Best Sandals For Overpronation

Walking is something that most people do. Some people walk around for years without realizing that anything is wrong with their feet, as they have simply learned to live with it.

Over time, walking and running can start to take a toll on people. They begin to feel pain on their heels, their legs, and even their lower back. This is many times due to their gait and the way they are pronating.

With your feet rolling inwards (i.e. overpronation), it can lead to a serious amount of discomfort. The wrong sandals are only going to exacerbate this as time goes on.

What are some of the best sandals for overpronation according to experts?

A few are being sold on the market right now that have been winning the hearts of one and all. It is overpronation that takes a back seat when these sandals are put on.

Sandals can be the worst footwear for people who overpronate because they are typically flat, offering no support at all. This can make them difficult to walk in, which can be frustrating for anyone who simply wants to wear sandals out on a stroll.

Luckily, shoe manufacturers are beginning to understand the plight of overpronation, and there are some great sandals out there that can help make walking much more comfortable.

What Should You Consider in a Sandal?

When you are looking for a sandal, and you have flat feet or suffer from pain related to Overpronation, finding a shoe that gives you support is essential. Overall, it’s important that you look for sandals that offer arch support, but that’s not all. A sandal should also help with shock absorption, be minimizing the pressure on your foot. It should hold your foot in place when possible, usually with a footbed, so that your ankle doesn’t have the opportunity to roll forward.

Here are just a few of the best sandals for overpronators worth considering:

1. Birkenstock Women’s Arizona SFB

These are gorgeous sandals. They have a riveting design to them and are as comfortable as anything else on the market right now.

The cork footbed molds to your feet and are are well-designed. They do an exceptional job of providing stability and control for your feet.

Overpronation will become an afterthought once these sandals are put on.

Is there a concern that might have to be accounted for with these sandals? Yes, it might take a few weeks to “break” into these sandals, and that has to be kept in mind. Once the sandals are ready to go, it is going to be an exceptional fit for you and your feet.

There are two sizes on offer (Narrow and Medium) based on your requirements. Choose the narrow option because it has a tendency to “stretch”, so even if you wear a medium, it might be better to go with the smaller option. Of course, if you wear large, the medium option is best.

Once you start using this option, you will begin to understand why it is included among the best sandals for overpronation.

  • Slip on design with buckles for adjustability
  • Footbed is anatomically correct
  • Contoured to your foot perfectly with raised toe bar, deep heel cup, cork footbed, and good arch support
  • They will mold to the shape of your foot providing cushioning and arch support
  • EVA outsole is flexible and durable

2. Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Unisex Wave Orthotic Sandal

The Vionic by Orthaheel brand is a good choice for flat feet with or without overpronation. They have many styles of shoes and sandals accepted by APMA. These sandals have a sole that matches the shape of the foot, providing better than average support. They have an excellent arch support, good padding to reduce the stress on your feet, and a shape that provides good motion control. The Kinetic Orthaheel flip-flop has good grips for walking long distances, while the Kiwi design has better padding to provide support to sensitive feet.

The EVA footbed, gorgeous manmade sole, and Jersey upper liner ‘s hard to ignore. This is an option you will fit into right away. These sandals are ideal for those who seek comfort and class when going out. You will be able to stand for long hours without fearing for your feet. The weight is going to be distributed well across the sandal, and that is going to help with your overpronation. It takes a few days for the sandals to settle in and adjust to your feet. However, the comfort is going to be felt right off the bat.

  • Designed by Dr. Andrew
  • Unisex Sandal
  • Soft Jersey fabric lining padding
  • EVA Supportive medium Density footbed with biomechanical overpronation control
  • Deep supportive heel cup
  • Tri-Plantar Motion Control Technology for control of overpronation
  • First -Ray flexor Zone for proper big toe functioning
  • Rubber outsole for wet surface traction
  • Only available in whole sizes. Men should go 1/2 to 1 size up and women should go 1/2 to 1 size down

Those who have back pain, knee pain, and heel pain as a result of overpronation will feel better after walking in these sandals. These sandals help in normal alignment of the feet and legs.

 3. Spenco Women’s Yumi Sandal

The cushioning with this option is exceptional. It will feel great on the feet and is going to resonate through your posture while standing up. You will feel great even if you are walking for hours.

There is a significant amount of “shock absorption” because of how the sandal is constructed. It will be able to handle a lot of pressure. These sandals provide motion control along with a lot of support to prevent overpronation. The deep heel cup with built-in orthotic arch support offers stability and controls overpronation.

With the EVA custom sole put in place, it is easier to have the sandals adjust to your feet and not have to worry about poor fitting. It does not matter how your feet are shaped; it will be able to correct overpronation to provide ultimate comfort.

Overpronation will not be a cause for concern when these sandals are put on. It is almost immediate with how good they feel.

These are the best sandals for overpronation at this point. There is no reason to go with sandals that are uncomfortable or are not as aesthetic. Why not get the complete package that is going to leave you feeling good about what is on your feet?

A solution for overpronation does not equate to poor quality sandals that are going to disappoint. If you are looking flip flops with a good arch support, then these are the sandals for you.

4. Spenco Women’s Yumi Canvas Flip Flop

Spenco offers a trademarked cushioning system that holds the foot in place and helps to absorb shock as a person walks. They use deep cups for the heel and their trademarked arch support to ensure proper alignment of the heel and ankle while guiding motion control and providing stability with every step. Anyone experiencing pain in the front of the foot as a result of overpronation can experience relief.

 5. Propet Hartley Sandal

These sandals were encouraged by the APMA due to their proprietary Lynco Footbed. They contain a pod for medial side support to reduce overpronation, and a met bar pod soothes the ball of the foot. Not only that but their Aegis technology, inside the footbed, fights bacteria, odor, and fungus. There is shock absorption and cushioning in the midsole, and the outer sole of each sandal allows for durability that will last.

When looking for the best sandals for overpronators, a great footbed is needed. Propet Hartley offers a deep foot cup as part of their Rejuve Motion Technology. The midsole absorbs shock to provide a more comfortable walk for anyone with overpronation, and the sandal guides the foot so that it avoids the position that leads to all kinds of aches and pains.

When trying on these shoes, be sure to walk around as much as possible with them on. Comfort is paramount, even though at first, it may seem as if the shoe fits in a “funny” way. You are just not used to the proper pronation, and must experience it for the first time.

What Is Pronation?

Pronation is the way your foot acts when it meets the ground. In normal pronation, the foot hits the ground and pushes of it with the entire forefoot. The ankle stays in place. However, with overpronation, the ankle rolls too far forward. People who overpronate are referred to as “flat-footed”. Ultimately, the foot pushes off with most of the pressure on the big toe and the second toe. These actions can cause all the muscles and bones in the feet and legs to begin to ache.

This can be a major problem for runners, who push down on their feet more forcefully than walkers do. Many people who have never imagined they had a problem with overpronation start running and soon begin to develop all kinds of aches and pains, unaware of what is causing their pain. However, walking can also pose a significant problem for overpronators, who are likely to have different kinds of the heel, foot and leg pain as a result.

After reading this article, hopefully, you understand more about overpronation and how you can find the best sandals for overpronators, which can help you deal with that condition. By checking out the sandals above and choosing a pair, you may find that the pain you may be experiencing in your feet and heels soon starts to dissipate. The relief you’ll experience will be worth it.

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