are very common among people who work on their feet for long hours, especially on unyielding floor surfaces like concrete. These surfaces are extremely uncomfortable to work on and it is crucial that people wear the right foot wear to avoid foot issues and back pain. Footwear that does not fit properly can also cause more pain and this is something to be avoided. Footwear that needs to be repaired, or has a cracked sole or other problems can be another major cause of foot discomfort.

Two types of footwear that are strongly recommended to be avoided are shoes with pointed toes or with high heels. These kinds of footwear are not appropriate for work because they do not provide your feet with the proper support. Always consider the long hours that you will be working and the amount of time that you will be spending on your feet. Ensuring that you have proper footwear is one way to keep yourself on the job in comfort, free of foot pain and discomfort.

Safety Tips and  Buying Guide for Work Shoes

It is well known that flooring like cork, wood, rubber or carpeting is a lot more forgiving and gentle on the feet than concrete. Of course, these types of flooring choices are just not practical for industrial workplaces, so it is highly recommended that if you must work in these types of environments that you purchase the right type of footwear.

Choose shoes that have insulated soles that are thick and tend to absorb the shock. Extra insoles that are either custom orthotics or purchased from a store that sells specialty insoles are a good addition to any shoe. These can help to alleviate the discomfort that you might feel when you spend a lot of time on your feet on hard surfaces during your work day. Some workplaces also provide anti-fatigue matting so that workers have a place to stand or walk that provides them with cushioning that reduces the fatigue in the foot.

1. New balance Slip Resistant Work Shoes

New Balance offers four work shoes styles.

These New balance 626 work shoes were originally designed for food industry workers to provider chefs with lateral stability for standing on the job all day long. These are some reliable and dependable shoes that provide some incredible support for your feet. The leather upper provides breathability, durability and natural comfort. When you have a shoe that is comfortable and durable, it makes your work day go by a little bit faster.

There is a padded collar and a webbed heel with a pull loop which allows you to easily pull the shoe without straining your back. The shoe laces up in the front and the tongue is mesh-lined so that the fit is secure. The mesh lining is breathable and the EVA foam foot bed can be removed. The foot bed also provides the wearer with protection from impact along with firm and flexible cushioning. The shank inside of the shoe is designed to adequately support your foot. The outsole is non-marking rubber and provides slip resistance, which is very important on cement where falling can mean broken bones. There is a 10 mm drop from heel to toe. The shoe weighs just 13 ounces, so it is light enough to not cause fatigue for a person that is wearing the shoe.

2. Dansko Wil Clog Men

These clogs are crafted from smooth leather with an ultra-light weight construction. The low profile shape of the shoe allows for easy movement. This shoe has been accepted from the American Podiatric Medical Association which demonstrates that it is a well-made shoe. The clog has a low profile and is open at the back with an EVA insole and an outsole that is slip resistant. This can prevent slip and fall accidents which can lead to serious injuries and time away from work that is going to cause financial hardship for the worker. Recovery times from slip and fall accidents can vary, depending upon the seriousness of the injury.

The foot bed can be removed so that custom orthotics can be placed inside of the shoe. A PU midsole provides some much needed additional cushioning. The heel height is 1 inches. There is a sock liner that is both antimicrobial and anti-odor. The smooth leather of this shoe is water-resistant and does not break down, even when it is exposed to greasy, acidic or wet conditions. The only care that is required is to gently wipe the dirt from the surface of the shoe using a damp cloth. Maintenance is easy, a good leather cream can be used to wipe the shoe and keep it clean and in good condition.

How to select a good pair of Work shoes?

If you work in an environment that has a hard floor surface, then it is in your best interests to purchase a good and supportive shoe. It is best to choose shoes that have been designed for the food industry and for the healthcare industry. Choose a shoe that:
• Has a straight line from the inner side of the shoe reaching from the end of the big toe all the way to the heel.
• A good and comfortable shoe should grip the heel firmly, holding it in place while providing adequate support.
• The forefoot area of the shoe should have a wide toe box where the toes can move around freely without being pressed together which can cause callouses and corns and, in some cases, bunions.
• The shoe should have a low heel that is wide, allowing for full support of the heel;
• Choose a shoe that fastens over the instep so that the feet will not slip when you are walking;
• Where possible, purchase a shoe that is flat and does not have a heel;
• Never buy shoes that are too tight with the expectation that the shoe will stretch to fit your foot.
• Always measure both of your feet because most people have one foot that is larger than the other and be mindful to purchase shoes that will fit your larger foot;
• Purchase shoes later in the day or in the afternoon when your feet tend to be swollen as much as they are going to be.
• If you cannot find a set of shoes that fit properly, you should consider getting professional medical advice on which shoes you should be purchasing for the workplace that you are in.
• When you have a job that requires you to stand on hard surfaces or to walk most of the time, you should consider purchasing insoles that will act as shock absorbers for your feet.
Shoes recommended

There is a wide range of shoes that can be worn on the job, but when you work on hard surfaces you need to take into consideration that the shoes that you purchase should have a supportive sole and are designed to absorb the shock of the hard surface. Some of the best work shoes standing on concrete are those that are designed for chefs in the restaurant industry. These are hard-working people who stand for very long hours cooking and preparing meals with very few breaks during their long shifts. Long hours on hard surfaces mean sore feet which can lead to back pain.
The consideration of decent footwear should be something that you take very seriously. You cannot get a new set of feet, but shoes are an investment in the health of your feet and you will definitely be able to endure a lot more if you purchase shoes that support your feet and your body. When you have foot pain it can lead to body pain which can lead to the need for various professional treatments, pain medications, and ultimately time away from work. This can all be prevented with a reliable and supportive pair of shoes.

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