Best Shoes for Bunions

If you are a bunion sufferer, it can be tough to find the best shoes for bunions, which fit properly and are comfortable. Not only must the shoe have a wide toe box to accommodate the bunion, but it should also have a small heel of 2 inches or less. The high heels place extra strain on the foot which can significantly exacerbate existing bunion problem. In addition to these, the upper leather should be soft or made of any stretchable material. The right shoes provide enough arch support and cushioning and help in relieving the bunion pain.

Bunions formation happen more in women than in men. Besides tight fitting shoes and hereditary, people with overpronation and flat feet are prone to develop bunions. Therefore, it is essential you wear right shoes to fix your pronation problem.

Bunions are more common in senior women, but they can occur at any age. Many young women struggle to find stylish shoes for bunions. Many women try to wear sandals, but that is not an option for many the workplace environments.

What to Avoid?

  •  Pointed and narrow toe box shoes
  •  Pointy and high heels more than 2 inches
  • Shoes without arch support
  • Shoes made of stiff materials

Best Shoes for Bunions Reviews

One of the most effective non-surgical treatments for those who suffer bunions is simple – just wear shoes that are roomy and comfortable, these tend to be the best walking shoes for women with bunions. It is important to find shoes that are breathable, stretchy and slip on. These shoes also need to have a wide toe box and provide excellent arch support.

Many brands offer dress shoes, walking shoes, running shoes and nursing shoes for bunions. If you are struggling to find shoes that do not look orthopedic shoe, here are some choices that you can find comfort in your painful bunions.

1. Arcopedico Women’s Ls

The combination of excellent arch support and the fact that these shoes are lightweight with plenty of softness and flexibility make them an excellent choice for anyone who is suffering from bunions. Providing complete comfort as well as support and cushioning these are the ideal casual shoe for work. They are perfect for travel as well since your feet will be comfortable with them all day long due to thick padding.

Made from a beautiful knit, they will accommodate orthotics easily. Stylish yet comfortable I have had no issues with bunions while wearing this shoe. Extra wide available as well so there is a size for anyone who needs a comfortable, stylish shoe for work or casual wear. No need to look like clown feet if you have these shoes to wear.

They are available in a variety of colors and easily accessible online. Priced in the median bracket, they are sure to be a go-to favorite for every woman’s wardrobe. With so many colors available you may want several pairs to mix and match with various outfits. No one needs to know that you’re wearing them for your bunions. They are so stylish people are going to ask where they too can get a pair of these comfortable shoes to wear for their daily life.


  • Machine washable
  • Stressful soft knit material on the top for bunions and wide feet
  • Lightweight only 7 OZ
  • Breathable
  • Great Arch support
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Comfortable as bedroom slippers
  • Great for foot problems such as bunions, hammer toes, high arches and wide feet


  • They run small
  • They do not offer much stability
  • No adequate cushioning in the sole. Therefore, not suitable for hiking and long walks

2. Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe

If you need walking a pair of walking shoes for fitness walking or just any kind of walking, this Asics Neo 4 will help you in relieving bunion pain because of bunion Window.


  • An extremely comfortable walking shoe for those who suffer bunions because it is designed specifically with bunions in mind.
  • One notable feature is a bunion window
  • It is approved by the APMA and is the newest version of the Gel Tech Walker

What is a bunion window?
The bunion window is a small mesh panel on the upper of the medial forefoot which is surrounded by overlays found on any typical running shoe. When a person uses shoes for running, in the push-off phase the upper part of the shoe needs to provide ample area for the swollen joint to flex and not be restrained. If the joint is restrained in any way, severe pain can result and may even cause the bunion to grow larger.

The new Gel-Tech Neo 4 provides the upper fit that is exceptional and meshes upper that is breathable. The medial bunion window offers a severe advantage for those who suffer bunion issues, so there’s no chance of painful rubbing and irritation. An Ortholite sockliner has been added to give that extra touch of interior comfort and anti-microbial protection. Duomax and Trusstic technology provide precise sole geometry and support the foot, stabilizing each step. There are GEL units in the forefoot and the rear, and the midsole system is also designed to be gender-specific. The result is a well-cushioned platform for a lot of miles of walking in comfort.

These ultra-comfortable walkers from Asics feature a gel insole which provides superior support and comfort. Asics Gel-Tech Walkers Neo also has an advanced midsole which helps to stabilize every step and instantly correct overpronate gait. Asics’ antibacterial Ortholite liner improves airflow and helps your feet stay fresh all day long.

Asics has done an excellent job providing all of the support and comfort of a regular walking shoe with the features that bunion sufferers need to stay comfortable when they’re walking all day long. If you have pain in the heel and arches of your foot, as well as bunions, then you’ll love the bunion window and gel soles in these Asics.


  • Breathable due to upper mesh to keep feet fresh during long walks
  • Flexible


  • The shoe is nice looking but that there were no options besides a plain white shoe with blue trim and black.
  • The shoes were expensive
  • Break In may be required

3. Gel-Tech Walker Neo 2 VS Gel-Tech Walker Neo 2

  • Gel-Tech Walker Neo 2 is the previous version of the shoe
  • There is tiny difference between the two models of shoe
  • Neo 2 had offset lacing which looks strange but does a better job.
  • Neo 4 has improved padding, and the shoe top near the ankle has soft material

These shoes are an incredible improvement over her last pair. The Asics Gel-Tech Walker is one of the best walking shoes for women with bunions because it provides much-needed pain relief for women with bunions who enjoy walking.

4. New Balance 928v3 Motion Control Walking Shoes

If you need a pair of walking shoes for bunions and you are on feet all day, or require more support and cushioning for flat feet, New Balance 928 shoes will give you bunion pain relief due to its soft upper leather and wide and deep toe box. It also comes up to 6EE widths for men and 4EE for women. This is the reason the podiatrists most widely recommend this shoe shoes.

New Balance pride themselves on manufacturing shoes which offer all-day comfort, and consequently are one of the brands of choice for people in the service industry who spend a lot of time on their feet. The patented Abzorb cushioning helps to evenly disperse the pressure on the foot, which lessens the strain and Rollbar technology, minimizes the problem of heel strike. This style of shoe is approved as a diabetic shoe, which means that one of the features the New Balance 928 includes is a wide toe box. The feature makes them one of the best shoes for bunions, as well as other medical conditions.

New Balance made some of the first pairs of ergonomic shoes for bunion sufferers, and they’re continuing that tradition with their 928 line. These shoes are the most-recommended by podiatrists because of the time that the company has spent engineering them to be an entirely perfect fit. Also, they’re even diabetic-friendly and have plenty of room for custom orthotics thanks to the removable insole.

The New Balance 928 has a ton of heel support and is perfect for people with flat feet standing and walking all day. In fact, people suffering from multiple foot conditions, with limited mobility, or severe leg pain will notice the difference that the New Balance 928 makes in reduced pain and increased endurance. If you have tried everything and just can’t find a comfortable pair of walking shoes, then you need to take a close look at these.

 5. Alegria Women’s debra Slip-On

The Alegria Debra Slip-On shoes designed with the medical profession in mind, and is often advertised as a “nurse’s shoe.” Because of the demands of the job, nurse’s shoes have extra cushioning for enhanced comfort. Since long shifts also mean swollen feet, they are also designed with a slightly wider fit which means bunion sufferers can wear them. One of the biggest appeals to women with bunions is the vast range of colors and patterns available. This diversity is a welcome change from the sensible, black styles offered by other manufacturers of medical shoes.

Alegria Debra had a wide toe box which you can see from this image. They are one of the most comfortable shoes for bunions suffers.

6. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 Super Sock 4 Walking Shoe

Skechers manufacture a full line of relaxed fit design including work shoes and boots that offer roomy toe boxes with the snug heel. They are spacious enough to accommodate bunions. Some of these shoes come with stretchable mesh upper. Also, Walk three slip-on shoes provide stretchy upper and are perfect shoes for mild bunions.

The upper of Gowalk super sock is soft and has a socklike comfortable fit that will accommodate mild bunions. The sole is very supportive for walking the long distance. If this does not work for you, then try Skechers  EqualizerDream on shoes. This shoe offers a stretchable woven fabric in the upper with a thick outsole for a lot of walking.

7. Propet Women’s Billie Walking Shoe

These sporty walking shoes from Propet have everything you could need for a comfortable day on your feet. They are orthotic-friendly, have a padded ankle cuff for people with diabetes, and excellent arch support. Because of their design, the Preferred Balance Bar Walkers don’t need a break-in period; they’re ready to go from the minute that you take them out of the box.

Propet’s Preferred Balance Bar Walkers are an excellent value and are some of the most durable walking shoes on the market. Bunion sufferers will love the attention to toe space, and anyone who has to stand on hard surfaces will be able to appreciate Propet’s superior comfort.

8. Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe

Saucony makes an excellent pair of shoes, and their Prorigid Integrity ST 2 shoe is no exception. If you have large bunions along with wide feet, high arches or undepronation, then this is the pair for you.  They come with wide toe box and stretchable forefoot construction that provides enough room to accommodate bunions. These shoes have excellent heel support, plenty of cushioning, and a grippy tread that’s great on hard surfaces or outdoors. This is a pair of shoes that are made to be used, with lightweight construction and a flexible sole that cuts down on fatigue in your feet and legs.

Saucony Progrid Integrity ST 2 Neutral walking shoes are perfect for taking long walks both indoors and outdoors who needs a lot of cushioning. Their outsoles offer excellent protection against slipping, and won’t mark hard surfaces. If you’re tired of having to keep off of your feet and miss being active, then these Saucony shoes might be the perfect pair for you.

9. Drew Shoe Women’s Bloom II Mary Jane – Orthopedic Shoe for Problem Feet

This nubuck man made sole has a heel that measures 1 and 1/4 inches with a platform of 3/4 inches. Orthotics is no issue with this shoe, and it will easily accommodate any style. This shoe also has two removable footbeds so you can adjust your fit accordingly. Whether you want double or single depth, it is entirely up to you and your comfort.

Readily available in a variety of colors and priced in the lower price range this is a shoe style for both casual and work wear. If you want more than one pair, you can readily afford them with this shoe.

Bunion sufferers have noted that this shoe reduces the friction and pain of bunions and is very comfortable to wear all day long. No need to slip your shoes off to rest your feet. If you have been looking for a comfortable shoe because you are on your feet a lot, this shoe will give you all of that comfort and more.

This soft leather Mary Jane offers the best of both worlds for anyone who has been searching for the perfect shoe. Their style is unsurpassed and since there are so many colors available you’re sure to match any wardrobe requirements for work or pleasure. You’ll hardly know you’re wearing shoes when you select this shoe.

If you’ve been looking hard for the perfect shoe for your bunions, look no further. This shoe will give you all that you have been looking for. You’ll be surprised at how great your feet feel at the end of the day.

Bunions are very uncomfortable and when you have to be on your feet all day long for hours. You want a shoe that offers you comfort and style. You don’t have to look like you’re wearing specialized shoes when you wear either of these options. No one will guess that you are suffering from bunions unless you tell them yourself.

These shoes are ideal for casual and for work wear, and you will be comfortable all day long. If you’re on your feet for work all day, you will so appreciate these shoes and the long-lasting long-wearing comfort that they have to offer your feet.

Haflinger Unisex GZ Clog

What are the Causes of Bunions?

Bunions are more common in women than men, and almost everyone knows that a bunion is a bony lump formed at the base of your big toe, but not everyone understands why they get them. Bunions are a deformity of the metatarsal joint caused by many things, including irritation from wearing shoes that are too small, problems with your arches, excessive standing, and even genetics. Flat feet is the most common cause of bunions. Nearly ten times more women than men suffer from bunions, in part because high heeled shoes tend to squeeze the big toe into a tight space.

People who have occupations where they stand or walk a lot can also be more susceptible to bunions. These occupations include nursing and teaching. Ballet dancers suffer repetitive stress with their feet from some of the moves that they make. Women also tend to develop bunions or painful foot issues when they are going through a pregnancy because they are dealing with hormonal changes that can loosen their ligaments and cause their feet to flatten. Bunions can also occur with arthritis which can cause damage to the cartilage and the joint.

With all the above causes mentioned, one thing is for sure, though: Bunion sufferers can experience uncomfortable irritation and chronic pain during walking. That’s why it’s so important to find a pair of shoes that relieve the pressure on your toes and support your arches. Especially if you find yourself on your feet all day long, you need to find the proper pair of shoes.

Pain can be relieved and bunions prevented from progression when you take conservative measures that take the pressure away from the MTP joint. This can also help to improve the mechanics of the foot so that it functions well. There are many types of bunion care products that can help with the pain of a bunion including toe separators, arch supports, and bunion pads.

What Should I Look For In A Pair Of Walking  Shoes for Bunions?

To relieve your pain and irritation while you walk, it’s important to find a pair of walking shoes with a wide toe box. This will give your feet plenty of space, reducing the amount of rubbing that takes place against your bunion. Another essential feature is a snug fit, especially around the heel, which also cuts down on the movement of your feet in your shoes.

As a general rule, the heels of these walking shoes won’t be any higher than an inch and much lower since we’ve found that walking shoes give the greatest amount of comfort. You’ll also need stretchable soft, supple uppers and the proper amount of arch support. Some people tend to roll their feet inward when they walk, and we’ve found a few pairs of shoes that can help correct this common problem, which is called an overpronation gait. More detail about these conditions can be found here: Walking Shoes. If you suffer from both bunions and diabetes, which isn’t uncommon, there are also a few pairs of shoes on our list that are perfect for you. We have also found few most comfortable pairs of shoes for those people who developed bunions due to standing all day.

Tips to find a good bunion shoe – here are some tips for keeping your feet healthy and pain-free when you select a set of “bunion shoes”:

  • Choose a shoe with a wide toe box and deep toe box or that has a “bunion window.”
  • Choose a stiff sole with straight last
  • Choose shoes with good arch support
  •  Avoid shoes that have edges or seams that rub on your bunion
  • Do not buy small size and tight shoe
  • Never wear those that are made with a non-flexible material (like patent leather). Find shoes that are made of soft leather or stretchable material
  •  Never wear a shoe that is too small or tight

Most people do not have two identically-sized feet. One foot is a little bit larger than the other, so it is important to purchase shoes that fit your larger foot. With the smaller foot, you will need to buy an insole that fills in the extra space of the shoe. Your feet will be more swollen at night than in the morning, so it is important to try on shoes near the day’s end to ensure that they will fit you all the time.

Arch supports can help to distribute your weight properly over the arch and the ball of the foot. A Powerstep Arch Support (full length) and Powerstep Arch Support length can provide maximum effectiveness. One should never wear a shoe that has a heel over two inches in height. There are shoes available for every type of foot, so you need to find the right shoe to fit your foot. Always choose a shoe that has a wide toe box that is deep. Never push your toes into a pointy-toed shoe that will crush your feet inside of the shoe. Shoes that stretch can decrease the pressure on the joint and reduce the irritation. Each time you purchase new shoes have your feet measured because your bunion can change in size over time

How to Select a Pair of Bunion Shoes to Relieve and Prevent Bunion Pain

You need to keep your feet healthy and pain-free, and the best way to do this is by selecting a pair of shoes that are designed for people who have bunions. It is always important to prevent bunions, where possible, especially if they tend to run in your family. You can choose shoes that prevent bunions by purchasing shoes that are not smaller than your feet. Undersized shoes can force your toes into positions that they are not meant to move into.

Most people do not have two identically-sized feet. One foot is a little bit larger than the other, so it is important to purchase shoes that fit your larger foot. With the smaller foot, you will need to purchase an insole that fills in the extra space of the shoe. Your feet will be more swollen at night than in the morning, so it is important to try on shoes near the day’s end to ensure that they will fit you all the time.

Arch supports can help to distribute your weight properly over the arch and the ball of the foot. A Powerstep Arch Support (full length) and Powerstep Arch Support length can provide maximum effectiveness. One should never wear a shoe that has a heel over two inches in height. There are shoes available for every type of foot, so you need to find the right shoe to fit your foot. Always choose a shoe that has a wide toe box that is deep. Never push your toes into a pointy-toed shoe that will crush your feet inside of the shoe. Shoes that stretch can decrease the pressure on the joint and reduce the irritation. Each time you purchase new shoes have your feet measured because your bunion can change in size over time.

You can help to prevent or slow down the progression of bunions with a variety of methods. Never purchase shoes with a narrow toe box, and if your foot becomes excessively flat, you should ensure that the shoes you are wearing are supportive. If that is the case then, you need to see a podiatrist and have custom orthotics created. If you are experiencing a bunion deformity, early treatment can slow its progression or stop it from developing.

Many people overlook the importance of footwear. When you have the right shoes, you are supporting your feet and preventing painful conditions like bunions. It is important to wear shoes that fit properly and are not overly tight. When you choose the most comfortable shoes for bunions, you will not be crushing your foot, the toe joint, or causing stress or strain on your foot. Bunions can be extremely painful and debilitating. If you have ever experienced the excruciating pain of a bunion, then you know what it means to “see stars” if you accidentally bump your bunion on something. You should never need to deal with this kind of a pain if you can help it. One of the best ways of preventing serious bunion pain is not to have it in the first place. If this condition is hereditary for you, then you are going to help it along if you are wearing footwear that does not support your foot and is too tight or not wide enough for your toes.

When do you need to have a surgical correction for your bunion?

One does not always require surgery to remove a bunion, but underlying deformities that cannot be corrected may lead to the necessity of surgery. At times pain can become so intense that the only solution is surgery and when it gets to this point you may want to consult with an orthopedic surgeon or a podiatrist.

It may be necessary for you to have surgery on your bunion if:

• you regularly experience excruciating foot pain;
• You no longer do things you love because of the pain from the bunion. If you have stopped walking for exercise because you are anticipating the foot pain, then you may need surgical intervention;
• If your big toe is putting too much pressure on the joint cartilage leading to arthritis.
• If you have pain when you move your big toe around or up and down

You Don’t Have to suffer Bunion Pain

The best way to treat your bunions is to find a pair of comfortable and supportive shoes. There’s no reason you should have to deal with the chronic pain and discomfort that comes with having bunions for another day. If you buy one of these pairs of most comfortable walking shoes for bunions, then you can count on being able to stand and walk all day long without experiencing uncomfortable foot pain.


If you are suffering from bunions, then New Balance 928 is an excellent choice because they provide ample toe box and deep toe box.  They are also recommended shoes for people with diabetes.  However, if your job does not allow athletic shoes, then Alegria Debra is also one of the best shoes for bunions.  Try to find the one which fits you the best because everyone’s feet are different.

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